Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hurry Up Spring...thoughts for a grey day.

January and February have seen lots of rain which has become rather tedious and dreary.
A bit of snow has come our way but nothing that a hot cup of tea and a good book cannot ease.
Have you noticed that Spring is on it's way?

I have grown a wee bit impatient with the gloomy grey skies and have been craving a punch of colour.
I can see why many snowbirds travel south for the warmth and sunny skies.

The snowdrops are still blooming, such resilient little flowers.

Peek ~ a ~ Boo!
I spy with my little eye a crocus.

Masses of croci

I truly believe that beauty can be found everywhere...

Aren't they just so cheerful?
Makes me want to find a purple and orange scarf to wrap around my neck and shout 
"Goodbye Winter Hello Spring!"

Mini cobalt blue iris popping up to greet me from a neighbour's garden.

Those are daffodils showing off in a yard right across from Clover Point.
The salt spray and winds have not deterred their sunny yellow arrival.
Stalwart and sturdy stock these daffs.

Such a cheery tonic on a seaside walk.

Buds on the white the front garden of The Humble Bungalow.
It won't be long and we'll be celebrating the new season and I can't wait!
Hurry Up Spring!

Grammy Day this week was a delight and a highlight.
After music class at the Conservatory Isla, Henry, Natalie and I stopped for a bite of lunch.
Our favourite lunch spot has toys to amuse the children which I think is very wise.
Everyone gets a bit of what they need...
some adult chit chat, a delicious lunch, some cuddles, a story and some fun playtime.

The sun came out and the mercury rose to 10 degrees...
I was able to take off my coat.

The Barbour vest worn with my new Burberry scarf was comfy and cozy.
I'm looking forward to wearing lighter clothing and bringing out the summer weight scarves.
Did you know that Hermes scarves are not to be worn in the rain?
It says that right on the card when you purchase one.

It won't be long and I'll be wearing these Ben Simon sneakers and this Hermes scarf.
Bring on the sunshine...

I started to add some of my own sunshine today by painting my nails...

and polishing up my bangles to add some sparkle to the day.

Better yes?

I also wore this silver belt for fun.
It elevates and decorates my $10 jeans.

I like the way they fit and the price is irresistible.
g21 at Walmart

A quick slick of a bright lipstick and I already feel like my disposition is sunnier.

Hurry Up Spring!


  1. Yes, hurry up spring. But we don't really have much to complain about when I hear of others further east. Yikes! So cold and still snowing.
    I'm loving looking for glimpses of spring in various yards as I take my walks these days. The crocuses are so lovely in their purple and pale violet garb.
    Grammy days are fun!

  2. Thanks for those spots of spring flower color. They sure are cheery to see. Too much snow yet in Wisconsin for flowers to start blooming. Love the lipstick color and I'm sure it looks great on you.

  3. I can't even remember what daffodils look like! This winter is making me insane, I nearly booked a trip to the Bahamas the other night. Must stay strong, surely it will warm up one day? You are very smart to live on the west coast. It looks just beautiful and what a wonderful outing for Grammy Day.

  4. Spring flowers so bright and cheery, love the crocus, can't seem to ever grow them.I can understand your longing for lighter clothes after a long winter. Mine is the reverse , as much as I don't really want summer to end here, Tasmania, Australia, I am looking forward to winter clothes again.

  5. But there was a bit of sun today! I hope you got out to Dallas Rd for a walk in it! It just made me feel happier and brighter. The cherry trees are nearly ready to burst, especially along View Street.

  6. Fun! We don't get crocus, but our birds are tweeting like crazy, early in the morning.

  7. Here in south west France the temperature is up to 20 deg C and the plum trees along the Dordogne river are in blossom. As an Australian I am not accustomed to long grey winters so my mood lifted as soon as the sun stayed out for a whole day.Yes, hooray, spring is here.

  8. Rain destroys silk, I have learned that the hard way with dresses.
    Crocus are such joyous little blooms, so cheery.

  9. So envious of any pops of colour as we are still in deep winter. Grammy Day looks like an excellent time. Loved those restaurants with toys when my children were smaller.

  10. No spring here, Leslie. The polar vortex has eaten our spring. We will be having a heat wave this week--30 degree days and nights in the teens. At least I am thankful for the brilliant sunshine that we have had. Keep you spring pictures coming. It thrills me to know that it is spring somewhere.

  11. It was positively balmy here today, in beautiful King Township Ontario. The sun was brightly shining, and spring was in the air; even though the snow here at Hillwood still looks like a winter wonderland.
    It's so lovely to see your flowers. Spring is the most hopeful season of all!

  12. Daffodils always excite me!! They are one of my favourite bright and cheery :) I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to grey skies and hello to warm Spring days. Maybe one day we should get together and have a cuppa tea!!

  13. I had no idea about not wearing my Hermes in the rain!! Of course I'm terrible at reading directions for anything, but that could have been serious!!! Love the crocuses. I remember them from when I lived back east. That first pop of color is so up lifting!! Wishing warm, sunny weather your way!! xoJennifer