Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthday...scarves and Paris!

I've clocked another year...
my darling husband brought me tea in bed this morning and a gift.
Aging and nudging 60 doesn't feel at all threatening.
I am embracing 59...and have a whole year to get used to the idea!

We had a Golden for 13 years named Rufus and we love and miss him so much that when it comes to cards,
 we try to find one with a Golden on the front. Their sweet faces just convey so much Love!

Boxes from Wilson's usually mean that inside there is a wee bit of luxury.

Mr. HB surprised and spoiled me with a wonderful classic scarf which I will be wearing for many years to come.
Sumptuous, so soft and cozy!
Thank you honey.

The cats are joining in on the fun too!

I wonder if they'd welcome a Golden retriever into their domain?

OOTD ~ Birthday style
I wore it with my grey Lord and Taylor cashmere V neck long cardigan
white Coldwater Creek tank top
g21 dark skinny jeans
Mee Too black ballet shoes 
Chillax walking coat

Mom and I went out for a walk along the Esplanade and then lunched at our favourite spot, Pure Vanilla.
She gave me some money and directed me to drive to W and J Wilson's on Newport Avenue.
(their other location where my husband shops is on Government Street)

I spied this yummy sunny yellow light weight quilted jacket (on sale) which 
I think will be great for walking and super cozy for boating.

It looks huge in this picture but it is only a size 10.
Puffy quilted coats do add volume but they make up for it in comfort and warmth.

      It reminds me of a beautiful bright green Boden jacket that Duchesse recently purchased.

My BFF and her husband gave me a wonderful floral scarf which I love!
 A bar of triple milled fragrant French soap and a loofah scrubber.
My BFF is planning a trip to Paris in late spring of 2015 to meet up with her husband while he is on a tour with his regiment.
It looks like she and I may be flying over together to spend a week in Paris before she joins up with him.
Perhaps my friends John and Cheryl will be in Auvilar and I can take the train down and stay with them for a few days before flying home.
I feel so optimistic and excited tonight...I may not sleep a wink :-))

We'll need to arrange to rent an apartment in Paris, plan our itinerary and I need to save a big chunk of money to add to the current balance in my "mad money" account.
What an exciting day and evening it has been.

The test drive on the three mascara's has been finished...
Great Lash is the winner.
The brush deposits a small amount of product on the brush which does not clump.
 I like the natural look of each individual lash being darker and defined yet not clumped together.

I may try some other mascara's in the future but for the time being this basic cheap drugstore find is easy on the budget and seems to deliver on it's promise.
Which is all I can ask.

"The most important thing I can tell you about aging is this: If you really feel that you want to have an off-the-shoulder blouse and some big beads and thong sandals and a dirndl skirt and a magnolia in your hair, do it. 
Even if you're wrinkled."

~ Maya Angelou ~


  1. A very happy birthday to you, L! Wishing you all the best for a sunny year (both literal and metaphorical). What lovely and special gifts you received. :)

  2. Brightest birthday wishes headed your way! Looks like you had a wonderful day!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Isn't it wonderful to have something to look forward too? Time to start squirrelling!

  4. Happy birthday! Glad you are getting spoiled! PS I think the cats would love teasing a puppy and in actual fact I find cats and dogs have their own special relationship and they will provide so many smiles and laughs. My dog sitter has a kitty and the puppy and kitty always chase each other and it is adorable!

  5. Happy Birthday Leslie! What a lovely day you had, and now so much to look forward to!

  6. Happy Birthday, hope your upcoming year is a joyous one.

  7. Happy Birthday, Leslie! I'm so excited for you about the potential for Paris!

  8. Happy Birthday Leslie!!!! I'm glad it was a fun day for you.

  9. Happy Birthday! I'll admit I scrolled quickly through your post to find your Paris news -- how exciting! What fun to see the city with good friends, and I'm corrsing my fingers you'll be able to meet up with your painting friend in Auvilar. Very cool! That's a great little jacket you treated yourself to, a perfect antidote to the grey rain we'll be putting up with for the next week or so.

    1. "crossing" my fingers, not "corssing" them . . .but you knew that, right? ;-)

  10. Happy Birthday! A up-coming trip to Paris, fantastic. What a wonderful day you had.

  11. Hostess, I missed this yesterday but Happy Birthday! That Burberry scarf is lovely and suits you beautifully.

  12. Happy Birthday Leslie! All the best to you.

  13. Love that quote! Wishing all the best on your birthday, Leslie!

  14. Happy birthday again, Leslie! And the scarf is perfect for your evolving look. As is the jacket. I hope your trip to Paris materializes just as you like - hooray for retirement!

  15. All the best wishes for your Birthday.


  16. I have the same scarf, which I have enjoyed for at least 12 years. And,-did not purchase that Boden jacket. I usually show things on my blog that I like, not necessarily buy.

  17. Ooopsl forgot to say, Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday Leslie. Great scarf and so happy to hear you're planning a trip to Paris. Wonderful quote as well.

  19. Happy Birthday,what more can a gel want Spring and Paris for her 60th.

  20. If your travelling remember to check awesome site to find places to stay if your looking to not be in a hotel and experience life in the place you are staying.
    Happy Birthday!

  21. Hostess, Happy Birthday! I cannot believe you are near 60. You look so great. I also love your new pic! What a lovely gift from your husband and I adore that yellow jacket. I have one of those down jackets and it's my favorite.
    Wow, such exciting plans going to Paris! Can't wait to hear more. I can recommend Paris Address for a rental. I have used them and they manage many Paris Apartments and are on site in Paris, very thorough about the quality and cleanliness and help you with transfers and arrange taxis etc. They are wonderful and friends loved them too.
    Have a great week!
    xx Kim

    1. We really liked Paris Address as well, and so has Duchesse at PassagesdesPerles (she's the one who recommended them to me). Used them twice, really helpful people.

  22. Happy birthday!

    Lovely gifts from hubby and your friend.

    I'll bet you are excited about Paris, I'm heading over there in June with my daughter and am so excited!

    I turned 59 earlier this year and having had a cancer scare last year, I was very happy to do so and am already planning 60th birthday celebrations for 2015.

    All the best
    Judy xx

  23. Happy birthday! a trip to Paris to look forward to?! I wouldn't be able to sleep either! great birthday gifts, and glad kitty shared the fun with you.

  24. Happy birthday dear "Hostess"!! Mine was just on the first.

  25. Wishing you the happiest of birthday my dear! You day sounds so wonderful … especially with Paris now looming on the horizon for you!

    Sending you much birthday love my dear!


  26. Happy, happy birthday! How lovely and exciting that you have an upcoming trip to Paris. How wonderful to have such an adventure to look forward to. All the best to you :-)

  27. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed your special day. Your upcoming trip to Paris sounds just wonderful, enjoy the planning.

  28. Happy Birthday! Love those scarves and I will be looking forward to hearing about any upcoming trips to Paris! My favorite mascara from the drugstore these days is L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. It is fantastic, I'm on tube number 3. It costs about $10. Try it some time! XO, Jill

  29. Happy Birthday!! It sounds like a perfect day and how exciting to be planning a trip to Paris!! I love the look of your puffer jacket. I bet that color looks smashing on you! Be well my friend. xoJennifer

  30. Love the BB scarf. A wonderful gift.

    We just rented our apartments (needed two because one was booked for part of our time--we got a too late start on plans, unfortunately) in Paris. So much more reasonable than a hotel AND you get a kitchen.

  31. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, L. How lovely to have such special treatment! Beautiful thoughtful gifts. And the anticipation of a trip to Paris! Oh, the joy!

  32. Happy belated birthday. I turned 59 the last on December. I haven't had time to think too much about it. Plans for exciting. I do hope you are still celebrating,,,,,

  33. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your scarf!
    I look forward to hearing about your trip to Paris. If you haven't rented a place yet, you might try airbnb. I have friends who have rented places all over the world though the site, and I just used it to rent an apartment in Florence.

  34. I'm late to this, but Happy Birthday Hostess!!! It sounds like the year to come will be full of wonderful treats - as it should be!

  35. Thank you all for your birthday wishes!
    I have enjoyed each and every comment and have read them three times :-))