Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Day with a touch of red

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
It should be a GREEN DAY here in the Bungalow
I harken from an Irish background but I am not doing a St. Patty's Day post!

Are these crazy booties or what?

Spying these cowgirl booties made me do a little happy dance
(not a square dance tho'I don't know how!)

I thought why not buy them...

I have never worn cowboy or cowgirl boots...
leather or gum boots yes
even over the knee boots back in the 70's
oh and I had a pair of white patent leather platform boots!

lovely daughter has a classic black pair of cowboy boots
hers are a well known quality brand
she let me try them on...
they were a wee bit snug
but they did whet my appetite...

J is a fashionable young woman
and she can wear almost anything and make a style statement.

She wears vintage quite a bit and mixes it up to make it personal.
She inherited my mother's fashion gene...
need I say that
it skipped a generation!

Janet from the Gardener's Cottage has a red pair...
she has a red theme going too...she's so cute...

Where do you stand on red lipstick?

A friend of my DIL who I recently met up with when we attended the same gathering
wore a very striking shade of red lipstick...Venetian by MAC

it looked really good on her
she is blonde and fair of complexion...
some women have many a gift when it comes to making a style statement.

I digress...back to the boots

These boots fit perfectly
are comfy
and considering that they are vintage they are in remarkably great shape
and the price under $20...
win win win!

What am I going to wear them with besides a big smile?

A Hermes scarf ?

and maybe some red lippy!

Wishing you a lovely Green Day!


  1. I adore those booties. Of course, my POV is influenced by living here in the SW US for many years, and cowboy style is a big part of the style mix. That color combo is lovely. I hope you enjoy them for many years.

  2. What a steal! I like the black/camel combination.
    I bought a red lipstick recently - I wear it often, but must admit I feel that I sometimes feel weird in it. I guess it takes some getting used to for those of us new to it.

  3. I like the jig the booties are doing.
    I used to hate red lipstick because I have blue eyes and dark hair so it makes me look like a vampire but now I wear it twice a year and everyone gawps because my lips look massive when they are slaked red!

  4. Your smile is mine ... crazy boots. I love who you write about your new boots. I still am a women who never owned cowboy boots before. Go ahead!

  5. hi leslie,

    i'm 1/2 irish. i think i may have owned those booties at one time. i always wear red lipstick. thanks for thinking of me too!


  6. Happy St Patrick's day I have lots of lovely Irish friends they always send me Shamrock...would love to grow some but has never worked for moi!
    Love the 'cheeky' boots had to smile when I saw the photo of them! You seem to find many great items.ida

  7. Those are great booties! I had a pair of a similar shape (though not as detailed) in black many years ago and wore them to death. They went with everything.

  8. They are kick a** booties, Hostess!

    They will be fun to work an outfit around.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  9. Janet you have the fashion abundance!
    Those booties look like fun and I hope you have fun wearing them and what a bargain.
    I recently bought a good ole Max Factor red lippy that is subtle and am loving it.
    I have Irish ancestory too. Happy St Pats Day.

  10. Shoes...wonderful shoes...I love them and these are so cute! You are going to have happy feet.

  11. Should be fun to see how you wear these little darlings! Love them!