Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You' ve got mail....

Look what came in the post today.
I love receiving letters and parcels and today there were two surprises!
Both from ladies who have connected with me through The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Blogging has offered many opportunities to "meet" up with other women.
I have met up with two local bloggers.
I got the chance to shop with the savvy fashion blogger Sheila at Value Village and had coffee with Pondside another local blogger after randomly being spotted and identified at my favourite houseware consignment shop.
Emails, cards, letters and gifts both locally and internationally have been such an umexpected bonus.
Friendships fostered through the internet reminds me how we all share a commonality.
Expanding our horizons offers opportunities for better understanding of customs, cultures and personal tastes.

a generous and thoughtful gift from a follower
these are her favourite teas.
I am keen to brew a pot and savour the flavour.

Thank you Peg!

A postcard from Jeanne
Collage of Life.

The caption says
"Mars and Venus mow the lawn"
I received a postcard from Jeanne from the UK about a year ago.

This wire heart rack holds very special cards
it sits on the plate rail in the family room which is just off the Humble Bungalow kitchen...

Thank you so much for sharing yourselves with me
I appreciate getting to know you all better.

I love to hear your "voices" as they join me in my daily round.

I'm off to put the kettle on...
please join me for a cup of tea.


  1. What lovely and thoughtful gifts from your friends. The blog world is so wonderful!
    xo, Adrienne

  2. leslie these gifts are a testament to what a sweet and thoughtful person you are! enjoy your tea. xo janet

  3. How funny, I like the lawn mown Mars style, I love seeing those stripes, it's so satisfying.

  4. Wonderful! I too have had the opportunity to exchange things in the mail with fellow bloggers. We call it "just because." And even just a decorated envelope can be such a treat. We're in a time in which proper correspondence is quickly fading.

  5. Janet has expressed my thoughts are the woman we all want as our best friend.

    Like the way you have displayed your cards. Ida

  6. There's nothing quite like a hand-written note or a hand-addressed package in the mail, is there? And when it's from another blogger, it has a sense of the childhood glee I associate with penpals.
    Do enjoy your tea -- I hope some day you and I will enjoy a cup in person. . .

  7. Yay Hostess! I am dreadful at mailing stuff. And I love little packages so much, as you know:).

  8. Enjoying a cuppa right now Hostess.

    The pleasure of meeting several fellow bloggers in my town has enriched my life. It's so nice to talk bloggy stuff with others that understand the fascination.

  9. What fun to find lovely surprises like these in the mail amongst the bills and circulars! I can only echo the other commenters - if anyone deserves such wonderful blog-friends it is you.

  10. What a great way to start the Easter holiday! I imagine you'll enjoy every aspect of that package.

  11. Love the postcard - very clever.

  12. And what a lovely gift to have received those teas!

  13. You yourself are a very loving and generous woman. You give, you get : )!!

  14. Such thoughtful gifts! I love a good mail day!