Friday, March 14, 2014

OOTD French Lessons

White tank top by Coldwater Creek
Grey Lord and Taylor cashmere V neck cardigan
g21 skinny jeans
black Mee Too ballet flats
English coin necklace
(thrifted costume jewelry)

I just finished reading this book, which I found quite by accident when I was at the public library.
 The subject has been carefully researched by the author and is very well written.
I would recommend it if you are at all interested in the elements of living with grace and style.

This old tote has come in handy for all my French textbooks, workbooks and dictionary.

I like to keep things all together so I find a tote is the perfect vessel for the job.
Once my homework is finished I pop everything right back inside and zip it up.
It's so easy to grab on my way out the door when I go to class.

The sun is shining down on us today and the birds are chirping.
The smell of fresh mown grass is in the air and the neighbours are outside pottering in their gardens.
Spring weather is so uplifting...and I cannot help dreaming of what Spring time in Paris might feel like!

Mother and I are hosting a tea for family in her condo.
We will be using her polished silver tea service, fine bone china and vintage linens.
She has ordered a chocolate torte from Pure Vanilla.
 I am making stuffed devilled eggs and arranging a fruit and petit sandwich tray.

Hope that you have some fun planned for your weekend!


  1. Votre sac est très élégant. Maintenant, il fait beau en Europe. Je me suis promenée sans manteau. You will have so much fun in Paris!

  2. since i've only been to paris once and it was last spring all i can say is that is was cold!

    winter passed us by here in southern california and spring is in the air here too!

  3. I love that necklace. What a find!
    So exciting to go to Paris, especially for the first time. I went for my 40th birthday and have been back 5 times over the last 6 years. It's sort of addicting!

  4. I love that sweater and the tote. Great idea keeping all your French lesson things together in the tote.

  5. Love that necklace, and what a great idea for old coins (I have a small collection of them). Paris is wonderful, I am looking forward to going back this year too. French lessons are a great idea!

  6. I love that necklace too. so nice, to be off to French lessons. It sort of has a nice ring to it :) Enjoy your tea; sounds lovely.

  7. Adorable necklace. And Significant Husband has alluded to perhaps Paris this year, so I am hanging on your readers' every tip.

  8. Wonderful necklace. I know the tea at your mother's house will be a beautiful event. I look forward to photos!

  9. The only thing better than Paris in springtime, is Florence Italy; especially with today's weather!
    I make amazing devilled eggs, and my friends always ask me to make them. I have a secret recipe, that includes curry powder; but that's the only ingredient I will ever disclose to them.

  10. I came to visit your blog a couple of years ago and am pleased to see you are still interested in French things. Moët and Chandon! That brings back so many memories – for every New Year, as I grew up in Paris, my parents would open a bottle of their Champagne to celebrate. I see many of your commenters have been to Paris – isn’t my home town a wonderful place? Thank you for liking it. You study French – alors je vais vous dire que j’aime beaucoup le Canada et suis allée dans la Colombie Britannique plusieurs fois, surtout à Victoria – une ville très belle.

  11. What a delightful and personal necklace! your tea sounds so warm and elegant! What a pleasure to be able to help your mother receive your family,