Monday, July 22, 2013

A Royal British baby and books...

The Royal Baby has been born!
It will be exciting to see pictures of little prince and watch him grow...
I am sure that he will be very handsome as he has such good looking parents.

They must have a few names in mind...nothing radical I would imagine,
something dignified as tradition would dictate that they name him after one of his ancestors.
The BBC news is completely focused on this event...there's a huge paparazzi buzz.
I am waving my own flag here and toting around my bag joining in on the fun.

I buy books all year to read in the summer when I have more time and fewer demands...
whenever I see a title or book jacket that sounds interesting I bring it home and pop it inside my bedside table.
That was until I realized that the bedside table was full so I filled up my summer straw tote.

I am currenty reading this novel and it is set just after the end of WW II. 
A Polish couple separated by the war are reunited in England
It follows their day to day lives in England and flashes back to their individual struggles during wartime.
It is well written and enjoyable,
I am far from being finished but I can recommend it.

My summer books 

Santa Montefiore's godfather is the Prince of Wales!

Her books are light reading which I prefer in the summer 
especially when there are so many distractions
 I am unable concentrate for longer periods of time...

This is an odd title but the jacket cover says that it is a funny book 
and comes with many rave reviews so I'll give it a try.

What books would you add to my list?
Now that I am officially retired I should be able to read more frequently all year long!

What name do you think Kate and William will name their little prince?


  1. Flight Behaviour is a really good read. The House I Loved by Tatiana de Rosnay is an interesting novel of Haussman Paris. My guess is Charles Philip
    Michael George. You will have more time to read now that you are retired.Do you listen to BBC World on the computer?

  2. I see you have a Mary Lawson novel lined up to is good, but her best one by far, is "Crow Lake".

  3. I was deadest certain the royal bub was going to be a girl so I won't even attempt to guess his name!

  4. The title of the last book is too funny!
    The news from the UK is happy news, A Full Moon baby!

  5. BBC,grrh costs us a bomb in fees,and staff at the top are corrupt!!Loved by other countries more than some of us Brits.
    Happy news about the new baby Prince + the other 2,000 babies born yesterday in the UK. Bets are on the name Arthur or Richard.I say leave it up to the couple to decide.

    Reading a History of Finland,also book on dogs both given to me for my birthday.

    1. Is it your birthday today?
      Be that the case, a very Happy Birthday to you!!!
      History of Finland - I´m impressed, the book on dogs, naturally : ).

  6. I'm voting for James Phillip Charles Arthur- James for the child's maternal grandfather (and a favorite name of mine), Phillip for the paternal great-grandfather, Charles (obvious) and Arthur (don't know why). He could be Prince Jamie!

    And, Hostess, when I get together with my book club next week, I will share what we choose. I a still going through Dorothea Benton Frank's books, some I love and some are so-so.

  7. Love seeing all the books you have collected. This has been a reading summer for me as well. I finally had to straighten the the shelf under the table by the bed.

    It seems the popular name is George, but I am looking for a James. Oh course I am a bit partial as it is a family name. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  8. I am currently reading "One Amazing Thing" for my book club and it is a great summer read. The royal baby news is so much fun to follow. I would vote for James for the baby's name. Glad to see you are enjoying retirement!

  9. Leslie, not knowing what you have not already read, it is impossible to suggest you one, sorry.
    I really wish Kate and William would brake the tradition, and choose a modern name for their son!

  10. I think throwing "Francis" in the mix of names would be quite appropriate since Diana's middle name was "Frances". It is a nice strong name as well. A tribute to her but now so in-your-face as to cause hard feelings!

  11. Hostess, I just finished reading a very unusual memoir. It is titled At Home in the World and the author is Joyce Maynard. She writes about her life as a writer, centering on her relationships--with her mother, with J. D. Salinger (she lived with him when she was 18-19) and later. Parts of it are a bit unsettling, but it is a very interesting read.