Friday, April 27, 2012

A book that inspires and our native Camus blooms.

Do you love finding a great book as much as I do?
I've never been in a book club as I think I read far too slowly to join one.
Oh but I do have a great book on the go at the moment...
you might enjoy this one too....

This book takes place in India 
and tells the story of a woman who grew up in privilege 
now money is scarce
her mansion is crumbling...

"Spanning decades and told in rich rhapsodic prose that takes us from India to England, 
to high peaks of the Himalayas and deep into the Burmese jungle, 
Waiting for the Monsoon is an unforgettable tale of love, loss and the unusual bond between two people" 
(from the jacket cover)

"If her soul had been as spotless as her lawn, she would not have died that year. She was like the old Lloyds.
For years it was the only electric lawnmower for miles around: the fact that it was still functioning was thanks to the brand and not to love. The machine hummed softly as she pushed it along. In the distance she heard the bus starting up for the first run of the day. In one of the houses as the bottom of the road a light came on; the crickets had fallen silent and the birds were still in dreamland. India was slowly awakening..."
(from the jacket cover)

You can read a review here.

I have read over 200 pages and have been transported to another place and time and am enjoying every minute of this adventure!

What are you reading?
I'd love some book recommendations.

The Garry Oak Meadow at school just beyond the playing field.
Can you see those dots of blue scattered in with the yellow buttercups?

I can tell you that this is a special piece of paradise.
Easter lilies dotted this place a few weeks ago
their creamy heads bobbing in the breeze as if they were bonnets.

The First Nations People used the root for food.
I love the blue and mauve petals they truly glow amid the field.

There is a white Camus which we see rarely
known as Death Camus because it's root is poisonous.

If you drive through town you will glimpse some parks with this blue and mauve native plant.
It's quite stunning massed under the mighty oaks.
It gives me cause to pause and wonder what our land looked like when the settlers first arrived to the land.

I can't wait to see what the field looks like in a few more weeks as all the buds mature and bloom.
Perhaps you'll join me in a future post when I show it again in all it's glory.

Do have yourself a fabulous weekend.
Love that you popped by for a visit.
Until next time...
Be Well.


  1. I'm always looking for good reads...can't wait till school ends. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Hi Hostess,

    I do belong to a book club and we have just read an interesting book this month. It is 'Pure' by Andrew Miller a dark tale set in Paris shortly before the 1789 revolution. Its a dark tale about a true event the clearing of an old overcrowded cemetery but its a stylish and a rewarding read. Great sense of place and setting. We loved it.

  3. I did belong to a book club, but it got too 'Political' and I left. No need to go out for an evening and come home with your innards in turmoil. I did enjoy reading new authors, but now I find 'good books' in other ways.
    Currently I am about to start 'A Shilling for Candles' by Josephine Tey.
    Have a great day. Peg

  4. Just starting 'Everybody was so Young' by Gerald and Sara Murphy.About the couple, and their hedonistic life style in the 20s.
    Similar to Scott Fitzgerald's 'Tender is the night'.

    Have you read either?

    Your part of the world looks very Spring like,cheerful photos.
    Constant heavy rain here,more forecast for the weekend! Ida

    1. Oh Ida, I've read a lot about them and been to a couple of their houses, I must take a look at that.

      I can't read fiction, I tend to read science and medical books.

      Have a great weekend!

    2. Tender is the Night is one of my top 5 favorite books ever - read it every few years. I should try Everybody was so Young, but I tend to prefer fiction...but maybe.

    3. No I haven't read those titles...
      thank you I will add them to my list.

  5. I loved the book review. It sounds like a great read. I always have a book going. I am just finished rereading "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" as a Muriel Spark reading event. I am now reading her autobiography. The Camus are beautiful. I look forward to seeing the field "in all it's glory". Enjoy your book and your weekend. Bonnie

  6. I too cannot join a book club for I read slowly, plus I have three books on the go: "Sarah's Key"-fantastic read!
    "Shake Hands with the Devil"-thought provoking!
    "La Seduction,How the French Play the Game of Life"
    -interesting and revealing read!
    Love the picture of the buttercups, sigh spring is here :)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. My two favorite books of the last 6 months have been "This Burns My Heart" by Samuel Park, a beautiful story that takes place in So. Korea, just post-Korean war. I also loved "The Rules of Civility" - great characters and a fun and fast read. Your book sounds good, and I'm looking for a few new ones. Thanks!

    1. I read the jacket cover of Rules of Civility and it looked interesting now with your recommendation I shall get my mitts on it!

  8. Friends are providing me with books to help fill my days since my injury. Reading is one of my most favorite things to do. These books were brought to me today, Still Alice, The School of Essential Ingredients, Then Again and Rules of Civility . I will let you know which ones I enjoy . . .

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will pass it on to friends and read myself.

  9. Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth von Arnin. Anyone who loves gardening would enjoy it. Such witty and clever writer. Setting is late 1800s. Just finished it and have begun reading follow on book, A Solitary Summer.

    1. I have read some of her work but it's been years so I must find these and catch up.

  10. The book sounds wonderful. I will have to look for a copy. I agree with the Sanda about "Elizabeth and her German Garden." A wonderful book for someone who loves gardens and gardening. Have a lovely weekend!

  11. "Last Man in Tower" by Aravind Adiga is a novel about conflict in modern
    Mumbai between rich and poor. A powerful book about ordinary people.
    Someone mentioned "Still Alice" that's an excellent book.

  12. Since you mentioned that you're a slow reader, I'm curious if you've ever tried reading on an electronic reader, like a Kindle or Ipad? For some reason, I read about twice as fast on one. Maybe it's the size of the font or the back lighting, but it's been quite noticeable. I resisted at first, and still do read some books in "book form", but I love reading on the Ipad in bed. And great for travel as you can load up on books without lugging them around.

    1. No I have not used an electronic reader.
      Mr. HB is reading a book on his IPad and it's the first book he has downloaded so will ask him.

  13. Very interesting post. Thank you for visiting my blog and participating in the giveaway. I hope your weekend is great!

    1. Thank you for the generous giveaway...
      your florals are quite lovely.

  14. I am very excited to read this book...adventure and intrigue in a world far away!

    The 2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera...(of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is on my site, please stop by! Her work is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  15. It's my first time here and after poking around I've added you to my favorites. Loved your lbd post and enjoyed this. I seem to go through those dry spells w books too. Looking forward to giving this one a go.

  16. I love a good book recommendation, so I'll be looking for this one.
    Last week I walked around the vice-regal residence and enjoyed the display of camas there - too, too lovely against the green grass and grey sky.