Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tigara ~ Part 2

Tigara is one of my favourite places to visit...not only is it home to my BFF but the gardens are pure magic.
Without further ado you will be able to witness more of our friends' glorious home and garden...

The weather was hot and sunny 
and fortunately a gentle breeze blew off the ocean.

The porch overlooks the garden and the ocean beyond.
Vintage wicker is the perfect furniture for this arts and crafts home.

My BFF sets a lovely table!

Fresh flowers are always in abundance and artfully arranged.


The British AGA is at home here in the heart of the home.
Many delicious meals have been cooked in this kitchen.

My BFF's husband is a clever craftsman 
He designed and crafted this copper hood.
He's also the talent behind their company Waterglass Studios...
just look at all the wonderful period light fixtures in these images.

Alabaster beauty

The living room ia spacious and furnished with oak arts and crafts furnishings.

This bath serves the two bedrooms either side of the doors.
Another powder room is tucked away underneath the staircase in the front hall.

The dining room

A third guest room off the main hall.

I love this light
looks like she has serious matters on her mind besides holding the torch!

I spied this tote in the guest room and my BFF said it was a gift for me!
Thank you S.

The main entry way and stairs leading up to the vast bedroom suite above.

French 75's were the cocktail of the hour.
Delicious mix of bubbly, gin, and lemon.

The front porch which I am so passionate about...
Mr. HB did some fine design work here.

My BFF got her hands on my IPhone and snapped this one of me...
just wish I was a barefoot contessa!

Looking west to their neighbour's home across the croquet lawn.

The heritage Tea House.

Cooper their Welsh Terrior
which my BFF refers to affectionately as the Welsh Terrorist.

He is picking up on the scent of the resident native bunny...
who apparently lives under the ground in a burrow in this perennial border.

The garage and a shed with a patio seating area in front
this is where one of the BBQ's are located!

Vintage lighting in the Tea House!

Looking toward the shed and patio.

Toward the house.

Mr. HB relaxing in the cool of the Tea House
while he and my BFF's husband took a break from BBQing the lamb.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tour....
Tigara really is a magical place to visit.

An even better place to be invited to dine or pop by for a drink!
The hospitality is amazing as is the warmth of good friends and shared experiences 
It is the kind of thing that one finds only once in a lifetime.
Rather like Tigara...

Thank you to S and P for sharing your special home.


  1. How lovely - and what a beautiful afternoon it must have been!

    1. See you tomorrow and I am looking forward to hearing about those twins!

  2. It's absolutely stunning, all of it, but especially the porches. I have some serious porch envy!!

  3. Aww....Thank you Hostess...We blush and the feelings are mutual.
    Bigs hugs.....S&P

    1. You two are the best of friends and have so many talents

  4. How gorgeous. How very lucky you are!

  5. Oh Wow! What a dream residence. Love all the shady pergolas with creepers, the gorgeous verandah, the lawn with the croquet court - dreamy. Thank you for sharing. Kindly, Tonkath

  6. Incredibly beautiful and like Une Femme - just love the porches in particular.

  7. That is a lovely picture of you, so relaxed in such a charming setting.

  8. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. Everything looks so peaceful and serene.

  9. Seriously beautiful. I love the way she set the table!! Porch envy here too. What a gorgeous home.

  10. Ahh,cannot beat cooking with an aga,my last house had one the same colour,bet the terrier snuggles up to it.Also envy the porches.