Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beach Bliss....

Mr. HB and I recently took a few days off and went to Point No Point where we enjoyed several quiet days.
The rustic resort is comfortable and quiet. Hot tubs on the deck, a restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner, well appointed cabins and nothing to do but relax. We turned off our cellphones and IPads as there is no Internet or cell coverage...beach walks, good books, a fire in the fireplace and delcious meals = bliss!

I love the beach and beach combing...

 the surf is strong and powerful
waves crash and recede as the sea flows with the tide

we were able to step over the rocks to the cove

the smooth damp sand was waiting...

writing in the sand...
which was erased without a trace with the next wave

mussel shells and kelp are scattered along the rocky shore

I arranged a few rocks
chosen for their colour
as a message left for another beach guest
should they look this way

other guests have left their mark

someone forgot their shovel
a bright spot on a grey background

splashes of bright red dot the resort

High above the beach the sound of the surf as it crashes on the shore is surprisingly soothing.

one can spend hours gazing out to sea
soaking in the sun
the rhythm of life

as the sun sets and we retreat inside to cook dinner and build a fire
I am reminded of how important it is to take a step back
quiet the mind
slow ones pace
and reflect on all that is good in life....

Be Well
until next time...



  1. We love Point No Point, a perfect place to completely unwind and you say..pure bliss!

  2. What a lovely place to relax & spend sometime away from the everyday bustle and wait for the waves to wash away your message as the next tide comes in. Lovely photos.

  3. It is so important to have a quiet mind and to spend time without technology.We are lucky to live near the ocean!

  4. What a photographic symphony this was, all of the soft greys are just beautiful.

  5. My husband and I are heading away in a few months I now can't wait thanks for your entry on your time away, we do lots of walking and go to the beach but we go in winter ( Qld Australia) I love the beach in winter its cold and the wind blows and to listen to the ocean at night is lovely, thanks for getting me ready for what lies ahead, your time out looked lovely.
    Lyn, Brisbane Australia

  6. Hostess, This kind of resort is just our cup of tea. We spent our honeymoon, years ago, on Orcas Island and loved it. We spend time in Big Sur at the rustic Deetjens Big Sur Inn. I think Point No Point is going to be on our itinerary! Beautiful photos!!!

  7. Looks perfect, and so relaxing. Moody and beautiful.

  8. That's a beautiful spot on our coastline. So glad you got away to enjoy it!

  9. We finally made it down there for lunch a couple of years ago, but we've never managed to stay -- so idyllic. You must have returned to the city considerably refreshed -- happy for you!

  10. Pictures are lovely! The waves look so nice and soothing, especially to a landlocked person such as myself.

  11. You are so right and most of us don't do it enough. Your getaway looks wonderful. I love the beach combing!

  12. this looks so relaxing. I love the beach, and listening to the waves, and watching the water. So soothing. Glad you got to enjoy it.

  13. Lucky, lucky beautiful and you said the food was excellent too! It must have been wonderful.

  14. Enjoyed your photography. Enjoy seeing a part of Canada I am not familiar with. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Beautiful! I have such a craving for the beach that your photos have almost - almost, so I still have to go there! - satiated. Lovely.