Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Doings and Thoughtful Musings

Weekend Doings and Thoughtful Musings

Abkhazi Gardens
Cheryl and I strolled through these lovely grounds on Saturday.

Beauty was all around
every nook and cranny sported blooms.

Easter Lilies
so pure and delicate as they nodded in the gentle breeze.

So much has been packed into a short time
the weekend is almost over...

The weekend has flown by
Cheryl and I went to the spa
while Mr. HB and John went to a brew pub for lunch
I took Cheryl to the Abkhazi Gardens
we all walked along the sea front and watched the wind surfers
watched the movie Crazy Stupid Love
catch up
share laughter
we did our best to serve delicious meals
and offer comfort and hospitality to our friends
it was great to see them as they are off to France for the next 6 months.

Bon Voyage John and Cheryl!

The Humble Bungalow Blog was started on a whim and has become a large part of my routine.

I can't quite believe that I have arrived at the 603rd post, 
it's rather staggering when I seriously think about it.

Our life here is so simple...
we are humble
and go about our daily round
expecting little
joys are often found while doing chores
they pop up and surprise us when we least expect it.

This morning is a good example
we had said goodbye to our house guests and I was tidying up
the vacuuming was finished and Pepper was in the front hallway
I was just about to take a load of towels downstairs to the laundry room
when I was stopped in my tracks...
Pepper was pawing frantically in the air trying to catch the dust particles that she could see moving in the sunshine.

It was a glimpse of something unexpected and it made me smile.

Tell me about your weekend!


  1. I read somewhere that joy in later years is in direct proportion to how much you can enjoy simple pleasures- so you are well on the way! A happy weekend here, seeing one son and his GF and talking to other son who is moving into his first "very own, with roommate" apartment. Memories of those first days of independence!

  2. Leslie:
    Oh the joy of the simple things - priceless, and so many folk believe that joy comes from the spending of money! Just enjoying tea with my DH and watching the birds getting ready to nest was wonderful.
    My DH is a Rotarian and his club had a Guess Who's coming to dinner - we were not scheduled for this month, but our good friend wrote us Friday and said to let her know by Saturday if I was up to it, and we would be a guest at her home. I was up to it, we went and laughed and enjoyed good food, others had good wine, and their home looks out on the marina in Comox. I felt so blessed to be there and to have good friends who gave me some extra hugs. Today was quiet, but now I will go and work on changing to continental style knitting.
    Oh yes, sheer joy to hear our younger grandaughter tell us she passed her road test on the first try. She has dyslexia, and is not usually the first, but she knows how to work hard and this was a great confidence booster - simple, but it filled my heart to overflowing.
    Have a great week, and know that I enjoy your blog, even when I don't comment.

  3. Ours is also a weekend of simple pleasures, thanks to living it at 3-year old speed. And the weather certainly co-operated! Sounds as if you are wonderful hosts, and I imagine your friends had a weekend they'll enjoy thinking back on when they're far away (any chance you'll return the favour some day and visit them in France?)

  4. Congratulations on so many posts. I know that one reason I return to your blog so often, even if I don't always comment, is that it is so calm. And I appreciate that about your bungalow.

  5. So many wonderful posts, you should be very proud. It is always such a treat to visit you.

  6. I agree that the simple pleasures can bring the greatest joys. Those gardens are stunning in their spring colors!! We spent most of the weekend doing chores, but I was able to sort through and put away the books and photos on my (newly painted!) bookcases, and looking at the new orderly arrangement brought much satisfaction and pleasure.

    1. I understand that you are flying off to France this week! Have a lovely time.

  7. I'm still coming down to earth after a weekend on the Wild West coast - beach walking, eating shellfish, coffee overlooking the ocean each morning - these will all keep me going for a good while!

  8. Spending time with HB makes the w/e,lazy breakfasts catching up on our news,lunch out with friends or just ourselves,then he browse's the bookshops moi the boutiques.
    Sunday is estate day whatever needs doing.

    Enjoyed reading about your weekend. Ida

  9. What a fabulous idea for Sunday. If only our tiny bungalow could be thought of as an estate!