Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beach Bliss continued...

Point No Point Resort is nestled in the trees on a point of land along a rugged rocky shoreline.
The paths that weave their way throughout the property are well marked.
Bird song and the crashing of the waves are all one can hear for miles.

Wandering silently along the path 
with the warmth of the sun to keep us company
we are deep in thought
taking stock of the beauty and bounty of nature.

Despite the fact that we are off line I took the opportunity to create some blogging images.
The Humble Bungalow Blog is very close to my heart...
it is a personal expression
a creative outlet
a hobby if you will...

I put my heart out there and have faith that someone will read my words.
Many readers drop by and I'd like to reach out to more people.
Lisa from A Mid Life of Privilege has been instrumental in my presence here in the blogosphere.
She encouraged me to get started and I consider her a friend...
she generously linked my blog on one of her more recent posts
and she kindly emailed me with a few pointers as I would like to expand my audience.

I got a "bee in my bonnet" about collecting rocks in the shape of hearts
and proceeded to spend the next hour searching...

the time was not spent in vain
slowly scanning the rocks beneath my feet
I looked closely at the details and shapes.

three hearts...

and a new collection is born!

time spent relaxing is an investment in good health
quality of life is a delicate balance of work and play

These snow leopard printed Polar Feet sox are keeping my feet warm...
if you have not discovered the joys of cozy fleece you might want to head on over and treat yourself to a pair.
I have several pairs of these sox and they are great to wear on the boat or when hiking.

Speaking of cozy...
you might like to spend a few days in the peace and quiet of Point No Point Resort.
We like the Hummingbird cabin...

It's got everything one needs to put together s few simple meals...
though we dined at the restaurant twice during our stay.
The duck confit at dinner was beyond belief 
and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the grilled salmon served with salad that I ate for lunch.

My heart collection came home with me...
I'll be looking out for more as I meander along the beaches.
You might see me on the shoreline with my head bowed...
I'll be happy to chat with you if our paths cross.

I'm so grateful for your comments and emails...

I savour the connections that I continue to make here in cyberspace.

Until next time...
Be Well.


  1. Just discovered your blog - very nice! I'm always on the lookout for sea glass but don't get near the sea very often so my collection is quite small. And who knew there were so many heart-shaped rocks?

    1. Welcome! I love sea glass too and have a jar full in our guest room...
      Did you find sea glass on your trip to Mexico?

  2. Monsieur and I have stayed at Kalaloch on the Olympic Peninsula right across from Point No Point. I love to be next to the sea away from it all.

    1. I must check out that spot too...it would be fun to look across the strait to BC.

  3. The resort looks wonderful! Spending a few hours in nature sounds very good about now. ;-)

    I'm so glad that you started blogging. I really enjoy your "voice" and images.

    1. I read what you said about your hair on a recent post and I think you have totally found your style. The colour is so flattering and as much as I love going grey...I think blonde suits you perfectly.
      I still have a big learning curve with all the tech stuff....trying to figure out how to add pin it buttons and follow me on Pinterest for a start! At least I have not given up.
      Thank you for your kind words....your blog is fun. I have learned a lot about fashion from you.

  4. This is a wonderful post, and thanks for the shout-out. I'd love to go this resort, and just watch the water.

    1. The thanks go out to you! I know you would enjoy a visit to PNP as if is something a sturdy girl could enjoy :-)

  5. Oh that's so sweet. Loving the green and the beach! My friend collects heart shaped rocks too! She keeps them in a bowl her husband shaped like a heart!

    1. I recently discovered another friend collects them too.
      Your friend's husband sounds like a sweet fellow...imagine creating a heart for her to fill. Romantic.

  6. Point No Point looks beautiful. I love the idea of looking for heart shaped rocks. Used to collect sea glass when I lived on the coast in New England and it was so much fun. We don't seem to have any here in the south so I'll have to see if I can spot any heart-shaped rocks on my next beach trip! I don't always comment but am a regular reader and enjoy your blog. You may have other lurkers out there!

    1. Thank you for coming out in the open....I lurk on a few blogs too.
      Did you ever see Something's Got to Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson? She collects all white rocks and then he gives her a black one? A fun film to watch with great beach scenes.

    2. No, I haven't see that. I'll put it on my list to watch. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Thank you for sharing your deep enjoyment of every-day happenings in such an honest and sincere fashion. I so love to see the email indicating a new post in my inbox.

    1. You are most kind....thank you, I feel very encouraged by your comment.

  8. More beautiful photos! I've told my friends about your blog. Hopefully, they will come and visit.

    1. Thank you for mentioning my blog to your friends...I know for me that a blogger's voice needs to resonate with me and it is such a personal voice that I seek. Perhaps they will find something to connect with should they pop by....I appreciate your mentioning my blog.

  9. Such a nice post - relaxing just to read it. I'm very tired of airplane travel, and find it sort of counter productive for a relaxing vacation. Will be staying closer to home for those from now on. Love your heart shaped rocks - I'm always looking for stuff at beaches that I collect and find it a great form of mediation.

    1. Jet lag must be disconcerting....it would be fun to travel via luxury liners and grand trains! The kind of travel of those grand tours of yesteryear!
      What do you collect?

  10. This reminds me so much of my mother, she was always looking for heart shaped rocks and she was so happy when she found one. You made quite a haul.(-:

  11. I am surprised that so many collect heart shaped rocks !
    I suppose I was lucky...will post more when I find them.
    Do you have your mother's collection?

  12. You even have stylish leopard print socks!!! Looks like it was a wonderful time.

  13. What a lovely idea for a collection! And to think that you were able to find so many shaped like a heart. Your collection reminds me of the shells my granddaughter collected at Cape Cod the summer she was two. She brought them back to her uncle's cottage and "planted" them in his garden. He made a little sign that said, "Jasmine's Shell Garden." It was precious.