Monday, July 29, 2013

A Victoria bistro with a twist...

Darling daughter and I love to go out for a bite to eat at this artsy bistro in the James Bay Neighbourhood of Victoria. The food is delicious, the menu is chock full of interesting combinations of seasonal ingredients and the food is plated attractively.

Live entertainment adds to the ambiance...
great music and an energetic vibe combine to make this bistro very special.

The Superior Supper Club hosted film noire evenings a few years ago and darling daughter and I went to almost every showing...they served themed dinners based on the movie titles and the wait staff dressed in costume in keeping with the movie.

the decor is rather edgy and unusual

they have a beautiful outdoor area which I neglected to photograph
it is lit with fairy lights and larger flood lights
a green oasis 
Japanese maples
with tables set underneath a canopy of leafy trees

a perfect spot for a romantic dinner
or a warm Sunday brunch

they have recently launched their outdoor donut service
a fun spot to go for a coffee and a sweet
perfect on a summer day

water and wine were sipped while we perused the menu

brushcetta with fresh cherry tomatoes and goat cheese 
drizzled with balsamic crema
arugula salad on the side

organic greens 
pine nuts
goat feta
tossed with a light orange vinaigrette dressing

salmon with couscous and pesto
I ate every morsel!

If you find yourself in Victoria looking for a rather unique dining experience I suggest that you come here.

is one of my favourite spots to dine in Victoria.
If you go please tell Lisa that I sent you!

Weight Watchers update...
17 pounds and a few ounces lost so far with 8 more to go before I reach my target goal.
These 8 seem to be the most difficult to lose...
perhaps I have hit a plateau.

I was able to enjoy this meal and stay within my allowable WW points.

Good luck to those readers who have emailed me saying that they have been inspired by my success and have embarked on their own WW journey.
I wish you every possible success and please feel free to drop me a note and let me know how you are progressing.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Your meal looks lovely. I always enjoy fish when I go to a restaurant. I seem to plateau at 17 pounds whether it's WW or Jenny Craig. But I'm sure that it is perseverance on my part and either upping exercise or cutting back on wine. I probably eat out a little too much as well but I enjoy visiting with friends and family over lunch.

  2. Looks DELICIOUS!

    And salmon is the lifelong friend of those who watch their weight:).

  3. What a fun place and the food looks delicious! Congratulations on your weight loss, I know so many people who have had success with the WW program. Good for you!

  4. It's been some time since I visited the Superior - thanks for the reminder! Isn't it wonderful when one can have a delicious dinner and stay within one's target?

  5. Wow! Impressive commitment to your WW program -- you manage to enjoy great food in great surroundings yet not lose your discipline. Kudos!

  6. Congratulations. You have really surprised us all !
    Keep along with the WW´s, as it has worked for you. And yes, you need a pair of new jeans!

  7. I was at my weight watchers meeting this morning and it was inspiring, as always! I love all the support and guidance we get, it is really a highlight of my week. Congratulations!

  8. Well done with the WW Hostess! I myself have embarked on a weight loss program too. Just at the beginning and have lost 2kg - about 4.2 lb I think. Push through that plateau! Kindly, Tonkath

  9. I envy you having fun times with your daughter,the meal and ambiance are delightful.Well done the weight seems to have come off quickly,keep on tracking and the plateau will disappear.

  10. Looks like a wonderful place to eat, both the food and ambience. Congratulations on your weight loss, you look wonderful.