Friday, March 21, 2014

Life is not perfect.

Do I paint a picture that my life is "perfect" here on The Humble Bungalow Blog?
It might seem so because I opt not to air the dirty laundry in public...

I don't believe that anyone lives without challenges or bumps in the road... that they do not suffer.
Some of us suffer in silence, telling only a very few, those near and dear.
We choose to press on in spite of these challenges and make the most of everyday.
I make a point of not complaining...

I am grateful to be alive and count my blessings and lucky stars every day.
Waking up to a fresh new day is a gift...
the fresh new day is waiting to unfold.

What is perfection?

One online dictionary had the following...

per·fec·tion  [per-fek-shuhn]
the state or quality of being or becoming perfect.
the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art.
a perfect embodiment or example of something.
a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence.
the highest or most nearly perfect degree of a quality or trait.

Perfection is hard to measure...
What score would you choose to rate your life?
Would you give it a letter grade?
A pass or fail?
...or perhaps an incomplete?

If I were to write a report card it may say
"The Hostess's life is a work in progress....she needs to pay more attention to the beauty in the ordinary and not get herself so wrapped up with the things that she cannot control. She needs to let go of those things that are giving her grief and move on.

With that report card in mind I am making it my mission to seek out beauty.
Those small every day things that enrich our lives.
I plan to think and look closer starting today, and every day for the forthcoming weeks.
I'll be taking you along with me as I plan to post some of them here on the blog.

I noticed that one of the baristas at our local Starbucks brought in a little posy.
This small bundle of joy was appreciated by all who were waiting in line.
It didn't take that much effort to stop and pick a few blossoms and pop them in a jug.
Small indulgences such as these flowers make a huge difference in how we view our days.

Lone camellia bloom petals sprinkled by the rain drops.

A lovely flush of pink flowers on a rhododendron.

Pretty pink plum and cherry trees are blooming throughout our fair city.

Just stopping and looking is enough to lift the spirit.

Here's our favourite little Miss.
Pretty darn perfect in Grammy's eyes.

She picked a dandelion for her mummy and she gave me a rock from the garden!

The best things in life really are free!

A gift from the heart is a joy to receive.

"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower 
Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour."

~ William Blake ~

I've had a newsy email about what to see and do in Paris from a reader from Calgary.
 She has also shared some very valuable tips...
thank you CM!

You are kind and thoughtful to have taken the time to write such a detailed account of your experiences in Paris.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway.
It closes at midnight on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What lovely thoughts and images. I believe in seeking out the good rather than the perfect. There is much that's good if we look for it, and take time to notice.

  2. You know life well and you speak volumes of wisdom as you share the beauties of your days. We thank you.

  3. I will delight in you taking me along! We all have struggles, all of us, but I prefer to focus on the positive too.

  4. I have problems too, don't we all? There's so much bad news being reported all the time. That's part of why I started writing my blog, The Beautiful Matters, because it does! So good to focus on the blessings.

  5. Hostess, just wanted to say how much I look forward reading your posts, especially the ongoing transition from work to retirement. I am just a year and a half away. You are a role model on how to get it right!

  6. I love your attitude! And what a cutie your grand daughter is!

  7. I agree with you life is not perfect. It would almost be boring if it was. The pictures in your blog and this post are inspiring me to stop more often to take the time to admire the beauty around me. I will also start to take pictures of my surroundings so that I can look back on them when life is a bit more difficult. Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. How cute that your granddaughter gave you such a nice gift...what is better than a rock chosen just by her for you. As far as perfect, oh dear...never something I will ever achieve, but what is fun is trying you best and as you said finding all of the wonderful things that life presents for us to enjoy.

  9. Congratulations on achieving your gold key. Enjoy the new you in Paris. I have always wanted to read that book in the giveaway. I hope I win!

  10. There is both joy and sadness in our lives and we cannot control either only our personal reactions to them. Yesterday, when I was flying to Paris from Edinburgh, my suitcase was lost.
    It contains my studiously compiled travel wardrobe for 9 weeks in Europe. Yogic breathing necessary! Perspective….I am fortunate to be here and if my luggage is not found, I will have to buy new clothes. Beauty and peaceful relaxed mind are antidotes to stress.

    1. Madame la Bas , oh that's awful it happened to me once, and I l couldn't justify buying new clothes so I lived in the same clothes for 10 days - I wanted to burn them when I got home!
      Hope yours appears today.

    2. Oh Madame I do hope the airline finds and returns your luggage. Please let us know what happens. As you say you are safe and intact and clothes can always be replaced and well shopping in Paris might be quite exciting!

    3. Oh, no! I am in Paris and I have to go shopping!!! :)

      But, of course, I don't meant that. Good luck and I hope very much it is found!

      I can't imagine.

  11. Our lives are full of imperfections, woes and stress but I think that blogging is a simple way for us to turn the kaleidoscope for a few minutes each day and see a better picture.

  12. Many lives include outright tragedies and sometimes many are not even aware of this. Your blog is always a peaceful oasis. You are kind, wise, and entertaining!

  13. Such a very lovely and touching post my dear hostess! I couldn't agree more with your sentiment!


  14. I like a book called "We Could Almost Eat Outside." It is more about small pleasures than beauty. The book was a best seller in France not so long ago. Maybe you would like it, too.

    Some of mine are: Opening champagne quietly.
    Cut flowers lasting
    Making someone smile

  15. A perfect life would be a boring life!
    I am very excited about your trip to Paris! Isn't it fun to have a trip to look forward to?

  16. Hostess,
    I am so thankful for your blog. I appreciate the beauty and serenity you share with us. It is a welcome respite in a stressful day. (I usually read your blog at work, home tends to be peaceful). Thank you, Marilyn

  17. I love how you are stopping and seeing the flowers in your life. I often have to remind myself to look up at the view (even when I'm walking with friends in the hills I have my head down...)

  18. Brilliant post. I love this and need to do the same. I get bogged down by things I really cannot control, but want to. I'm going to start my week with this in mind and appreciate all that is here and now. Loving the flowers now too. x