Saturday, March 5, 2011

HMMM...decisions and more fatty talking...

To accessorize or not
I cannot decide..

Ruffle fronted top
this top can be worn open or buttoned up
my love affair with grey continues...

I plan to wear a white tee under this when it is cold
 and wear it solo in the summer

it doesn't need any extra decoration 
I think I might
just because

my first choice

I made this necklace in bead class
assorted Labradites
the big one on the bottom is wrapped in sterling wire 
and can be removed to wear alone

I love the fire and opalescence of these gemstones
they have a glow of their own.

designed and cleverly crafted
this necklace.

My sterling hoops and diamond studs are getting play time

The argan oil I bought a few days ago
is pure genius
it is luxurious
my hair feels ever so soft 
 I find my hands keep reaching up and touching my hair
I cannot believe that just a few precious drops can be so restorative
if you like me have waited to buy some
wait no longer
get some soon
you'll be glad that you did!

Pepper is weary
in one of her quieter moments
atop a plush pillow
she is so much easier to photograph when she is still!

Speaking of quiet moments
I have quite a few books that are waiting to be read.

Books for every mood
I just need to decide which one to choose to read next...

Eeny meeny miny mo....

but first I am lacing up my new trainers
wearing some stretchy Lululemons
am taking to the street
to activate my metabolism
and fill my lungs with fresh salt air from the ocean
it's sunny this morning!

I have been trying to spend less time on the laptop 
and more time getting fit...
I hope that you cherished dear readers, 
will not hold it against me 
if my comments 
are somewhat reduced...

I am desperate to lose weight
you cannot see my flabby thighs
nor will I expose my chunky mid section
what I know is
the scale does not lie!

Hope that you will enjoy a lovely weekend...
tell me what are you getting up to?


  1. I meant to tell you the other day and totally forgot....Miriam Teows or however her name it spelled....has a new book out. I see she is going a tour so she will probably be near you.

  2. i will not hold it against you. i'm cutting back too. i spend way too much time on the internet and the outside is calling. so know i'm reading...if not always commenting.


  3. Nooo! my comment was swallowed by the hungry blogspot monster.
    Seconde try: I spent 4 hours hunting for ingredients because I decided to cook some dishes over the weekend. The hunting equals exercise because it was on my bycicle and by the time the handle-basket was full and really really heavy, I returned home, emptied the basket and went for a second round. It was a sunny day today in Vienna. Could be spring, soon.

    I am looking forward to reading book-recommendations here. Have a nice weekend!

  4. First things first. Absolutely fitness is the priority! Enjoy.

  5. Your determination and optimism shine through! What an inspiration!

  6. Lovely post today Hostess.
    Computers do sap precious time which could be used in the pusuit of exercise and reading. I commenced a very thick book last night to address the lack of literature in my life, I must also be more disciplined with screen time.
    However did we cope before Argan oil?
    Now I'm off to visit my Mum and paint her nails a gorgeous pink.

  7. No, no, no, you are NOT FAT, so please don't do that to yourself! Mindset change: you've been enjoying the indoors, saving energy for all the hard work related to gardening once spring arrives, and so, now that your reserves are replenished, it's time to get outside with those trainers to build your heart muscles, legs, and Vitamin D to tackle the soil soon!

  8. the necklace you made is beautiful and looks lovely with the top. Good for you for wanting to get in is so worth it.(-: Have a great weekend.

  9. Love the top and the necklace, but I prefer ruffles w/out additional accessories. Just me. Your kitty is getting so big!

  10. I've been feeling the same even though it's the opposite season here. Rather than sitting on the computer I've been getting out and breathing in, or doing things at home.

    It's amazing what a walk in the fresh air (sea air! you're so lucky!) will do for the spirit.

  11. Enjoy your walk and I think your top is really lovely - pearls or something short at the neckline would be my first choice. Argan oil is quite amazing isn't it? X

  12. Glad the Argan oil is doing the business, Hostess.

    That's a great range of books. I like dipping into a few at a time, my mood changes alot from day to day and hour to hour...

    SSG xxx

  13. If the top were mine, I would not wear hanging jewelry, nor a T under it. Instead, I would wear a broad bracelet ( 1 ). I´d save the top for warmer weather. Is it a new one?

  14. Suburban princess- I'll keep my eyes open for her new book, thank you!

    the gardener's cottage- Janet, I wonder if there is a "movement afoot" :)

    Paula- I think your bicycle and basket are a great way to shop in a green way...bravo.

    LPC- Thank you for your understanding!

    Rebecca- Committing the words to the page help reinforce the resolve!

    Anne Marie- What a lovely thing you do for your mom...pretty in pink!

    Gretchen- I am at a very unhealthy weight...but I do appreciate the comment and I am taking action to remedy the issue...gardening will help soon...I'll be turning the soil and getting in touch with my roses!

  15. La Vie Quotidienne- Adrienne I could benefit here with you here cheering me on! I do hope that you are having a great weekend.

    frugal scholar- Pepper has grown and so has her appetite!

    Fiona- Our seasons are are such an inspiration...your blog is something I look forward to reading.

    Semi Expat- That oil is the best...

    SSG- You've had a great variety of books on your blog lately...I enjoy finding out what others are reading.

    metscan- The top is new and I thought a tee might work until the warmer weather arrives, maybe not!...
    playing around with options is how I decide what to pair things with...
    I do so respect your keen eye for fashion and art.