Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tisket ~ tasket ~ a picnic basket....

Summertime means spending more time outdoors with opportunities to dine al fresco.
BBQ's and picnics
and for some of us it's tea time!

Mother, sister and I walk once a week along the Esplanade in Oak Bay.
As we saunter along we look at Mount Baker to see if there is a clear view of the snowy peak
we take note and comment on the water and weather conditions.

Our simple walk usually precedes dinner out.

As the weather has been hot and dry we cannot help but notice the happy families picnicing on the sandy beach. Picnic are fun...people of all ages love them.
Eating slowly, taking in the sights and sounds around, savouring the tastes and sharing some conversation...
what could be simpler?

Sis and I had a conversation about inviting mom, who is 86, to have a picnic next time we go for our walk...
we discussed how she might not want to sit at the picnic tables or she might be wearing clothes that aren't suitable for a picnic.
This week when I was out with Mother I suggested we try having tea at the seaside and see how we get on.
She's keen!

Hat and tote

a tisket a tasket ~ we have a basket
some pretty china dishes
 the makings for a tea party

I love a floral pattern for tea.

I will brew a pot of tea
add milk and keep it hot in a thermos
make some stuffed eggs
pack some fruit
and some crackers and cheese.
Tea's made.

I hope Mother will enjoy herself...

Are you finding joy in simple things everyday?

Be Well
until next time...


  1. Hostess I so enjoy reading about your walks by the sea! What a lovely idea to have a teatime picnic with your mother at the seaside. My mother, sister and I traveled to Victoria and shared the most wonderful time celebrating my mother's 82nd birthday at The Fairmont Empress where we stayed and enjoyed Afternoon Tea. My mother was delighted and we loved our visit to your beautiful part of the world.

    1. That is a Victoria classic to take tea at the Empress....Butchart Gardens does a fabulous tea in The Blue Poppy restaurant too....hope that you enjoyed our fair city.

  2. Your tea/picnic sounds wonderful. What lovely china....makes a simple meal feel very special.

  3. Your Union Jack and your china make a really special event of tea by the sea. It reminds me of a book that my mother-in-law once lent me called "Always Use the Good China". I'm sure that your mother will enjoy the outing. My mother and I have been going to Music at the Cannery every Friday night. Local musicians perform outside and entry is by donation. There's a sellout crowd every week.

    1. I think I might enjoy reading that book...must look for it at the library!
      Sounds like a wonderful evening you and your Mother share at the Cannery.

    2. The title was "Use the Good Dishes" and there is a website with a poem that so embodies the spirit of your blog!. My mother-in-law, who loaned me this book, is now 94 years old and living in an Intermediate care home with Alzheimer's but she used to listen to CBC radio every day and purchase many of the recommended books.

  4. Your tea by the sea sounds absolutely lovely... especially with those dishes! Here's to finding the joy in the simple things... everyday!

    1. Love your new website...hope to see more great designs!

  5. Your picnic sounds perfect to me and keeping it simple is the best idea. I'm sure your mum will enjoy herself immensely.
    I also receive great pleasure in the simple things. Today I tidied up my toiletries and moved some items around the house for a different look. Simple but fulfilling.

    1. I love puttering in our you I like a tidy space.

  6. That's a lovely idea. Who wouldn't love a proper tea beside the sea?

  7. One reason I love your postings is the joy you bring to the little, simple pleasures of daily life. I've always been happy with these as well, but you remind me of the many ways we can find to make things a bit more special. This morning we drove early to a country auction to seek an antique cupboard for our new "country" dining porch. No luck there, but a beautiful drive through rural communities and farms in an area of NH we rarely see. The long way made it special.

  8. Better luck nextime...looking at the lovely scenery on your drive today must have been very inspiring.
    I love driving through that rural areas and farmlands stopping at roadside stands...