Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A quickie with a few tidbits and snippets of our trip.

I've been busy getting back in action here in The Humble Bungalow and late getting to my blog.

Weekend wrap up
we wined and dined and visited friends aboard their boat in False Creek
we walked in Stanley Park
poking in shops
window shopping
serious shopping
sleeping late in the most comfortable beds...

19th floor
digs for the weekend

Wetizman "party shoes"
snapped just 
before we tripped the light fantastic...

Black Symplii dress
 jersey knit
rolled in a ball in my suitcase
unrolled and crinkle free
travel friendly

Debra Kay necklace

 Italian dinner 
 before sipping a nightcap high above the clouds
42nd floor
(if memory serves)
looking at the city lights
and there were fireworks below!

When we got together with our friends
I wore a LBD sheath style with little room to lift a leg
and getting into the minivan model taxi was less than lady like!
Boarding the boat was virtually the same 
thank heavens no one was following behind me!
We had bubbly and some nibbles before we went to the
The food was amazing and the atmosphere subtle
every table was in use
and most people were enjoying themselves...
except for one unfortunate couple who were engaged in a very heated discussion within earshot 
my friend Cheryl and I were treated to a list of expletives that made us turn around.
A couple in their late 50's to mid 60's were having a full on domestic dispute!
I've never been in a situation quite like this one.
The waiter came over and told them to take it outside!
They left promptly leaving us wondering what could have gone wrong in such a romantic establishment.

New handbag
made in Canada
cross body saddle leather
in black

the tangerine cellphone case was a gift with purchase
now in the hands of lovely daughter

an everyday basic
hands free
with pockets and compartments inside
easy peasy 
I'd call this bag a work horse.

Next stop was Hermes...
busy place on the day we chose to pop in
Birkins on the wrists of most of the well heeled customers
(Mr. HB whispers "what recession!")

Terre d'Hermes for Mr. HB
Voyage d'Hermes for my sister
(we wear the same scent!)

It took about 30 minutes to choose my new scarf
this was my first choice and I kept trying others with more splash and colour
but I kept coming back to this painterly pattern.

Hermes scarf
Peinture Fraiche
by Dimitri Rybaltchenko

White background
grey design
Hostess style

(it looks great with pearls!)

Belated Happy Birthday Hostess!

There's more shopping adventures to follow when I have more time
so please stay tuned...

In the meantime we have to eat so
 I made a curry for our lovely daughter and her friend in appreciation
as they house and cat sat.

We lunched at Rangoli in the Tony South Granville neighbourhood.
it's Vij's casual eatery.

The food is amazing Indian fusion
the food and flavours are complex 
my taste buds did a happy dance!

I made the chicken curry
served it over rice...
Prosecco for the ladies
beer for the gents.

I'll close with this image of a lone native plant 
which is bravely blooming in the rocky area of the school grounds.

It reminds me of my favourite Mary Engelbreit quote
"Bloom where you are planted"

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!


  1. Your scarf is fantastic! Excellent choice. It sounds like a good weekend all around, too bad about the ill-mannered people who ruined the nice ambiance.

  2. That's about as full a weekend as anyone could the new scarf!

  3. I love the scarf - great look! It sounds like your weekend was a treat all round!

  4. Wow big weekend, It looks like a lovely bag- I am in the market for a new everyday bag, my black hairy hide one is rubbing all my clothes (knits) into balls. It needs to be retired & used only for clothes that won't pill. I can't stand people fighting or unruly, constantly screaming/crying children in posh restaurants and I know that my children don't do it- possibly due the fact that we take them everywhere and have exposed them to good table manners from the get go. When they were babies I always had an arsenal of toys to amuse them in restaurants.

    1. I'd say it must have been pretty major, whatever the dispute was about for them not to be able to put it aside!!

  5. Oh my . . . the scarf . . . LOVELY . . . I vote 'me' to travel with you on the next trip!

  6. I think that scarf is SO Hostess! Perfect.

  7. It sounds like a lovely, romantic, and wonderful weekend. Your new scarf is beautiful.

  8. The scarf, with the " H " ( hostess ) is perfect for you.
    Liking its simple, elegant design : ).

  9. LOVE the new scarf! Looking forward to seeing it in person! My nails are extra shiny this evening, many many thanks! xx N.

  10. Divine scarf pattern Hostess, just Divine.
    Sounds like a superb weekend, except for the arguing couple. Truly they are old enough to know better!

  11. DHHB,

    Lt. Blk. Slashacrosseyes here, re your recent week-end jaunt to the Big City and subsequent purchases High End Establisments.

    No immediate infractions perceived from your initial reports, so no citations or reprimands seem appropriate at this time. Indeed, your show of a little stocking embellished leg merits both kudos and a breathy “Ooh La La" as well. You little minx, you.

    Carry on,
    Lt. Blk. Slashacrosseyes
    5th Pct.
    Universal Fashion Police

    1. Oh it's so great that you have popped by...
      I have missed your wit and am in dire need of fashion advice.

  12. Too funny/awkward about your fellow diners -- we've seen people having obvious arguments, but with restraint or just not talking. Never a full-out engagement that disturbs other patrons. Yikes!
    Your scarf choice is perfect -- sophisticatedly subtle. . .
    I have a similar Roots bag that I chose in Cobalt a few years ago, wanting that Pop of Colour. Ever since, I've wished I'd stuck to black -- you're v. wise.
    Isn't that Vij's book great? I've got many benefits from giving one to Paul a few Christmases ago, and then our daughter gifted him the other along with an assortment of the spices sold at Rangoli's. You're making me want to sit at a table and order the lambsicles. . .
    And that little shooting star (dodecatheon?) is so pretty. I need to get out in some of the local parks and see the native plants blooming . . .

    1. Roots are fabulous for their leather bags...cobalt sounds like fun.
      Black maybe a tad boring, but suits me to a T.

      I love the recipes from Vij's
      the lamb sicles are to die for...
      that and looking into his incredible blue eyes!

  13. The scarf, and pearls perfect.Ida

  14. Those shoes are so beautiful. What a perfect evening shoe. And the necklace. You must have looked fantastic.

  15. I'm not generally a huge scarf fan, but this one I LOVE. I like that it doesn't add a "splash of color" and it's beautiful, elegant design. Also, being an artist, huge fan of the paint drips. A really special design
    Also like the bag very much. So glad you had a wonderful holiday.

    1. I think it speaks to those of us who dabble in paint...

  16. Love your finds Leslie.. You are such a great shopper, you gave me a few ideas too! Looks like a fab getaway! Best wishes for a wonderful weekend! Jeanne xx

  17. Fabulous bag and such a wonderful scarf - great choice. Glad you had a great weekend away and belated Happy Birthday too. x

  18. I was at H on my birthday too! I wear Sur le toit tho :O)

    It's quite amazing where people will have a fight...perhaps he was telling her it's over!

    1. We wondered if he confessed his love to another...