Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I've heard great things about a shop called Bamboozle in the Coombs area up island.
Women seem to gush when they talk of their purchases of clothing, jewels, shoes, accessories...
and home decor items.
They are very effusive when describing how much fun their shopping experience was and that they can hardly wait to return.

My friend was the co pilot in my old Volvo wagon plus we had a GPS to help us from getting lost...
Bamboozle is tucked away in a rural area off the beaten path.
It is an oasis of loveliness...
set under a canopy of trees.

outside on the porch of Bamboozle

inside there are fabulous finds
my friend bought some gorgeous clothes for summer
the fabrics and colours are cheery and bright

I was drawn to the style of garments and the display of the accessories in colour groupings
as were the 20 or so other women inside jostling for space
there was a line up at the change room
and everyone looked happy

Coombs is a destination 
tourists flock here to the Goats on the Roof store and restaurant.

I love delphiniums 
but they do not thrive in The Humble Bungalow Garden
so I take pictures and admire them with serious envy from afar.

Love these cool shades of blue and some soft mauve tinges that pop up in the blooms.

I have been using aquatic shades in my recent painting.

The Yoga mat usually is rolled up and stored away neatly...
I have a hobby room and keep it as I see fit.
Often it is a jumble
 the cats love keeping me company when I am dabbling in acrylics
I do not like them usuing my Yoga mat as a scratching post though...

I found a really inexpensive dress when we stopped at Ladysmith for lunch on our way back from The Kingfisher.
 heritage buildings
a fabulous bakery
and a few boutiques dot the high street.

This frock is cool and the weather here has been sunny and very hot
so it is a much needed purchase.

even the colours are cool

three layers of ruffles at the bottom

Hoping that you are keeping cool and remember to hydrate with fresh cool water.
I have started taking bottled water on my hourly walks...
it makes all the difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read my humble blog
and for those of you who send me emails I really appreciate getting to know you better.


  1. Hello Hostess, it sounds like you and your friend had a lovely day out. I love stores like that!

    By the way, I meant to comment on your last post re. L'Occitane. I ended up buying the Divine cream, I just couldn't resist it. I remembered how nice my skin felt when I used the sample and I just went for it. I'm using it very sparingly at night since it's summer, but come winter (I think it will last that long) I'm sure it will come into its own. I like it very much so far.

    1. I am just at the end of my "other" drug store economy cream and will be purchasing The Divine cream again...it's a splurge that is so worth the money. I am happy that you like it too!

  2. Lovely shop and the hobby room is such a quaint idea, I've never had any hobbies, I used to loathe filling out CV's as I always drew a blank there.

    1. At last a soul mate,have never met anyone before that admits to NO HOBBIES thought I was the sole person....here the county set think I am weird,yep I am who cares!!!!

    2. I think there are quite a few folks without hobbies.
      I say no worries as there is a lot in life to keep us busy and entertained....
      I consider gardening a hobby,as well as knitting and painting.

  3. you are looking fabulous leslie! yay!!!

    1. Thank you Janet!
      I have enjoyed your UK and France posts immensely...love the gardens!


  4. I have just looked at the map to see your trip. No idea over here what your island is like. We have quite a few interesting shopping experiences like this ...countryside shops that is. Lesley is the island connected to the mainland by bridges? Or ferries? I have looked at your locality when you post photos of your walks, neighbourhood etc. but it's difficult to get a picture of whether it is rural or just a coastal conurbation along the north coast. What's it like..?

    1. I live on Vancouver Island and we drove north to get to The Kingfisher and Coombs. On the way south we stopped at Ladysmith before returning home. There are no bridges from VI to the mainland it is serviced by a ferry system...the trip is scenic and whales are often spotted. The journey takes a couple of hours and the ferries have food service and a gift shop.
      I live in a city and live a few blocks from the ocean which serves as my walking route.
      Our neighbourhood is fairly close to town...10 minutes by car or about a 25 minute walk. Heritage houses and new infill housing make up the bulk of our neighbourhood. A few apartment buildings and condos hug the seafront. It is quite treed with oaks and flowering cherry and plum trees.

      At the very tip of the island it is sparsely populated and the coast is rugged. Vancouver Island is a large island...I think it takes about 6 or 7 hours to drive from the south to the north.

      I hope this helps!

  5. Your hobby room looks so the artist, the bowl with the tubes of paints, topped off by the casual sun hat hanging from a peg.
    A touch of the Bloomsbury artists me thinks!

    1. I love straw hats and have one in the car, one by the back door, one at the front, one in my hobby room and another for riding in Mr. HB's BMW convertible. It sounds like a lot but they all get worn!

      I read a book about the Bloomsbury group several years ago and yearned to be transported back to that magical time...

  6. Lovely dress! Thanks for taking us along on your shopping excursion.

  7. One a nice outing. I love you dress. I wish you would have shown us a closer look at your new painting...it looks quite enticing too.

  8. I went to Bamboozle while we were living in Parksville. Such a fun place to browse and shop. Love the dress you found in Ladysmith. Our island is full of interesting nooks and crannies.
    Painting in cool tones would be a help on these delightful warm summer days.

  9. Looks like you're enjoying every moment of retirement!
    Cute dress...please take a picture when you wear it. Would love to see you in it!

  10. Looks like a perfect day out to me Hostess. So jealous of your sunshine, it is wet and cold here, a real winters day and we are snuggled up next to the heater.

    julie Q

  11. You make me want to move to Vancouver Island. Every picture looks idyllic. British Columbia is on my travel list so perhaps some day.....

    1. If you do visit please email me and we can chat about what to see when you are here and I would love to meet you.

  12. Hi hostess, love your new dress, wish I had your eye for lovely things! And that pic of you at the top of the post ... you look fabulous!!

  13. Hostess...your blog is delightful! I enjoy reading your posts and learning more about Vancouver Island. Congratulations on your retirement and your weight loss! Your positive spirit is contagious!

    Sarah in Michigan

  14. I love turquoise in the summer. Your dress looks light and breezy. There are so many shops on the Island. I like to explore during the summer and go to the Chemainus Theatre. I will look for Bamboozle when I visit Coombs.

  15. What a beautiful life you must lead. :-)

  16. I haven't been to Bamboozle for ages and ages. . . every summer I promise myself I'll get up there and then somehow the days slip away. Glad you enjoyed it so much -- nice that we're going to have the kind of weather that makes sense of cute and colourful light frocks!