Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dressing and living simply...

Living simply in retirement is my goal.
Dressing simply seems like it will reflect my new lifestyle.

Taking tea on the front porch
with time to mull over what is important
~ things I'd like to persue ~
~ things that I can let go of ~
~ enriching my life and those of others through volunteer work ~
~ taking an art class ~
~ meeting new people ~
~ re-joining the Victoria Horticultural Society ~
 that's just what I thought about today!

 simple bouquet of chartreuse green Lady's Mantle

This cheery red white and blue tote "spoke to me"
 every time I went back to The Bungalow in the Estevan Village I looked at it
it kept speaking..."buy me Hostess!"

I picked it up and carried it a bit
yesterday and decided that I could treat myself.

Oh and won't my red flats have fun with this great tote?
Happy Shopping and Happy Dancing.

I love this message
as it also speaks to me...
and I AM listening
listening to ALL that is my daily round
soaking up life
 embracing JOY

the powerful
attitude of gratitude

I popped into out local Hospice Thrift Shop 
and found this basic linen shirt which I will wear layered over a simple white tank top
I love the organic neutral shade and think it will look fabulous with creamy strands of pearls.

I think there will be multiples of pearls worn with this shirt
Coco would approve!

Sandwich white skinny capris
perfect for a summer day
thinking of wearing them with my blue and white striped Breton tops
red flats or sandals

perhaps paired with the new J Jill linen shirt
and an armful of bangles
or a simple silver cuff

another thrifted find
a silver disk on a strand of simple leather
casual ~ simple ~ fun

The WW program is keeping me mindful of what I eat.
Recording all the food points really helps keep me accountable.

The walking is helping me whittle the weight, build muscle and is making me feel more energetic.
The best news is that I have lost 16 pounds as of my weigh in this week!

My boyfriend jeans are looking so baggy and there are only a few pairs of pants that fit me now.
I do not want to go out and invest in a lot of new things because I want to lose another 10 pounds 
and they tell me that is usually another size down.

Happy Fourth of July!
Enjoy the festivities and fireworks.



  1. Great work! Your tote will look great your red flats. So very Victoria!

  2. I like your linen shirt looks grey/green in the photo good colour.
    In the Summer (seems to have arrived at last!) I live in linen especially tops with skinny chinos I find it comfortable,cool with a certain elegance.

  3. Wow, 16 pounds, that's quite an accomplishment, congratulations! I love the pearls against the grey linen.

  4. Great : 16 pounds : ). You will reach your goal.
    Just remember to hold your horses with the thrift shopping. People get addicted to that too; addicted shopping ( but paying less ), buying things you actually don´t NEED, but yet buy them.
    Enjoy your earned own time !!!

  5. congrats on the weight loss but also on your retirement. i think you are going to love it!!!

  6. Love the Union Jack tote, I think it would have whispered to me too, and that linen shirt was a great find and looks wonderful with the pearls. And congrats on the weight loss, good job!

  7. Lots of good ideas of what to do with your extra time - of course an art class sounds great to me. Congratulations on your weight loss and I love that tote!

  8. Lady's mantle freshly picked in a vase.
    A singles match of golf croquet played this morning . I lost but 7,4 and 7,5
    Surfing the net this afternoon for a grey linen loose shirt to wear over white capris
    One eye on the men's semi final match at Wimbledon before our hope, Murray plays his match
    Enjoying rare sunshine in Herefordshire countryside.
    Thinking about plans for things I want to do and achieve this Autumn.
    Pretty parallel lives!


  9. Pretty much my post-retirement state of mind, too. I've been careful to choose my "commitments" carefully. It's easier to add new things than drop them, I find. Your choices of everyday wear look wonderful. You look wonderful!

  10. Mmmmm - it all sounds very good, and perfectly attainable. Thinking, planning, dreaming on that front porch will not steer you wrong. All the ingredients are there and you are wise to recognise them.