Saturday, July 27, 2013

OOTD ~ Parlez vous francais?

My OOTD is a classic French Breton striped top and white pants with a Lanvin silk scarf...
it is a warm sunny day and I am running errands.
The dry cleaners, bakery, grocers, and shopping for baby gifts.

I popped on this casual outfit and decided that it would be just fine to mix up the colours.
The striped top is black and cream, the pants are white and the scarf, white orange and navy.

Lanvin silk scarf
tied cowboy style
Banana Republic striped Breton top

White pants
Franco Sarto sandals

there is better light in the bathroom 
unfortunately the full length mirror is in the laundry room

bangling up an arm party of silver
Mother and sister gifted me two new bangles for my recent retirement.

silver hoops
had them for so long I cannot remember where I bought them
you can see the tinsel flashes in my hair
(no hair colour or highlights for about 3 months)

Did I mention the noisy road work that is going on up the street?
It starts around 7am and continues until nearly 5pm.

The crews have replaced the water pipes and are preparing the road bed for paving.

Shaking our Bungalow
freaking out the cats 
crystal glasses are tinkling
window panes are creaking
 floors are vibrating
our bungalow is not a peaceful place!

I need to escape as often as possible
I have even resorted to taking my book and knitting
 parking the car at the lookout
at the top of King George Terrace and sitting there in peace and quiet
sipping Perrier and gazing across at the mountains of Washington State.

I am told it will be finished by the end of July...
I can hardly wait!

What's happening in your neighbourhood?

Thankfully we get a break as the crews will be off for 2 days so we can enjoy the peace and quiet.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. The neighborhood is beginning to return to normal after a chaotic June and early July. Flooding destroyed our basements and gardens leaving so much to clean up and replace. While our little area was affected, we were not nearly as harmed as the Valley folks who lost homes and livelihoods. Looking out at people walking their dogs and hearing the voices of people enjoying their yards are blessed activities.

    1. Thank you for adding that much needed perspective this morning.
      I have very little to complain about...

  2. Great outfit for the day you have planned!
    We don't have much of a neighbourhood out here, so all is quiet, all the time. Today? A bit of a lazy day and then later a trip out to Butchart Gardens to see the fireworks. I looked at the calendar and realised that this is our last free Saturday night of the summer. How did that happen?

    1. You do sound busy!
      Any news on the baby front?

    2. We're in waiting mode again, after a false alarm that brought me in mad haste from the mainland early yesterday morning!

  3. Hostess you look wonderful ,the outfit is perfect for a beautiful summer afternoon! Are you still following the weight watchers plan? I was but struggling this week. When I see how great you look it keeps me inspired! Have a great weekendAnd enjoy the peace and quiet.

    1. I am still following WW and I have been a bit naughty...
      my 40th high school reunion cocktail party involved several glasses of wine over and above my points allowance and I put on .8 of a pound at my weekly weigh in so I have put on my walking gear and plan to get serious, I am not going to beat myself up..I must just get back on track.

  4. GRR, those water pipe works are just horrible. In Helsinki, many have to move out from their apartments, if the pipes are renewed. And the work takes months. Horrible, just horrible.
    Luckily you don´t have to experience that for now.
    Still, the ongoing work on the near street does get on the nerves. Hold on for a few more days : )!

  5. Months? Oh dear that sounds much worse than our little inconvenience...

  6. Bonjour, Madame la Hôtesse. I love your shirt. I bought the same in Saint-Malo. Your hair is inspiring me. Take a look at my 43years post. Was your hair about the same colour are mine? I would really like to let go of hair colour. I think you look just as pretty with the silver. I am contemplating WW because I know that I can lose 20 lbs. quite easily. Are you still losing?

    1. I think my hair colour is very close to yours...may I just say that I have been spending $200 including a tip every 6 weeks when I had my hair coloured? Yes it is true. It was not rocket was simple math that made me stop spending the big bucks. My Mother gasped and so did my sister when I told them and I felt rather foolish...they are much more money savvy than I am.
      WW has not a difficult journey so far but I think the last 8 pounds are going to be a lot harder to lose...
      I would sign up if you want to lose weight though as it is a sensible regime.

    2. Hostess - yikes, that's a fortune!

    3. Yikes, BP, agreed. And, Hostess, now we can lavish attention on really good products for our hair and still feel as though we're economizing. My hair is now quite short, layered, with fringy neck pieces. Easy upkeep and looks very summery. The silvery bits add to the overall look, I think.

  7. Hostess, I really like your white pants. Where are they from and do you have them tailored. They fit you so perfectly. Kathleen

    1. Kathleen these white pants are from the Jackpot line...from Sunday's Snowflakes at Mattick's Farm...
      Mother, sister and I frequent their shop regularly and find such great garments, it is a challenge NOT to buy!
      No tailoring involved.

  8. Your outfit is the epitome of classic casual chic. Nicely done! We're enjoying a relatively quiet weekend so far, with cooler-than-normal weather. Hope they finish up the disruptive road work very soon!

    1. We are having a bit of a heat wave "BC style"...
      warmer than usual temperatures and it is a happy July.
      We are waiting to see if the province has broken any weather records...
      I would love a summer like this every year!

  9. We've had roadwork in our neighborhood too! The city is totally repaving a side street which is one house away from us. Our alley had been closed at one end for over eight weeks! Finally, it's open again and the street crews have moved a block away to start on that block. Yes, noisy all day long!

    I really like your silver bracelets. I have three silver bracelets on right now--but I don't think you could call them bangles as they are not solid all the way around. Mine are New Mexican (Indian) and while two are newish, the third is vintage.

    I want to ask--where did your mother find the new ones for you? Are they vintage?

    1. Mother found the bangle at a local merchant Nicholas Randall.
      I think they have a website and she purchased a new bangle.

      I have seen many vintage bangles in the antique malls here in town.
      Happy shopping!

  10. Lovely mix of colours, the tan really anchors the other colours.
    Still boarded up back and front doors and windows, it's like living in a drug squat, I can't believe how long it takes to get things moving.

    1. Oh dear. I can feel your pain.
      If you would like to hang out here we do have a modest guest bed and bath...
      Sorry to hear that you are waiting on tradesmen. At least you are safe.
      Keep your chin up.

  11. We are too rural for water pipes,all our water comes from our bore hole, great drinking water a big plus it is FREE!!!!.

    Yesterday Oska the pup and I attended my godsons wedding.Today weeding continues.Strutting the Parisan life style in retirement is the way to go.Bon dimanche!

  12. The roadwork in Los Angeles never ends. So much noise and traffic congestion everywhere right now it seems.
    Not right on our street though at the moment. Hope yours ends soon. It hasn't been a very sunny Summer here either - will probably happen more in August - October?
    Your outfit is great, love the scarf with it and keep hearing more about Franco Sarto sandals and how great they are.

  13. Love the whole mix! How are liking your retirement far? I suspect you'll just love it! I know I do.

    1. I am really loving retirement but I usually have the summers off so it will really become evident in Septemeber when school resumes.

    2. Oh yes, I forgot that you worked in a school. I did. too. When I retired from the university, September brought a really odd sort of feeling--nostalgic, exciting, and just ...odd. For a while, then the autumn days stretched out gloriously.

  14. Oh such a smart way to escape! Smart looking too! Thanks for the very nice compliment on my dried roses post!

  15. Ooh la la! You do look quite Frenchie in this outfit.
    Noisiness is the pits. My next door neighbor has been rototilling his front yard for what seems like months - sometimes even at 9:00 at night! I hope the roadwork will finish on time and you can get back to some peace and quiet.

  16. My pet peeve is when people mow their lawns first thing on a Sunday morning. UGH. Never fails!

    Lovely outfit. Are those bracelets the Tiffany bangles? Pretty!

    1. There are two Tiffany bangles among the group and the rest are either vintage or crafted by local artisans.

  17. I think I have that same BR top. Looks so chic with your scarf!! This weather is stunning. I hope it lasts.
    Quiet weekend on our deck, reading watching the sailboat races, etc. I really must get out more but am finding this summer the epitome of relaxing.

  18. I love this outfit choice. I think that the little snippets we got can be used to confirm that you look great. The shoes are adorable. I love the accessories that you paired with this outfit especially the bangles.

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