Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walking in Sunshine ~ OOTD

Mr. HB and I walked the seafront and I couldn't resist sharing some of the sights...

Dallas Road Waterfront is a popular place for locals and tourists to walk.
On a sunny day there are lots of people out enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous scenery.

Hang gliders flock here when the wind blows.

The cemetery has many interesting trees and is a quiet spot to meander or sit on a bench and ponder for a spell.

"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking."

 ~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

Ribes are blooming and the hummingbirds love their flowers.

Plum trees are full in flower and sweetly fragrant.

Branches make lovely arrangements in the house if you are fortunate enough to have one growing in your yard.
Or brave enough to sneak snips with your sharp secateurs under the cover of darkness!


How can such a tiny flower radiate such cheerful beauty?

Looks like Mother Nature used a paintbrush on this variety of croci.


about to burst forth in bloom.

Gelco puffer jacket
Versace sunnies
Roots mini cross body bag
skinny g21 jeans
Lands End trail shoes

Mr. HB commented that he won't lose me in a crowd wearing this jacket.
I like the pop of colour as it makes me feel like I am adopting a sunny disposition...
the same kind of happiness that I feel when I wear red shoes!

"For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair."

 ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh ~


  1. There's so much beauty in town just now - everything is bursting with life and color. Even you!

  2. I love to see the flowers blooming! That spring jacket is lovely.

  3. Love seeing all of the blossoms! And you're blooming too... :-)

  4. Gorgeous pics, Hostess. I spent a few days in Vancouver last fall, so I would love to see the beauty of A BC spring. Really, is not spring beautiful everywhere? You are looking wonderful. You've inspired me to try WW again.

  5. Thanks for posting pics of OOTD and the scenery. The weather is lovely today in the lower mainland. Great coloured jacket on you.

  6. It does look like you had a lovely spring walk. The scenery is lovely. The yellow jacket is perfect for the first day of spring. Happy Spring! Bonnie

  7. wow, you live in a beautiful place! what gorgeous scenery! And I'm jealous of all your blooms. I like your yellow jacket, too. Very cheering.

  8. Spring is a lovely time! Your yellow jacket is uplifting and does indeed evoke sunshine.

  9. I love Spring and red shoes too!! You look good in your "pop" of colour!!
    Happy Spring Days, L :)

  10. What a beautiful area you live in. the jacket is wonderfully cheery, I am so drawn to yellow through I'm not sure that it really suits my colouring.

  11. Looks great Ms. Hostess, love your jacket too!

  12. This post is so coincidental. Being here in Italy, I found myself in conversation about the Saffron Crocus. I'm going to try planting it; in hopes that I may just harvest enough for a dish, or two.