Sunday, March 2, 2014

A touch of mink....

A touch of mink...
a little playful glamour...

Did you dress up to watch the Oscars?
I wore my Gap Boyfriend jeans, a white tee and a navy cashmere cardigan...and slippers!

Mink brooch

Club Monaco chandelier earrings

These sparkly earrings are quite heavy so they do not get worn very often.

Vintage Marcel Boucher pin

Vintage Rhinestone brooch by Canadian designer Sherman 

another vintage Sherman, this one in aurora borealis crystals

Sherman again, in aurora borealis

Vintage baroque pearl, ebony, channel set marcasites a gift from lovely daughter.

I haven't been wearing my brooches much lately.
The students at school seemed to appreciate them and comment often on which one I was wearing but now that i am retired I have kept them tucked away...but they are not forgotten.
I am dressing for my new lifestyle and that includes the use of jewelry and accessories.

This Lilly wool boucle hat needs a bit of cheering up and how better to do it than add a bit of sparkle?

The pink butterfly pin is a vintage Sherman a gift from my MIL.

Did you watch the Oscars?
I thought that Ellen did an outstanding job hosting.

So many beautiful gowns and the jewels were fabulous...
the actresses look so gorgeous and they make it all look natural and easy.
Can you imagine how much work and planning goes into getting ready for a Red Carpet walk and an Oscar party?
The mind boggles...

Have some fun this week...Spring is on it's way!


  1. I love your vintage Sherman pieces. I inherited a number of lovely pieces from my Mother. I'll treasure them always.


  2. Happy Birthday Leslie. I'm not a brooch wearer, but your's are lovely.

  3. Beautiful brooches, for some reason although I absolutely love them I find them difficult to wear. Yours are so pretty, you will have to do a post showing us what you pair them with.

    I thought Ellen did a great job hosting too.

  4. That is such a lovely scarf though I must not buy any more and must concentrate on using the ones that I have! I forgot to check the washing instructions however...
    If you buy it I hope you love it and a very happy birthday for later in the week.

  5. A very happy birthday, Leslie and many, many more. I thought Ellen was a funny and gracious host. There have been some doozies in the past. And the gowns were so glamorous. I was very happy that Cate Blanchett won. Her performance was amazing. If I were young and in great shape, I would covet the gowns worn by Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams. Simple, chic and lovely.

  6. Hello there, Your brooches are beautiful and I love the retro look of them. We watched the Oscars as well, one of our friends was nominated in one of the categories. Alas, he did not win but it was his first nomination and he and his wife were excited about that and also about being there.

  7. I'm not a fan of awards shows, but I can appreciate the time and thought that goes into the ensembles. I'm particularly drawn to your mink brooch - it's so old world! Very ladies who lunch in 1950's New York.

  8. The Oscars were fun, the ladies so glamorous, but the men in white/black, for me, stole the show. Guess it's a throw back to my first formal dance in the 1960s... My date wore a white dinner handsome! Your lovely brooches also remind me of that time! Smiles..Susan
    Oh...sending lots of good wishes for your birthday!

  9. I didn't dress up to watch the Oscars, but now I wish I had! love your shining earrings and brooches and the mink, too. Our telecast is during the day so I was cooking a cake, and cut out a dress pattern during the show. I enjoy the gowns, and the excitement of it all.

  10. Love that mink brooch. So retro glam, as are the glittery ones. I usually wear classic solids, so I love a sparkly brooch to amp up the style a little. I only watched the pre-Oscar party, just to see the dresses. Very classy this year.

  11. Happy Birthday, I just turned sixty myself! I rarely do but this year I watched the Oscars and loved seeing the lovely "older" women - Close, Midler, Streep, and WOW! Jared Leto's mother Constance totally inspires me! Loved lots of the fashion but I really prefer looks that I can copy and actually wear in real life. Your brooch collection is great! I inherited some from my Mom, who used to wear them really well, but I am having trouble remembering to wear them -- my own jewelry thing has tended more to earrings and necklaces.

  12. I like your mink Brooch ;-) I have a number of vintage brooches. My piano teacher used to give them out as Christmas presents. I didn't really appreciate them when I was seven. By the time I was sixteen, I looked forward to receiving them; but that year it was a spider (arachnophobic), and sadly my last brooch, as I quit piano at seventeen.