Monday, April 23, 2012

Hermes and the Hostess OOTD

The sun shone down on us this past weekend.
There's nothing quite so uplifting as the sun and the spring fresh air.
Flowers and blue skies...
It prompted me to get busy and seek out some lighter clothes from the wardrobe
wash some wintery things, readying them for storage.
The weekend was not all work as Mother and I drove out to the country and perused some chic shops before settling into a very serious afternoon tea tray.
I mentioned to Mother that I was dressing casual...

Hermes scarf
makes an appearance.

I love this Olsen belt so much 
but I fear it's days are numbered 
as some stones have fallen out 
and there is some base metal showing 
where the silver has worn off.

I must find a suitable replacement before I let go of this belt.

This Hermes scarf is so summery 
it feels like a whisper.
I am so happy that I opted for subtle instead of bright and bold.

I wore my white Symplii tank top
Aerie dove grey light sweater
and Gap wide legged jeans.

The teahouse was pleasant and the voices of the tea drinkers were polite and hushed.
Good too because Mother's hearing is becoming a problem and she refuses to buy a hearing aid.
She is very firm about this and has taken a stand on it even after repeated requests from her family.
Did I tell you that I am taking her to seattle this summer for a jaunt and a shopping expedition?
We'll be staying at our home away from home, The Mayflower Park Hotel.
It's the same age as Mother, and they both look good for their ages!

Did you know that Hermes sells rocks?
They do.
Mr. HB received these with his Terre d'Hermes
the way they work is you spritz them with your scent and they retain the scent
 you can pop them in a drawer
to scent your lingerie 
or leave them out in a room as a diffuser.

Well that's about it for the weekend wrap up
 a new week is about to begin
I am keeping my fingers crossed for more sunshine.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Leslie, your scarf is so lovely. Subtle suits a soft spring day, and your ensemble!

  2. Indeed, such a spring-y outfit. Before you buy a new belt, maybe you could ask if the belt could be fixed by adding new stones and having it silvered?
    It would be sad to throw it away, before asking for the repair possibility.
    Weekend- no shopping ; ).

    1. That's a great idea mette I am going to see what I can do about the belt.

  3. i agree with mette. you could easily get stones from a jewelry shop and maybe touch up paint from the craft store to give the belt some new life. although i do think it's charming as is. xo janet

    1. I am on it Janet! The leather is in perfect condition it's just the buckle that needs some TLC.

  4. Love the summery scarf! Will you join Adrienne and me for 'How I Wear My: Favorite Silk Scarf' post on May 1? We'd love to see a close-up of that scarf and your favorite way to wear it. You can send a picture to Adrienne if you think you'd like to join us, she's hosting for May. XO, Jill

  5. You do the Hermes scarves great credit with your chic way of wearing them.

    Cold winds,rain,sleet no Spring clothes here,still in my Winter gear (sigh)
    Reading by the fire most of the w/e,did one trot round the grounds!Ida

  6. Do not throw away belt!!!! Grab some rub and buff and replace the crystals from Michaels, it will be as good as NEW! Or re-design into something totally new! Good luck

    1. Thanks for the tip about Michaels I'll go shopping.

  7. May I say I think this scarf is my favourite Hostess, it's truly gorgeous.
    I would also be inclined to seek repairs for the belt. My daughter would say leave the imperfections because these give it character.
    Talking of belts..said daughter often uses one of my late eighties gold blingy belts when styling fashion shoots. This gives me endless amusement!

  8. Lovely scarf! I saw one in a magazine when I was about 18. Knowing very little about them I wandered into a Nordstrom and asked about the one I saw. They told me how exclusive and designer they were so I knew at that age I couldn't afford one. Maybe some day now that I'm a little older. ;)

    1. Oh do treat yourself!
      If you have always wanted one you'll get great pleasure out of owning one and do go to their store so that you get the whole experience...perhaps you'll even get free fragrance samples like I do!

  9. H is for Hostess, also. Love those stones!

  10. Hm, the idea of those rocks is intriguing. And they may be the only Hermes item I will ever afford! Your scarf is just beautiful with the dove grey sweater.

  11. Oh my, I love the tones in that scarf, those are my favourite shades all rolled up in silk.

  12. To repeat myself, I think this is one of the best H scarves ever.

  13. I love shades of white and gray....and you can never go wrong with Hermes...just seems to go with tea, doesn't it? So proper I suppose that's it!

  14. I like that scarf very much! So elegant. And the color scheme is very "you" with the soft grey and white...I know how you favor those colors.

    Who knew Hermes made rocks? What a clever idea.

    xo, A