Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Merci Beaucoup mes amis...a parcel from France!

Imagine my surprise when I spied the package wrapped in brown paper stuffed in the top of our mail box...
not expecting anything in the post I was naturally excited and intrigued.

Don't you love a parcel wrapped up in brown paper?

The stamp on the front showed it was from France and the postage mark indicated Auvilar.
I knew in a heartbeat that this was from our beloved friends, John and Cheryl.

You may recall that Cheryl is an accomplished artist and John is a very talented photographer.
They reside in Auvilar a few months each year and when they return to BC they live aboard Sovereign
their Classic Mahogany Chris Craft which is moored in False Creek, Vancouver.

the wee heart appears to be made of clay and infused with the most intoxicating delicate scent
the scarf has been infused with the fragrance 
I must find out what the scent is as I would love to buy some perfume if it is available...

so soft
a whisper of viscose
 a beautiful pattern
lovely colour
so feminine

a perfect scarf for summer

It can also be used as a wrap.

Merci beaucoup mes amis!

The Humble Bungalow Garden is putting on quite the rose show.
The shrubs and climbers are in their element in this heat.

Joesph's Coat rose
putting on a spectacular presentation.

apricot delight

our weather is hot and sunny
just what roses love
 they are a thirsty flower
greedy like no other
so we water them deeply at the roots
early in the morning so that the leaves are not prey to black spot...

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my humble little blog.

Wishing you loveliness in your day today.
Be Well and Be Kind

~ ~ ~


  1. Hello Hostess -- I've decided to become a former lurker on your blog. Have really enjoyed your posts over the last several months - I "discovered" you over at Lisa's Privilege, which I have come to love. A stellar post as usual - isn't it wonderful to have friends who remember you when they are abroad? You look fab in the scarf - Weight Watchers is definitely working for you! Think I'm going to give it a try again - this weight I'm carrying around is ridiculous and I feel out of control. Best, Elisabeth

    1. Welcome Elisabeth!
      I think you'll be very happy on WW...it is a very sensible system that works if you follow the guidelines. I have lost just a tad over 17 pounds since starting mid May.

  2. What fun to receive a gift, unexpectedly.
    The clay cookie looks so cute and the scarf has all your garden colors on it. Just be careful wearing it around your roses ; )!

    1. Oh I would not garden in this scarf it is far too delicate and if you saw me out in the garden you'd know that I am a major mess I am...it's embarrasing, mud and dirt under my fingernails and I wear gloves plus my hair which seems to be a magnet for leaves and bits of plants.

  3. Oh so pretty scarf! What a delight to receive an unexpected package in the mail.

    I've really been enjoying your garden lately...and the neighbourhood beauty as well.

  4. I love the pose one hand casually tucked into your pocket + the way the scarf is draped over the shoulder,you really have a way with scarves.The colours are beautiful so Summery.

  5. That gorgeous scarf will "pop" beautifully with all your classic black and white!! How very lovely to receive such a nice gift. The little heart looks like some stone soaps I found in Provence last spring. You might try a little water on it and see what happens.

    1. Stone soap...what will they think of next I wonder?

  6. Beautiful! The colours are perfect - your friends definitely know you. As I stick to my points, you are an inspiration. Perhaps I will reward myself with a scarf and come to you for a tutorial.........

    1. Oh yes do that Pondside...scarf shopping is such fun!

  7. That's an absolutely gorgeous scarf, and so perfect for summer! I'm envious of both your scarf and your roses!

  8. That scarf is exquisite and you're looking very slim in the jeans. How do you learn all those scarf tricks?

    1. I play around with my scarves in front of the mirror a bit and invent new ways to wear them...
      plus I have a few Hermes scarf tying books and the internet has a great many ideas on scarf tying techniques on you tube.

  9. Beautiful scarf, I adore the colors.

  10. I love the colours too and think that Cheryl knows me so well...I would have chosen it myself.

  11. I am intoxicated by that scarf!

  12. A parcel in the mail -- and from France! What a treat! Your friend chose that scarf beautifully, to suit you -- just lovely.