Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eleven requested...

Jen Lawrence of Dwell On These Things gave me a nod...and I am not one to shy away from a challenge even though it requires me to share 11 personal tidbits...

But before I go there I have been seriously distracted....tea at Mother's with my family today was sublime.
Tea, food, family, a cacaphony of conversation, and a charming child who had us all in the palm of her hands made for a fabulous afternoon. I came home with a renewed strength of family connection and a larger reading list!

I lit a candle to set the mood.
For me there is nothing like a scented candle to invite quiet contemplation.

I have my Town and Country magazine on the bedside table waiting...

Paris is very much on my radar...
I have been online checking out apartments and am trying to wrap my head around the cost.

I am saving money and will need to get creative as I am now retired and on a pension.
 I will need to be more frugal in order to save money as I do not want to be penny pinching in France.

OK 11 things about me...

I am afraid of spiders.
I cannot tell a lie...I have tried it never works!
My favourite colour is green.
Potatoes are my favourite all time food...I could eat them forever....possibly because of my Irish Roots.
I have NEVER pumped my own gas...hope I never have to cuz I have no idea how to do it in style!
Love diamonds and pearls...have only a few pieces of costume jewels and think I might be a bit of a snob because I rarely wear anything faux.
Have a passion for scarves...especially Hermes.
My nails are rarely polished because I garden and I am rather hard on them.
Tim Minchin's White Wine in the Sun makes me weep.
I brush and floss my teeth 4 or 5 times a day.

I could go on....
well I must as that is only 10 things!
Am addicted to Downton Abbey and House of Cards.

 I would like to invite any bloggers to join in and share 11 facts about themselves.
I do not want to single out any one in particular so please link your answers here and we can follow up on your response.

See you soon...
sweet dreams.



  1. I still feel really nervous putting petrol in my car, I think it's because it's so public, I'd be happier if I could do it behind a screen, in my minds eye, I think ' today will be the day I lose control of the hose and it lashes and spurts everywhere"

    1. That very thought has me for now I can only go to the full service station and pay premium prices.

  2. Ha Ha on the pumping gas one ! I do not like to pump my gas but I have had to learn to do it as where I am COOP is the only place that serves and have been told not to use their gas in my car. So I have had to learn at Chevron and it's true my car does run better on it. Thank You for sharing all of your little tidbits , you are always a pleasurable read. Donna

    1. Oh Thank you Donna! I may need to have a petrol filling up tutorial....perhaps you are my mentor?

  3. Thanks for sharing. I hate pumping my own gas too. The other day, the gentleman across from me started to laugh as I was swearing as I wrestled with the pump. I also fill the car with windshield fluid and expect an extra good spot in heaven for doing so!!

    I adore diamonds, pearls and Hermes scarves too.

  4. I can't tell a lie either, it just doesn't work and I am not good at it. I pump my own gas but that is because I have to, I also wash my car myself, but I set the line at changing a tire! And, I also love potatoes.

  5. I played. Check it out: Grazie for the fun opportunity!

  6. You're my kinda gal hostess.

  7. I have never pumped gas either and I love to watch any BBC production or period piece. I saw some Earl Grey scented candles in Penhaligon's In London and thought of you. Tea-scented candles would be "super soothing".

  8. I also love diamonds, pearls and Hermes scarves. Wow, your dentist must be thrilled. I admit to flossing once a day, but your statistics are amazing!! Enjoy your day. xoJennifer

    1. I have to keep on top of my teeth....or else. I have been warned by the hygenist and the dentist so I am just being proactive....

  9. oh i'm such a bad liar. everyone around me knows when i try it. it doesn't suit me at all. lol

    love your list!

  10. I had a laugh about you having never pumped gas. Until about eight years ago, I had never pumped my own gas either! I was raised during the days of full service gas stations and did not give up on this service until the last full service station in our neighborhood lost their lease some years ago. I never advertised that I had never pumped gas as most people would have been aghast. So, I am chuckling a bit at your expense (and mine).

  11. This is so funny! You never put petrol in? Even the queen has done it :)

    I love green and potatoes too! I have never read that book so will look out for it.

    Regarding Paris - I think that perhaps you might think about a houseswap.
    You have such a lovely heritage home in a great location and perhaps you could see if you could swap a like for a like home in Paris? that way you only tend to pay a broker fee.

    Paris is hugely expensive so you do want to be using money on really enjoying yourself and minimizing costs where you can and accommodation is one. Flats vs hotels will be similar and do you really want to be cooking in a flat when you are in Paris? I think it would be more economical to just stay in a hotel that serves a free breakfast. that way you wont be paying for the service of a kitchen and as real estate is dear that adds up.

    1. We have a very specific area that we want to stay so that we can walk lots.
      It is early and so far Paris best lodges have some amazing flats...we can wash clothes, dine in when we are knackered and sleep in peace and quiet...larger spaces and safe areas. The costs are still quite staggering....I think it might be fun to stay where the locals live...we have made no decisions yet.

  12. I would pay the extra to have someone tank up my car, but there are no full service stations anywhere around here. Usually my husband does it :). I cannot lie either. I do not have a problem with faux jewelry, but of course, real is better! I am paying attention to your Paris plans, as my daughter is planning on going (not for a couple years). I'll be jotting down tips. Hope I'll be able to use them myself one day.

    1. Hooray for husbands who help!
      I'll be posting on Paris for many months and you may start to yawn and get bored...apologies are in order.

  13. Thanks for sharing and being open. I don't have a problem pumping my gas or cleaning my windshields. Potatoes are my favorite high-carb food, too, and I would eat them everyday if were skinny (potatoes go straight to my trouble zones)! And I hate faux jewelry - I like the real thing or none at all!

  14. I can't lie either...I've always thought if one doesn't lie there is nothing to remember... Hope you have had a fabulous St. Patty's Day. Bonnie

  15. Happy St. Patrick's Day Hostess! I'm half irish, and even here on the Signoria Square they are celebrating! Such noise, I may never get to sleep. I must confess the only green I wore today was green eyeliner, to match my green eyes; as all the clothes I brought to Italy are black.
    I also don't fuel up my own car; as our local stations are still full serve, and my vehicle is diesel , and you need to wear gloves.
    I will admit I love costume jewellery, although I have many important pieces.
    I don't see an issue unless someone is trying to pass if off, as the real mcCoy.
    I'm impressed beyond words, with your flossing, and brushing habits! I worked in dental for almost 30 years and have NEVER known anyone (even us, who should know better) to floss so frequently. Good for you!.

    1. Greetings Duchesse...
      I have been thinking of you and so happy to hear that you are on holidays in Italy.
      I am embarrassed that I have not refueled my vintage Volvo...I must get over it and learn sometime very soon....btw I bought a mink brooch for myself this fall!

  16. I must say you "ladies who lunch" blogs are amazing-never pumped your own gas?

    You live is such divine bubbles.

    1. Here's to the ladies who lunch. I'll drink to that!
      Seriously though, my two closest gas stations are full-service, and will not allow you to pump your own gas. That's the way it is in our rural area of King Township. I appreciate this level of service, and I always tip, and have to ask you anonymous; what's wrong with a gas station offering this level of service?

  17. I would love to be considered a lady who lunches....I do enjoy lunch out but more often than not it is leftovers from the fridge...we have a local full service station close by that I patronize and live in fear of the day it closes...both Mother And I are going to need lessons sometime soon.
    If we are in divine bubbles I hope they never pop!