Friday, April 13, 2012

Rhapsody in colour, a prescription for Happy!

Let the sun shine today please...
in the absence of full sun today I am protesting
and engaging colour
by posting a myriad of images that shout happy.

the simple tomato

sunny T shirt and scarf

semi precious sunny drops

window display 
South Granville

a rhapsody in white

lush green lawn
acacia limbs
soon to be firewood

Any thoughts on a great apple tree to plant in it's place?

Pepper's slurping up her morning H2O
she only drinks from the tap
loves her water cold and fresh.
(We do indulge her)

Could that be sunshine peeking through the clouds?

small but charming

Soon the roses will start to bloom 
 in The Humble Bungalow Garden
and I can't wait!

whatever the weather brings
have yourself a very happy weekend 

we've got house guests
one functioning bathroom
and the reno is still in an unfinished state
I've cleaned up the mess
good friends are on the way!

You know they are good friends when they'll line up for the loo
and have to navigate a worksite to get to their room!

Think sunny thoughts...
I know I am:-)


  1. Here's to the sunshine making a gracious little appearance at some point, have a wonderful weekend my friend!!

  2. You are having so much going on per moment, that I don´t think you will even mind if it not sunny outside.
    Have a nice weekend with your friends. Enjoy!

  3. Good Hostess for letting house guests come and stay under the circumstances. I would be very cranky!

  4. We are having a deluge of rain today so I know what you mean about craving some sunshine and color. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and that your construction turns out well. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I'm sure it is absolutely lovely to be a guest in your any kind of weather and even with one bathroom, I have no doubt you are the most gracious host. I can only imagine a cup of tea when they arrive before their bags hit the floor and a delicious meal on the stove making the house smell divine...this is what I'm imagining...I'll bet I'm not too far off...right? have a wondeful weekend!

    1. You know me well!
      Osso Bucco was simmering in the oven for our Friday dinner.

  6. Sunny thoughts for a sun filled weekend!

  7. What sort of apple tree are you looking to plant eating or cookers'?

    HB is planting an orchard...Grenadier & Lane's Prince Albert are excellent cooking fruit pies etc.
    My favourite eater is James Grieve or George Cave both are sweet and crisp.

    Not sure whether they will grow well in your part of the world?

    Weekends with good friends' are bliss. Enjoy Ida

    1. Ida I'd like a tasty apple that could also be used to cook with, I'll google those two eating types.
      Thank you!

  8. Have a great weekend! Have fun with your guests.

  9. What a lovely cheerful post and yes we do the tap thing for one of our feline friends Matthew! xx

  10. For an Apple tree I recommend Liberty and Fiesta. I ordered them from Raintree Nurseries on Semi-dwarf rootstock and they fruited the second year in Rhode Island US. They have a great fruit catalog and the products are superb

  11. Thank you I'll look into those two breeds as well!