Saturday, July 13, 2013

Savouring the simple things...OOTD

As I wind down from the last school semester...
and embrace the rhythm and gentle flow of the summer hoildays I realize how much I savour the simple things...

fresh fruit is in abundance
breakfast is quick and easy

juicy ruby red plums
a sweet delight for the taste buds

one of my students gave me this peace lily plant
it is a perfect perk up for the corner of the laundry room

there is time to move slowly
no need for a frantic frenzied rush to accomplish things

I have a "do list" which I run wavy lines through when I finish a job
 the silverware has been polished
drawers have been tidied
books have been sorted
there is more
tomorrow is another day

for now it is enough

Can you feel the ebb and flow of your daily round?

"laundry helper"
 Chester is on the job!

Pepper and Chester love me working downstairs
they race around chasing their toy mice and jump in the laundry basket
 often sneaking the opportunity when my back is turned to lie atop the freshly folded laundry.

I love the freshness of clean bedding
the softness of the cotton sateen as one slides between the sheets
such a simple pleasure

Mother always said to my sister and I 
"no matter how poor you are soap and water are cheap"

Never underestimate the theraputic value of doing laundry or cleaning the house.
Don't forget to stand back and admire your handiwork once you have accomplished a task.
It will sustain you in ways that you may not have thought possible.
It works for me...
I have a simple way of looking at things
perhaps that makes me sound like a simpleton which is not how I intend it
hopefully you get my drift!

I've been wearing activewear most days to work in the garden
action domestic chores 
walk my route...

I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be my new uniform
to get fitter one needs to wear the clothes!

I wore this OOTD when Mr. HB and I went to see the financial planner.
Lizette pants
H&M tank
Style & Co. sweater
chunky pearls
Franco Sarto sandals

It's time to book another pedicure...
one of the luxuries that I plan to keep in my retirement.

I gave up having my hair coloured...
the grey is creeping in around the temples
I quite like it.

We will be making some other financial changes
in the months to follow...
financial security is very important for peace of mind.

What's on your agenda for the weekend?


  1. Love your outfit. I sounds as though you have the right frame of mind for retirement, and are achieving that balance between keeping busy and stopping to enjoy the moments.

  2. The way you look at life is delightful!! Retirement certainly seems to be agreeing with you. I'm making soup this weekend, and finishing a baby sweater for my first grandson who is due in October. I'll probably do some reading and just gazing at our view. We must make plans to meet soon!

  3. The daily routines give structure to the day. I love the sense of peace that comes over me when the chores are done and the house is tidy and smells fresh. Your outfits always look so appropriate and comfortable for whatever you are doing.
    This morning I picked 5 pounds of blueberries from our backyard. I'm now getting things ready for the family for dinner tonight - we'll be 12 in all, plus 2 little ones. Isn't the weather lovely?

  4. Love the gentleness of your life. You remind me to be grateful and mindful. Actually when I finish writing this I will sit down and mend some clothes. Put a new button on a shirt and close up a button hole so I will not be exposed. That's the simplest thing I've done this week.

    From a grey haired lady. You'll be so happy you did it.

  5. You are so consistent in your communicated joy in the simple things. It's a talent.

  6. Our agenda this weekend has been relaxing at our East Texas farm. Our menus have been simple--summer vegetables--fresh corn on the cob, fresh lima beans, yellow squash, sauteed spinach, new potatoes, and cornbread waffles. Oh--there was that bottle of champagne we opened--just to make sure it was still good.

    And yes, a clean tidy house does a lot for my enjoyment of life.

  7. What a nice and tranquil day. Isn't is lovely to have the rime to do things without hurrying. Retirement definitely suits you.

  8. I grew up with my own mother echoing this philosophy about soap and water!
    Good for you growing out your hair colour Hostess, I have been doing the same and I must say nature knows a thing or two because I'm very much liking the natural me.
    Enjoy your weekend, ours is nearly over.

  9. Perfect place for your Peace lily,the black/white corner looks cool & serene.The UK is sweltering under a heatwave,even sitting in the shade sipping Pimms is hot!!

  10. I am not a garden person, but I have just spent 2 days of weeding. Strange things happen. Not liking the work, but a tidier yard gives me satisfaction.
    Our weekend has been sunny too. +25 C is not bad if there is not much humidity

  11. This weekend was a big gardening weekend after a few weeks of painting and inside jobs. Visited a specialist rose nursery and purchased six bare rooted roses to add to the collection. David Austin Grace, Tamora, Windrush and two New Dawns. Pruned for Winter and fed and fertilised. The lady at the nursery has put together a program for me to follow to ensure the roses bloom at the right time for the wedding in summer. Had a lovely pub lunch in the country town where the rose nursery is situated. Exhausting but satisfying weekend and back at school today after three weeks holiday. Love you flip flops which we call thongs down under. Tonkath

    1. Hi Tonkath...
      we refer to thongs as those really skimpy undies!

    2. Yes, I know! Tried them but found them terrible uncomfortable. Tonkath

  12. It is obvious that retiring from your career of 25 years is affecting you, as it should. It is right up there with the most challenging changes in a persons life. It takes time to adjust and make the necessary changes to be financially secure. You will find your pace and purpose. Your sadness and feelings of detachment are underlying in your posts. I hope you are able to enjoy the summer and fall....this too shall pass.

    1. Anonymous whoever you are, I think that you must be a new reader. I am very happy and far from being detached to my life. This post resonates with many that have preceded it and no doubt there will be more to follow. I savour the small things in life as they fill me with joy.
      Change is the one constant in life as I am well aware and fully prepared for with my eyes wide open. I look upon this next phase of life with a bright optimism and am keen to stretch as a human being looking for a new challenge and determined to grow older with wisdom and grace.

      Perhaps you are transferring your sadness and feelings of detachment through your interpretation of my words? I'd like to open up more dialogue on this subject and understand more about you and your background.

  13. Would you talk a bit more about your decision to stop coloring your hair? Are you pleased with how you look? Do you see it as a drastic change?

    1. I decided to go grey for several reasons, one of which was to save $200 every 6 weeks!
      I am wanting to be more honest about the aging process and have been wanting to be more natural when it comes to my hair. It is a bit of a leap as I am not too sure how much grey I will have when all the colour has grown out. I look at other women who have lovely grey locks and am inspired by their approach to redefined as an older woman.

      Most of the grey is coming in around the temple area and there are sparkly tinsel bits throughout.
      It is a gradual change and one that I am embracing...and excited about.

  14. Love your sandals. Chester is adorable!