Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Branching out...

In our neighbourhood people are always putting stuff out on the boulevard.
Stuff that they no longer want and it's free for the taking.
Sometimes it is a ragged couch, old computer or a TV...and I think this is a rather unfortunate habit of dumping things people are too lazy to recycle at the appropriate depots and it makes our neighbourhood look a bit scruffy.

On occasion one finds a true gem.
I have been very lucky scooping up the odd wicker chair, table, vase or canning jars.

I was chatting with my neighbour as she walked by our Humble Bungalow and she had a few large branches in her hands. I thought they were pussy willows at first but upon closer inspection I could see that they were magnolia buds, much larger than pussy willows so naturally I asked her where she had found them. She told me that someone had pruned their magnolia tree and put the trimmings on the boulevard in front of their house a few blocks away...with no time to waste I dashed off to procure my own branches!

I arranged them in the arts and crafts copper vase.

I wonder if they will bloom.

I cut down the pussy willows that were in the copper vessel and rearranged them in a white pitcher.

The bluest skies energize me no end.
I feel that I can breathe deeper and there is an extra bounce in my step.
One of the bounties of Mother Nature's gifts.

Have you found a gem free for the taking?

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

~ Coco Chanel ~

Make some time this week to do something nice for someone who needs a little TLC.
It can be a simple gesture, something from the heart.

Plant some seeds of kindness and watch them grow and blossom.



  1. Wonderful find. We have a large garbage day where I live and last spring I grabbed two rattan bar stools in mint condition that inspired a room design. I was thrilled!

  2. I love forcing spring branches -- and I can't wait to see if the magnolias bloom!

  3. My best kerbside clean up find was a beautiful old edwardian wash stand painted bright blue - minus drawers and marble top. I found a marble top a few streets away (the missing one? not sure) and my son made faux drawer fronts for me and I stripped the paint & waxed it. It served as a plant stand for years on my verandah until I sold it to a young girl setting up her home who was "madly in love with old stuff".

    1. PS love the magnolia buds. I have a beautiful huge pink magnolia in our front garden, currently losing its leaves ready for winter. We planted it when our daughter was born in spring 38 years ago - it blooms for her birthday.

  4. I hope your magnolias bloom; if they do please share some pictures! Magnolias do pretty well here in Southern California and their bold white blooms are quite dramatic and lovely. My dogs like to eat the little red berries from the pods that drop on the ground. :-/

  5. oh those are so beautiful. spring is here! i just cut a bunch of quince branches and put them in the house. love bringing nature indoors! your home is so warm and inviting leslie. xo

  6. A beautiful roadside find! Aren't these the most glorious, blue-sky days?

  7. Love them even if they don't bloom! I notice that in Elle Decor they also have branches of those flowers, very chic!

  8. I hope they bloom! Today was so beautiful in the Bay Area that I just couldn't stay inside. And once I got out, I couldn't stop grinning.