Monday, April 30, 2012

Macarons and more....

The weekend was full to the brim of fun food family and friends...
and it's Monday
with only one Macaron left!

 made by Julie
a Hostess gift 
(sheer perfection)

Don't you think it looks nice with the bluebells?
such a pretty shade

What to serve when a caterer comes to dine....

Buy some "fresh off the boat" crab
cook and clean it then pick it
make crab cakes
serve with ginger mayonnaise
atop a bed of pea shoots

follow with salad 
Barefoot Contessa style
from her Parties cookbook
red leaf lettuce
balsamic onions
blue cheese 

(Mr. HB's recipe)
with fresh homemade fettucini pasta
artisan bread

roasted fruit
Greek coconut yogurt
(full fat)
chocolate espresso cookies
(homemade but rock hard the disaster of the evening!)

I should have tested these cookies before serving them
oh well no one is perfect!

Family dinner was a BBQ
new recipe from White Water Cooks

birthday gift from my son and DIL

West coast fare...

served with twice baked and stuffed potatoes
broccoli salad
tomato basil balsamic salad
red leaf lettuce balsamic blue cheese salad
(fresh, a repeat of Saturday's salad)
wild rice
served with the remaining fruit salad and yogurt

Slept like a baby last night after all the hustle and bustle.

I was recognized by a reader at the market yesterday!
Hello to Marsha
who so kindly introduced herself to me.

She'd been shopping in the newly opened J. Crew in Vancouver
she said the space is quite small
and the selection was limited.

I'll bet that they are dipping their polished toes
 very carefully into our Canadian market before they go big or go home.

Have a fabulous Monday...
see you tomorrow!


  1. Wowee, I don't even eat fish but I'd scoff that, it looks delicious and the whole meal sounds amazing.

    1. We have grown up with seafood as we live so close to the ocean and we have been fortunate enough to boat and fish and crab. It might be an acquired taste. I did see that amazing cake on your blog yesterday and I am impressed!

  2. Every single bite looks delicious, and what a pretty spring table! And let's hear it for Greek yogurt (speaking of going big or going home!)

    1. The Greek yogurt needs to be full fat to add that special flavour.
      ( a little goes a long way!)
      I see that we are in agreement here...
      Has spring arrived in Montreal?

  3. You really do seem to be The Hostess with the Mostest -- and your catering friend's lovely gift of macarons are a fitting tribute . . . looks like a splendid evening.

    1. Julie's macarons are fabulous...
      I think I'll ask her to make me some for a giveaway if they travel well in the post!

  4. You can never go wrong with one of the Contessa's recipes. Everything sounds divine and the cookbook is beautiful. I do believe you deserve a bit of a rest. Bonnie

    1. Bonnie...
      your header image on living life is lovely. I do love your photos and your reflections, your blog is inspiring.

      I am going to take it easy for awhile...

      Love that Ina Garten's cookbooks are so handy, especially when one needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat...

  5. That sounds like a wonderful evening. I've never had a flop with one of Ina's recipes either - they are fail-proof!

    1. The chocolate espresso cookies were from Best of Bridge...they flopped.
      We did have fun and we talked late into the evening...
      good friends met up with my sister and her man and they got along like a house on fire!

  6. Your weekend sounds delightful - full of good food and good company. That macaron is so pretty, almost too pretty to eat!

    1. It is pretty and Julie has been perfecting her recipe...
      she has a contract to make 600 for a special occasion very soon.
      They are so tasty...
      I am going to ask Julie if they travel well...
      thinking of a giveaway!

  7. It was great meeting you yesterday. At first I wasn't going to approach you, as I thought to avoid a potentially awkward moment. But then I thought this might never happen again. I just want to say I've enjoyed reading your blog and I was surprised at running into you at the supermarket after your full weekend of cooking. Shouldn't you have been eating leftovers last night?

    1. Nice meeting you too Marsha!
      I was cooking for my family last night...
      salmon on the BBQ.
      Lovely to have the "kids" here and Miss Isla is so adorable.
      Grandchildren are such a gift!

      Tonight we had leftovers!

  8. What yummy looking food and gorgeous pictures you have today. Macarons, oh how I covet them and no place near me to buy them. I have several recipes and will try making them one day soon. Not an easy task, I'm told.

    1. Sanda...Good news I am thinking of a macaron giveaway if Julie tells me they can travel it's on!

  9. that macaroon looks too pretty to eat!

    i used to make macaroons and they never looked like that!

  10. Wow, you have super skills.
    You could right off start a catering service business of your own, and you would have people in rows waiting for your services!
    The Hostess Service ( & Daughter )???

  11. In this house not one would be left,HB would scoff the lot.

    Mette has said it ......bring it on or maybe you could write a cook book? Ida

  12. Wow. That dinner party menu looks fantastic. Perfect. And isn't fun to have a reader say hello?

  13. Everything looks so yummy!
    I was at the Four Seasons in Vancouver for lunch last weekend and saw a sign for Hermes scarves. I knew you had been there recently and wondered if you had also eaten at the Four Seasons. Delicious food and very attentive servers.
    Take care

    1. We did not dine at the Four Seasons this past trip. Vancouver has so many wonderful spots to enjoy food...we ate at Rangoli in South Granville and Havanna near Commercial for lunch.
      I particularly like the casual and energetic vibe at the art gallery cafe sitting outside and people watching!