Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baskets are weaving their way into my heart.

There is something about a basket that sends me all aflutter...
baskets speak to me and I have quite a few that I am passionate about.
I didn't think I needed another basket but two new ones have entered The Humble Bungalow.

Mother gave me a new basket and it reminds me of some that I have seen from Nantucket.
She is Spring cleaning her condo and getting rid of stuff.
I think that my de-cluttering binge has influenced her...
she has way too much stuff so I am really encouraged that she is paring down.

Strong sturdy and well crafted.
So pretty just on it's own
a perfect size for toting to the market.

My friend Cheryl and I did some shopping when she was here visiting and we ventured into a consignment shop in the Village and she found a lovely vintage framed picture and I found a basket!

Nut brown
 well woven and seriously commodious.
Pepper hopped inside and promptly curled up and went to sleep.
I've left it on the floor in the kitchen for now as she is enjoying it so much!

These baskets are in the front hallway
the hinged basket holds gloves scarves and hats.
The one on the left holds shopping bags
it's easy to grab a couple on my way out the door.

I try to always bring a bag or basket when I go shopping
it's one easy thing that I can do to help reduce reuse and recycle.

Earth Week has been full of "green" themed events.
We got involved in a community clean up project at school.
Our class filled 6 garbage bags with litter that we found scattered in and around the park.
It surprises me no end that people litter so much...
no excuse really as there are numerous garbage cans available
back in the day we'd call these folks litterbugs!

Take a tote, basket or some canvas bags when you go shopping
it's the right thing to do.
I don't know about you but I feel chic carrying something other than plastic.

 Be well
and many thanks for popping by and visiting.
It's a sun shiny day out there so I am off to weed the garden....


  1. It's a beautiful craft. That and thatched roofing are favourites of mine.

  2. I love baskets too. I am strangely attracted to them.
    I wanted to tell you I think your new haircut is so beautiful, it really suits you and shows off your pretty face!

  3. So funny that Mother is decluttering and gives to you; mine did the same! Baskets were a decor object of choice when my sons were small, so much safer than ceramics, easily absorbing a tumble. I still like them and use for storage. And I love a wicker bike basket!

  4. I love the baskets. I have them all over my house. I have to be careful, as they tend to be overflowing with things before I know it!
    I love the new haircut!!!

  5. Many years ago I took a basket weaving class and the basket was very similar to the first one pictured here. I love the idea of making those reusable sacks available right beside our front doors--much easier than the kitchen drawer where mine are stored. I tagged along with a Boy Scout event earlier this week and policed the park of our local square for litter.

  6. During all our years in German I learned to take a basket with me when I went shopping. I think that if I lived nearer to town, where I could walk to the shops, I'd take a basket here, too. I like your new baskets.

  7. Add a folded fleece throw to the second basket, and Pepper just might claim it as her own! Small spaces and fuzzy bedding: purrfect together.

  8. Love baskets too.

  9. I have baskets around the house, but I am quite selective about them. They have to be just right.
    I carry a light shopping bag in my handbag and refuse the offered bags from stores, even the " labeled " bags ; ).

  10. Where I live in Australia single-use shopping bags have been banned. Every person must supply their own reusable bags/baskets. Paper bags are still allowed from clothing stores etc. It really is wonderful not to see unsightly plastic bags floating around choking the environment.

    1. Oh they should be banned here too and then people would have no choice but to be green.

  11. Such a delicately pretty scarf, and perfect on you! My mother rejected a hearing aid till well in her 90s- what is not often known is that the older you are, the harder it is to adjust to one- a brain thing. (How old is your morher?) Still, she ultimately wore one and it was a big improvement. The new ones are competely invisible.

    1. Mother will be 85 in June.
      You've given me hope Duchesse, thank you.