Sunday, April 1, 2012

About face: amping up the arsenal in skin care.

Recently I have noticed more lines and deeper wrinkles and some slackening of the skin on my face.
Fear not it is normal for a woman of my age.
By 57 I have earned the right to have a few signs of age and as a mature woman I am not distressed or overly concerned about it.
Having said that I am not about to "give up" and do nothing.

I have always loved what Fiona has to say about her skin regime...wise words that make sense.

Sadly, the lovely and gracious Fiona from How to Be Chic is closing her blog.
Hers was a blog that I always delighted in reading....
pop on over and read what she has written in her posts and wish her well in her new endeavours.

Laying about this weekend meant that I could do some online research...
I refreshed my memory of what is important and what new weapons I could add to my daily routine and those products available that I could afford to employ.

Believe it or not there were serums and potions that were priced at over $300 for a month's supply.

Let's be realistic too,
we need to first eat healthy colourful foods to nourish the skin from within.

These veggies are so simple to make
wash and chop any desired veggies into sizes that when roasted will not be wilted
for example the carrots take longer than the zucchini to cook
so I leave the zucchini thicker.
Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Herbs de Provence
heat the oven to 400 degrees and bake for 35 minutes.

Eat warm
or use as a salad and sprinkle with feta cheese.

Remember that water is vital for our organs, digestion and to keep our skin soft and supple.
I bought a stainless water bottle which I take to work, leave beside my bed at night 
and use in the kitchen when I am cooking.
If it's nearby and handy I drink water often.

I need to add flavour so I pop in a wedge of lemon or lime and I am a happy sipper!

I read a startling article on ditching the sugar for younger looking skin
you can read that here.

If you are over 40 there is information online 
that says you need to choose between your body weight and your face.

Being over weight most of my life this for once is "good news."
Everything else I have read makes me feel miserable about my weight.
(That's why I was swimming laps)
and as a result I am injured.

I have signed up for a less invasive Yoga class at the studio nearby
and will revisit the pool when I am pain free.

Reduce stress
yes stress can show up on your face.
practice Yoga
be creative
get a pet

Invite and embrace JOY...
happiness looks great on everyone.
Remember to SMILE!
(consider whitening and brightening your teeth if they are stained) 

Research also indicated and suggested that adding a cream or serum with potent ingredients 
like Vitamin C or fruit acids would help.
There are so many websites on skin care it's enough to make your head spin
you have to filter what you read.

Hyaluronic acid seems to be a trusted reliable and well researched ingredient.

Cautiously I explored more on this as I need to be mindful of the Rosacea.

The next step was a walk to the local pharmacy where I buy my Avene line of skin care products.
I needed to chat with the Avene cosmetician whom I trust and respect and get her advice.

Eulage anti ~ wrinkle cream
Hypo ~ allergenic

I like how my skin feels after using this cream, it feel soft and tighter.
The cosmetician suggested that I start using it every other day for the first week to avoid any reaction.
So far so good...

Cold Cream lotion for my body
which after the winter has been quite dry.
It's soft gentle scent lingers long after you've put it on.

Gift ~ with ~ Purchase
a cute travel pouch
full of freebies.

Full size eye make up remover
and smaller travel sizes of product.

New Revlon with Shea Butter 
perfect for dry lips
glossy and available in a variety of fabulous shades
I grabbed two...

Don't forget to wear sunscreen 
get a good night's sleep every night.

Wear your signature smile in style
in a bright and possibly daring new shade!
Now go out and have some FUN!


  1. I love the Avene lotion that I use on my face. It is a face-saver in winter!

  2. I always enjoy you and your "teachable moments.". Thank you for introducing me to Fiona. I wish I had met her earlier . . .beautiful words and writing. I wish her well . . .

  3. I have had great results using Retin A on my skin...I have done so for many years and I am convinced it reduces fine lines and adds clarity, you might ask your dematologist about it.

    Love your roasted vegetables...they look scrumptious!

    1. Unfortunately Retin A is too harsh for Rosacea...I did ask.

  4. What a fun post! I was wondering how moisturizing that new lipstick is. Maybe today is the day I try it. Thanks for the inspiration today, now I'm going to go put on my eye cream.

    1. It really moisturizes mine and I loathe chapped lips!

  5. Great post! Thank you for reminding us of all ways the ways to take care of our skin. I appreciate your research on products that are mindful of Rosacea. I am interested in the Avene products.

    I add asparagus and sliced red pepper to my roasted vegetables.


    1. If you ask the cosmetician for samples of the specific creams you can test drive them without buying the full size products to make sure they do not exacerbate your Rosacea. I find them extremely gentle.

  6. I, too, like Avene and use lots of their products.
    The one thing about aging that I agree with is that less is best. I tint my eyebrows, use a bit of colour to my lashes each morning, a bit of blush and then Revlon long-lasting colour with Climatik over it for moisture.
    I do find that using cream with SPF is great, but one can get a bit 'pale' looking, so now and then I do spend about a half hour in the yard working without any SPF! Also get my Vit. D too, but I take Vit D each morning.
    Still awaiting the CT scan. Have a good week! It is very wet and windy here this morning.

    1. I take Vitamin D too. The weather was all over the map today...wind, rain, cold, and the sun came out to tease us for about and hour before being covered up with clouds and rain again. Hope that CT scan is soon. Take care.

  7. Thank you for sharing that great sugar article. I shared it on my FB page. Did you happen to see the segment about sugar last night on 60 Minutes? There is some interesting and frightening research that shows its link to heart disease and cancer.

    Have you tried fruit acids on your skin before? I had awful results with it. My esthetician advised against any skin care products with fruit so now I steer clear.

    Too bad about Fiona...still holding out hope that someday she will change her mind. I will miss her.

    Have a great Monday! xoxo

    1. I just found your comment in the Spam box? I don't know how it ended up in there!
      I did not see the 60 minutes sugar special, was busy hosting a family dinner!

      I have tried an organic fruit acid mask and it was very gentle.
      I hope that Fiona will hang in and post once in awhile too.

      Have a great week Adrienne!

  8. You are always so encouraging. So much optimism in your posts. Thank you for that.
    Maybe I too must try the Avene line. Everyone here seems to like it.
    Since I don´t appear in public daily, all makeup I use, is some eyebrow pencil.
    Then, when I do put on some makeup, there is a visible difference, for the better, I hope.
    Staying away from the mirror, is of some relief too.
    Oh, and avoiding shops with " bad " lighting is essential as well ; ).

    1. Avene comes from France which is much closer to your home than mine. They offer samples to try first before buying the larger products.
      You always look great when you share your image on your blog. You have healthy looking skin and I'd use the word radiant to describe your beauty.

  9. Timely reminder with all the Easter goodies coming up.Like you did alot of research after my chin rash...still has not disappeared urg...on skin products toooo much information did my head in.

    I prefer to keep my regime simple not overload the skin with too many products.

    My dermatologist agrees with you about the H acid cream so I try to make sure I have creams with it in.
    Another inspiring post. Ida

    1. I wonder if you are allergic to something...
      it's interesting that only the chin has been affected and it must be strange that it has not gone away.
      Have you tried hydrocortisone cream?

  10. Thank you for your research Hostess. While I already knew about the skin dangers of sugar, do you think I can give it up? Maybe this time, after Easter of course.

    I had similar thoughts to you about skin regards 'giving up'. We aren't meant to be tight and shiny as we age. I was reading an article about Dame Judi Dench and her skin in the photos was very wrinkled but beautiful. She looked happy within herself. I remember older family members having the same skin and I always loved how soft it was.

    I'll be printing this post out, and also trying your roasted veges for a quick lunch salad. Yum and thank you.

    1. I adore Dame Judy Dench...
      it's too bad that she is having issues with her eyesight.
      I hope you enjoy the veggie dish.

  11. No skin creams are going to take care of deep lines or sagging skin. The most you can do is to help the texture and glow of your skin, and maybe some fine lines. I do use serums with Vitamin C in them, and also occasionally Retin A. My skin is not very sensitive, so I love the Clarisonic and believe in exfoliation (for me)- it really does help my skin "turn over" new cells and even out my skin tone. But aging and gravity....
    Your vegetables look delicious and that's great that you have the stainless water container and aren't drinking from the plastic bottles, which I have been guilty of lately, out of sheer laziness! Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I love using the Olay version of the Clarisonic. I opted for the less expensive unit and it delivers on it's promise.
      I am not expecting to be wrinkle or sag free just a little plumped up and tighter is what I am hoping for! No Botox ever for this Hostess, too afraid of needles and want to age graciously like my Mother!

  12. Always sound advice and always with so much optimism in your words. Soothing really.

    My daughter and I discovered those Revlon lip butters and those exact two are my favorites1


  13. While I was at my doctors today, She is also a skin doctor, I had a redness come all over my face and ears and she said I looked very rosaceaish, I've never had it, but she prescribed doctor strength Vitamin c serum, day and night ones, to "switch it off". She also put me onto some other creams, neostrata to help with the fine lines around my eyes, but also said that really Botox will be the only way to smooth them out. Um no thanks, I'm pretty against it- on me! I don't care about anyone else having it! I'm the same as you am overweight and it's plumped out the wrinkles, but now, losing weight and being a bit older I can see a little one- but only one! I've done the Catherine deneurve(?) bit and chosen my face over my derriere. Hint for the lips, rub your eye cream on them too after you've done your eyes, works really well for me!!

    1. Good tip on the eye cream...
      I hope that you get results from the Vitamin C cream, Janet at the Gardener's Cottage who is also an esthetician, warned me that it might be too strong for Rosacea. Sea Buckthorn is definitely worth trying.

  14. Thank you so much for this post, Hostess. I too use Avene products (some at your recommendation) and am going to give Eluage a try. I love your philosophy of aging. There is true wisdom there. As someone a few years older than yourself I really take it to heart.
    What a shame about Fiona and her "How to Be Chic" blog. It was a truly lovely blog written by a delightful lady. I shall miss it and have to rely on you and Janet (at Gardener's Cottage) for my regular blog infusion of optimism, beautiful images, great recipes and sensible style.

    1. Happy that you are getting results from the Avene line.
      Look forward to more of your comments...

  15. Dear Hostess, I hope that your back is no longer hurting.(Those lipsticks look good enough to cheer anyone up!) This is an interesting post and it prompts me to take a little more care of my skin. My face is not too bad for lines and wrinkles, but oh dear, my neck!! Any advice for not having a neck like a turkey's?

  16. Gorgeous lippie colours! It's worth remembering that the skin is an organ, and it is permeable. A dermatologist once told me, "the secret to good skin is simple, don't smoke, but do sweat". Sweat has been reviled by women who think it unseemly or yucky, but the skin loves it. It makes the pores 'breathe'. So your brisk walks, once they are safe for your back, will help. I use Avene products and like them very much.

  17. I love this post. It's so nice to know that we're not alone. You have given us so many good ideas. I also love roasted veggies and make them all the time. Lots of water and walking are two other things I try to do. But my favorite beauty tip that you give? Smile! A smile makes us all look younger!

  18. The smile idea was not my own but I loved it so much I had to add it...have you ever seen a woman looking serious who then flashes a smile? It's like a radiant light has been turned on!