Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Camouflage dressing...

Waterfall style sweaters seem to call my name...
I gravitate to them whenever I see one in a shop.
They do a good job of camouflaging my wobbly bits and when fitted properly they skim the bumps and drape nicely. 
It would be nice if I was slim...
who am I kidding
it would be fabulous!
But that's another post altogether!

For the time being...
I found a new sweater and it feels much lighter and springy than the tweedy black one I have been wearing all winter.

Oatmeal toned
lacy light and loose knit
great to pop over a white tank

here's a close up of the pattern detail

I have been eating rabbit food for lunch for weeks
raw veggies and hummus dip
an apple

I thought this might help shed some weight but so far the scale has not budged.

Yoga is going to be the exercise I opt for after my swimming and back injury fiasco.
Which BTW is still not quite mended even after several massages
but I have little to complain about
 as it is getting better.

Lovely daughter is having her birthday this month
she'll be 33.
She wanted clothes as a gift so we blitzed the mall and came home with some great stuff.
She's a tiny gal and she looks great in anything she puts on.

We'll be hosting a family dinner celebration and we are ordering in sushi
and she wants a cheesecake for dessert.

We have a long standing tradition
that you can have whatever food you want on your birthday.
I do love traditions.

It's my MIL's birthday today, 
you can imagine how excited she was when our lovely daughter was born on her special day.
Coincidentally there was a great grandchild born on this day as well
3 family members all celebrating today.
Happy Birthday to all.

Must be running as I have a long list of things to do today.


  1. Lovely sweater! Happy Birthday to all, must be fun to celebrate together.

  2. May you have a fabulous celebration with all the honorees. Bonnie

  3. Sending Happy Birthday wishes to your darling daughter. Where do the years go!
    Love the new sweater Hostess.

  4. Happy birthday to your girls in the family! My daughter was born on my Mil's birthday too, 3rd nov. I was successful with a magnesium supplement for a sore back last year, a librarian's listserv mentioned it. I have been battling my weight, but have done the high protein low carb since early January and have lost 13 &kg , 29 pounds. I have some little treats but they a re sugarless and have really helped me not to binge out. Are you able to try it for a couple of weeks? I have plenty of salads and vegetables, though no starchy ones.

    1. Wow that's wonderful! Great that you have found a regime that works for you. It sounds healthy too.
      I am eating lots of raw veggies and having protein at each meal, smaller portions and the scale should reflect my efforts soon.

  5. Love the sweater!!
    A very happy birthday to all three of your loved ones! (there is no way you could have a 33 year old!)
    And as for the back, my heart goes out to you. No one knows the back pain rigmarole better than yours truly! Massage therapy and a daily swim seems to be doing the trick for me.

    1. That is great that you're on the mend. Back pain is certainly and eye opener!
      I am trying to strengthen my core muscles so they take some of the burden away from my back.

  6. I hope all the three Birthdays were full of happiness!!!

  7. Waterfall sweater what a splendid name,shall use it myself!!

    Happy Birthday to all,what fun to share the same day. Ida

  8. A very Happy Birthday to all. Are you making the cheesecake?

    1. I purchased the cheesecake, a very small one and we had a taste...the girls are so good at portion control! I am learning from them :-)

  9. Love the sweater. Congratulations to all!

  10. Hopefully I can get back to yoga after my knee surgery (that is if it EVER gets scheduled) I think the yoga was great for both mind and body.I just need to be more careful with my knees!

    1. Do be careful, there are many Yoga poses that you can do that don't stress the knees.
      Good luck getting that surgery date arranged. There are long lists of people wanting elective surgery here in BC and it seems like they have to wait far too long. In the meantime take good care Debbie.

  11. Have a wonderful day! I love the new sweater - you just don't know how your clothes post inspire me!

  12. We have the same birthday tradition in our family and I love clothes-shopping trips with my daughters, who are of a similar age to yours.

  13. Those tweedy-knit sweaters are wonderful transitional garments. I hope you can give yourself a gift, while you're having all these celebrations: to have less distress about your body. Simply put, there are all sizes of beautiful women in the world. You are doing all good things!

  14. Duchesse I wish that I could come to terms with my body/self image. I try not to focus on myself too much but every now and again I get depressed about it. We all have stuff that we need to deal with and this is mine.
    Thank you for the advice I do appreciate it.