Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OOTD Black and white copy cat dressing...and a word on anti~aging potions.

I couldn't resist buying this super soft and cuddly stuffed toy for Isla.

kind of squishy
looking very relaxed 
I think he has made himself at home.

He is very long in the body
great for popping under a little ones arm and carried around with ease.

I think this little fellow's face is adorable.

Isla seems to like him and that's what counts
today we played with her toys
read some books
had a snack
played some more 
ate lunch
BTW I got lots of cuddles...
she is a sweet little gal.

I am a very Happy Grammy.

Gilmour high low dress
hem is higher in the front and longer in the back
cool bamboo for summer heat

Lily Bleu flip flops which I have been living in
linen scarf used here as a shawl to keep my shoulders from burning

white and charcoal loosely woven scarf

love the nubbiness
I laundered this scarf in Aveda Shampure to see if it would soften
it has but I think it will take many more washings before it is super soft.
in the meantime it has body and stays tied without slipping...

Many of our linen tea towels are whisper soft
and I do love the way linen takes on age
it seems to just get better all the time...

it's rather like the patina on antique furniture
it develops over time and should rarely be refinished
the history is all part of the piece

rather like us!

While I am not personally interested in a total facial refurbishing
I do like to think that I am making the most of what Mother nature gave me...
I am thinking more on the lines of preservation and conservation!

Clay mask
night time serum
day cream

Plant Stem Cell technology
at my age I am all about the moisture
keeping my skin soothed and supple
I like the feel of it when it is hydrated and that is one reason that I drink so much water
hydrating from the inside out
with a little help topically morning and night time after a gentle cleansing
there are so many products on the market and I have tried lots
this line is my current fave
and it is seriously a budget friendly choice.

Kiss My Face Lotion
is new in the Humble Bungalow
I have yet to try this 
 lotion with aloe and olive oil.
(I use their shave cream and love it)

I bought this for Mr. HB who needs it after a day outside working on the deck 
or a long day driving in his convertible.
He is fair and has freckles
remember I mentioned that he was a red head when I met him about 43 years ago...

I'll ask him for his opinion after he's used it for a few weeks.

Take care 
remember to wear sunscreen and keep well hydrated.
~ ~ ~


  1. Lovely scarf! And the zebra toy is adorable. There are so many great skincare products out there right now that are "gently" priced, it's hard not to want to try them all.

  2. A day playing with a grandchild is the best sort of day!
    The dress and scarf are a sophisticated take on summer dressing - you look very cool and together. I think we're in for another hot one today, so I'm focusing on cotton and more cotton!

  3. I like that dress and you can get a lot of wear from it. It is moisture now that we need to preserve us. You look "nicely turned out."

  4. All that walking is benefiting you with some good looking legs! Living on the coast, I cannot fathom that you would have anything but peaches and cream complexion! I moved to Calgary from Vancouver 26 years ago and go through litres and litres of various moisturizers for various body parts.

    Quick question about laundering your linen scarf. I purchased one last month when holidaying in Carmel, Ca and though the care tag says to dry clean only, I am tempted to hand wash with your method. What does the care tag on yours advise?

    1. The tag did not indicate the preferred method of laundering it merely stated that the fabric was 100% linen and that it was handwoven in India. Linen is a natural fabric so I was not concerned about hand washing it at all.

  5. Those are the most treasured days playing with G/children to foster happy memories throughout the generations.

  6. The zebra can play with Mr. Glove:).