Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beastly weather...and snippets of Spring

Spring is on the horizon and there are hints if you just take the time to notice.
I ventured out into the garden camera in hand
raindrops sprinkled and wind tossed my hair...

I managed to capture a few images before I was chased back inside by the inclement weather.


Did you know that Yellow Primulas have a scent?
sweet and intoxicating
if you don't believe me sniff one after a rainfall!

Crocus almost ready to open

Yellow daffodils 
for me
are the consummate harbinger of Spring.
Yellow against the backdrop of brown or black or perhaps grey

Sandstone rock
from a BC Gulf Island
placed in the garden
texture and interest...

It was too stormy to stay outside 
I am showing some details from the lower level of the Humble Bungalow.

Vintage keys
we have a few doors with locks
and the keys at the bottom and left
work in these locks

 crystal "snowflake"
and round suncatcher prism
 clock keys
I find that the old and antique keys have an appeal 
that todays keys seem to be missing...
am I the only one with this thought?

Vintage clock winder keys 
sit atop
 an antique country cupboard

would you wear a key?

Crystals on a tarnished silver tray
just because.

 matte white collection
I have heard it said that elephant ornaments are good luck 
only if their trunks are up in the air...

Fishing float
these are found on beaches on the rugged westcoast
and all the way up into Alaska

blown glass with a pontil on the bottom

Bowl of floats
I planned to have a pond in the garden awhile back 
I thought it would be fun to float these on the surface...
we gave up the idea of a pond
and have put in raised veggie beds.

The price of fresh vegetables has risen so much in the last couple of weeks.
I think it must be the price of gas and that bad weather in Mexico and California.
Have you noticed?

I gasped when I saw zuchini at $3.99 a kilogram
we grew 3 plants last season and had a wonderful crop
I picked them when they were small and tender
and we enjoyed them so much
I wish I had frozen some.

It's positively beastly outside
I have made a hearty chili and that will warm us up
and there will be leftovers for tomorrow night too.

I am still very much in love with Le Creuset
this dutch oven cooker
is so versatile 
cooks on top the range 
or stews away inside the oven
It's heavy 
 the way I look at it is
I get in a wee bit of weight/strength training 
toting them about
and they last forever!

Doesn't it look pretty next to Pepper's kitty grass?

She has discovered the grass and nibbled a bit of it
but much prefers tulip bouquets.

I can only wonder what she will do 
in the Summer
when I invite copious amounts of David Austin Roses inside
they are my passion
I adore arranging large billowy bouquets 
placing roses in every room of the Bungalow.

I think Mr. HB and I will be viewing 
a few more episodes tonight
we loved it ages ago
guess what
we still love it today!

Dear friends have gone off to the Jolly UK
for 6 weeks
so they have loaned us some of their classic videos.

Wherever you are
I am sending thanks to you
for stopping by 
and spending a few minutes 
visiting the Humble Bungalow.
Hugs from the Hostess


  1. Thanks for sharing your snippets of spring. I love the antique keys too, so mysterious.

  2. The antique keys are wonderful!
    I have one of the Tiffany silver keys on a long chain. I adore the lacy keys with diamonds that they make--love to browse the selection whenever I'm in T & Co.

    Your Le Creuset is such a pretty color--do you know what it is called? I am considering buying my first piece. Crate & Barrel has a new green called spinach that I like quite a bit.

  3. So interested by the antique keys, I just bought a small bunch of early Victorian ones from a flea market in London, and wondering if I can make pendants with them. I love the idea of unknown histories behind them.

  4. Those glass balls are beautiful. Question about Le Creuset. Does it chip? I bought a cheaper version here to see if I liked it, and the enamel has chipped a little on the edges. I do love the pot though.

  5. My daughter's first antiquing foray at 4yrs old was a bunch of very old keys..the stall holder said she would become a baby burglar(laughing)

    Some of our old churches have old keys up to a ft long they have to be well guarded.

    I have just cut some Forsythia & Pussy Willow branches to arrange in vases,our Daffodils are starting to spring up in the orchard,agree Hostess Spring is nearly on us,your white elephants are sweet.
    Enjoy your posts. Ida x

  6. I love keys....I have antique ones all over the place...totally randomness :O)

  7. A lovely post as always Hostess. Thank you for your snippets of spring. Food prices are shooting up here too!

  8. I love old keys...I'm surprised it took Tiffany & Co. so long to come up with them as jewelry. I would wear one, but my sweet daughter does instead...maybe I will borrow it.

    Love your Le Crueset in lemongrass...I don't know why I buy everything in non-colors when have so many beautiful colors to choose from.

    Are those McCoy pot holding your utensils?

  9. Deja Pseu- Our love of keys and scarves and blogging link us across the miles.

    Anonymous- I am sorry that I don't know the official name I thought it was lime...I am sure that the LeCreuset site or Crate and Barrel have a listing for it's name. I have seen the new Spinach green and like it too...Annie says the colour I have is lemongrass.

    Belinda@WildAcre- I hope you'll post images of the necklaces and keys, I'd love to see how they look.

    Leigh- I have seen chipped LeCreuset before...I think you might need to smash it very hard with a hammer though...mine has stood up very well.

    ida- That is a cute story about your baby burglar! I'd love to see an old large church key...funny though I never knew that they locked churches.

    Suburban princess- Oh good, I am not the only one with this fascination!

    Fiona- Let's hope that they stabilize soon...we need to eat well to stay healthy.

    annie- I didn't know it was lemongrass, gald that you could help with the's never to late to add a punch of colour...both my daughter and DIL have key necklaces.
    Yes those are McCoy pots on my counter! Do you collect McCoy?

  10. Your Le Creuset is in one of my favourite kitchen colours. Sets just about everything off beautifully. I love the old BBC miniseries, too. You've reminded me to check them out in the library or thrift stores. Hours of pleasure on video.

  11. Chili such a pleasure on a nasty night! Stay warm!