Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vogue and Chanel agree...Black and White are best friends!

Black and White tweed combined with ruffly edging come together to make a jacket inspired by Chanel.
I am too embarrassed to mention how little I paid for this jacket so I'll leave you guessing.

It is rather ladylike, a classic, that will be paired with distressed denim as well as dressy skirts and pants.

Have you read the latest Vogue UK?
The Spring fashion issue?
I splurged and spent an hour sipping tea and reading it cover to cover.

On the cover draw your eye to the top right..
"Black and White Fashion's Perfect Pair."
I've been pairing them for the past few years and I am certainly no fashionista.
They are great partners and can be a sturdy and reliable palette.

A reader commented once that my love for black and white reminded them of the uniform that maids and hotel staff wear.
Right you are dear reader!

When I worked at The Oak Bay Beach Hotel in my teens I wore exactly that same uniform!

Coco Chanel loved using them together.
 She was famous for pinning a pure white gardenia bloom onto a black jacket or LBD.
Coco's layered pearl strands were gorgeous worn on top of her black tops, dresses, and iconic tweed jackets.

I wore my boots shopping and they are super comfy.

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury."

~ Coco Chanel ~

Picked up some stuff that I needed at Sephora and the Beauty Insider Birthday gift.
Make Up Forever mascara and a lipstick.

I discovered that Fresh makes a Seaberry serum...
I thought that I would try a small size as it has Sea Buckthorn in it. 
I apply a layer Sea Buckthorn salve every night before I go to bed which helps keep my rosacea under control.

I love a Chanel inspired jacket...tweedy with ragged threads.
These details are intrinsic in the iconic Coco Chanel design.

I think I'd swap out the blue denim skinnies for a darker denim, or my black ponte knit pants or black skirt with this jacket.. .it might look better with my white jeans.
With so many options it will be fun switching it up.
All I know is that it will be getting worn a lot!

Not a name that I know...have you heard it before?

Flirty cuff details...

My son and his lovely wife gave me a luxurious birthday gift.

Jo Malone's reed diffuser to imbue our Humble Bungalow with my favourite fragrance.

Life is not black and white, remember there are always some grey areas!
I wish you a joy filled week.


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  1. Lovely jacket! I imagine you got it for a song, since you didn't mention it. Black and white are perennial favorites of mine. I just think everything looks chicer in black and white! Lovely gift from the kids. Jo Malone makes such nice fragrances. Enjoy your week. xoJennifer

  2. Lovely jacket!

    Gosh, I would hardly put you in the same category as a maid or waiter just because you wear black and white! You always look so stylish :)


  3. Now that is a classic jacket and for me a staple that goes with everything! You look great in it.

  4. It's wonderful to see you! Thanks for sharing your so-classic jacket with Visible Monday, you look chic.

  5. The jacket is a great length on you, I'm not keen on Chanel jackets as they are a bit boxy and short on me, plus they age me by 40 years but the proportions of your jacket work really well.

  6. I agree with Tabitha. The jacket is the ideal length on you. It's really very flattering! I can't wait to see it with your boyfriend jeans.

  7. The jacket looks great - exactly Hostess. So crisp and easy but not casual.

  8. By the way, Hostess, did you feel the earthquake where you are?

  9. I love your jacket. Even though it is black and white, from a distance it reads as grey which is soft and suits your complexion. I also have rosacea and dermatitis and find camomile tea used as a tonic on the skin helps a lot.


  10. What a great find, this is my favorite jacket design, a true classic, especially flattering to petites. You look great in it. And what is better than black and white.

  11. What a great find your jacket is. You'll get so much wear out of it. Black and white are quite dominant in my wardrobe, too.

  12. You will love wearing this jacket! And, it looks great on you.

  13. Your finds are phenomenal! You are building a cohesive wardrobe that suits you to a tea. I thinks it's actually T but whatever….

  14. cute jacket! and love your new boots. wish I liked to wear black, so chic, but don't feel good in it. took me all my life up to last year to realize it was ok to not feel good in black. I guess that's part of finding your signature style. You sure seem to have yours honed. Very simple and tres chic!

  15. What an incredibly classy jacket and the best part . . . so versatile. I would be heading out with that cute thing with about every item I own, but it appears it was made just for you, the fit is absolutely perfect.
    I'm a huge black and white lover as well. I found this post very enjoyable and loved your little history on this combination. What a wonderful gift your son and his wife gave you, doesn't get much better than Jo Malone.

  16. I love that jacket! I adore the iconic Chanel b&w too. Lovely diffuser. Let us know what you think of the fresh product. I use the sibu line sometimes as sea buckthorn offers so many promises. Always looking for that holy grail!

  17. Hello Hostess! And happy belated birthday. Lovely post, and it was a treat to see into your life just a little. Nifty jacket, and it works a treat with your handsome booties. Elegant black and white building blocks, aren't they? So nice to meet you, finally.

  18. Do you have any idea how adorable and sophisticated you look at the same time?

    I was in the PNW last weekend and walked by some beautiful blooming cherry trees. I remembered your love of flowers and how exquisitely you showcase them in your blog. I also noticed that asparagus was in the market for such an inexpensive price!