Friday, March 28, 2014

Tea time...

Tea is my favourite beverage and as you readers have heard before, I sip many restorative cups during the day.
Emma Bridgewater mugs are frequently the vessel of choice...
they are cheerful and sturdy and I can easily carry them around The Humble Bungalow.

But for serious tea time I use a bone china cup and saucer. Often if I feel that I need a bit of cheering up I'll choose a pretty one and sit in the living room with a magazine and savour the tea. It's rather like dressing up for a special occasion but it is a simple tea cup that elevates the experience.

A reader emailed me and requested that I show some more of the tea cups that I collect and she specifically asked to see the makers marks so I hope that you enjoy this post!

Tea and sandwich plate this was a gift from Mother.

Great for sweets too!

Montrose pattern.

Pansy pattern.

She gave me two of these tea cups and plates so that when she comes to tea we each have our own set.
I have never seen any of these for sale in the shops.
I think they are quite charming.

This was on of my grandmother's tea cups.
The cousins all chose one tea cup when she moved out of her home.
I think of her whenever I take tea using this pretty pink and gold one. 

I cannot be sure who gave me this one but I think it was Mother.

It is so small that I rarely use it...I have a hunch that it is a demitasse and meant for strong coffee.

The lower two tea cups were a thrift shop find.
They were $6 each and I have had them for years.

I like to mix and match the tea cups when I host a tea or a shower.
I love lots of colour and the more decoration the merrier!
My favourite cups have lots of flowers painted in the bowl.
 When finished sipping one can enjoy a lovely surprise before having another cup of tea!

With all these pretty cups in my midst I must pop the kettle on...
all this has made me terribly thirsty.
It's time for tea!

I'd like to think that you are joining me.
Hope you are enjoying a restful cuppa.

Until next time,
Be Well.



  1. I love pretty tea cups but usually drink my tea from a boring old mug.
    The tea cups I do have have stained over the years which is odd since I so seldom use them. Any hints for how to get tea cups their brightest? They are so dainty, I hesitate to scrub them too vigorously or use any abrasives.

    1. I've found that gently rubbing the tea/coffee stains with a paste of baking soda and water gets rid of stains.

    2. I use baking soda Adrienne and it works well without damaging the delicate china.

  2. These are really lovely Leslie. I love it that you mix them when you are hosting a tea. I don't have a collection like yours, but I will be hosting my book club on Tuesday and will be serving coffee as that is what most members drink (I drink iced tea). I will be using several patterns of tea cups, including those from my wedding china with is a Wedgwood pattern called Columbia Enameled. I loved this post!

  3. You are a better woman than I. I just guzzle my tea from the biggest mug I can find:).

  4. Hostess, you have inspired me to pull out my china for tomorrow's morning coffee.

  5. The cups are beautiful, Hostess. I love everything about the gracious, elegant art of living. Are you a collector of other things? Lovely weekend to you!

    1. I collect matte white pottery and heart shaped rocks!

  6. Your collection reminds me of the pretty teacups of a favorite aunt. As a child, I stood in awe of their delicate beauty..,while secretly wanting to host a glorious tea party for my dolls! Enjoy!

  7. I started a crazy teaset (that is what we called mismatched cups,saucers and plates in Australia) back in my teens. Now I am in my late 60s and my collection is still small - but I love it. Somehow, fine china relaxes me. I loved this post.

  8. Pretty, pretty tea cups. Like you, I usually use a mug, but once in awhile, a china tea cup and saucer just make the world look a little brighter.

  9. How pretty these all are, you have inspired me to get some of mine out and start using them on a daily basis. What a nice idea to enhance the day.

  10. I so enjoy choosing a teacup or my pretty Portmeirion coffee mug to drink from. The drinking vessel is part of my enjoyment The bonbon dishes and sandwich trays of yesteryears come in handy once in a while and I use one for jewellery in my bedroom. Did you ever read a book called "Use the Good China"?

    1. I have not read the book but will check the local branch of the public library and see if I can get it...thank you!

  11. What a beautiful collection you have amassed; the script and stamps on the bottom are a treat too. I love drinking coffee out of a paper cup!

  12. Leslie, you must come to London. We have a dear Antique Shop that has oodles of the most gorgeous teacups and saucers. The cost is so minimal. I love them and the price. No-one gives tea cups as gifts anymore, do they ?
    Have a cuppa on me and enjoy.
    Hugs, Lorraine

  13. I enjoyed seeing your tea cup collection. I have inherited quite a few from my grandmothers and my mother-in-law. Some are in my kitchen cupboard to use for special occasions, and some are boxed up to give to my daughters some day if they want them. Like you, I usually drink my tea out of a mug. My current favourites are my two Herdy mugs.

  14. I've always loved china tea cups, and your collection is delightful!

  15. Time for tea solves as it does soothes!
    Your tea cups are all so endearing.
    Having a cup of tea now ! It's such a treat.

  16. How very pretty! What a smart thing to collect. Love the pink one.

  17. Lovely tea cups -- And what a nice collection. It's blue and white that I adore!

  18. You probably know how much I love teacups!! And if you have people over they always feel special when you bring them out. If I'm just having one cup I use a mug, but if I make a pot, which is often, I'll use a pretty china cup. I love that you and your mother have cups that go together.

  19. Dear Hostess this really resonates with me. I adore tea- loose leaf orange pekoe from Ceylon from twinings brewed in freshly boiled water in a china tea pot kept warm with a double layered knitted tea cosy and served in a cup and saucer. I loathe and detest mugs I do not even have one in the house even with spouse and three twenty something sons. Interestingly one said only yesterday " why is it no cafe restaurent can make a decent pot of tea" excellent - I have succeeded as a mother and they will treat their sweethearts to a great pot of tea! Though I must add I have conceded to male tastes and have handsome dibbern cups and saucers in bright orange for them. Thank you hostess for demonstrating yet again we are ad idem even though living in opposite hemispheres.

  20. Oh I do hope that you can find a restaurant that will brew a decent cup of tea...tea is an institution in Victoria where I live...very old English atmosphere that seems to be quite part of our legacy.