Monday, April 16, 2012

Paris Tea and The Titanic.

The lovely reader Peg sent me some teas and I am in love with Paris Tea!
Nothing says luxury better than a cup of tea brewed to perfection
served in a beautiful patterned bone china cup and saucer.
I highly recommend it for what ails you...

My favourite china tea cup is by English maker Royal Chelsea.
I love the deep wide bowl
and the pattern is so pretty and the gilt is thick.

I hand wash this very carefully, never ever will it go in the dishwasher!

I do love a special teacup to celebrate the simple pleasure of taking tea.
I cannot imagine life without tea.
It's a life saver...

The Titanic is in all the newspapers
 100 years ago that she was launched and then sank
such a tragic disaster
so many lives lost
the story still haunts us
stories that have come out years after her sinking are grim reminders of how fragile and precious life can be...

Julian Fellowes production Titanic is on the TV
it's worth a look...

I caught up on some blog reading here at Slim Paley's blog
she is a clever and talented woman
you really must not miss her blog posts
just browse her amazing photographs 
and you'll be hooked like her several thousand followers!
(of which I am one)

Life is infinitely better when sipping tea.
It elevates my pedestrian life to meet up with those of the titled and privileged.

I'd love to see your favourite tea cups
perhaps you'll send me a picture
it would make a fun post to show all the cups here in a future post.
There's your challenge people
send me your tea cup images
or link up a blog post on your tea cups for a virtual tea party!


  1. All right. I will do it. But it's a plain, white, mug.

  2. Your tea cup is beautiful. I love the blues. Yes, a cup of tea is wonderful for lifting the spirit. I have teacups and teapots handed down through generations. I once had them all on display, but did not have a wonderful spot for them in this house. I carefully packed them away leaving only a few of my favorites. Enjoy your day and your tea. Bonnie

    1. Using your favourite cups makes it taste better too.

  3. Creamy white mug here too. Your teacup is beautiful, but I never enjoy a real teacup for tea or coffee. Worried I'm going to run out too quickly?

    1. If you run out of tea cups there are many lovely ones in antique and thrift might quite enjoy browsing for a special one that is artfully designed especially with your painter's eye.

  4. Love that tea cup... divine! I will try and email you a pic of my favorite x

  5. Leslie, I am so pleased you like the "Paris" tea. I open the tin and have a lovely sniff before I put the tea into the strainer. I always smell 'apricots' and rich chocolate on my nose.
    For every day, I use a nice white mug, but I do have some lovely cups from my Mom that are used for special days.
    As I await the results of a biopsy, I declare it time to take out my Mom's cup and enjoy a cup of Paris, with my new friend, Leslie, sitting virtually across from me! How about tea at 3:30 pm?

    1. Sounds like a good time for tea! Fingers crossed for your results...

  6. I have already shown my tea cup, the " muuto " cup. Big and chunky. When entertaining, we use the white ones from Alessi.
    But - the latest health studies recommend coffee, and I really prefer coffee to tea. Tea only in the evenings.

  7. Alessi designs are wonderful. I do enjoy coffee but cannot drink it late in the day or I do not sleep!

  8. i love tea too! and slim's post on the titanic was so interesting. i love your beatiful teacup leslie. xo

    1. I think you introduced me to Slim's blog. Thank you!

  9. Thank you so much for the sweet shout out H.H.B.!
    I love the photo vignette of your cup of tea beside my "A Night to Remember" post on the laptop.
    I must admit I'd be afraid to use such a beautiful cup on my desk-although it would be a beacon of beauty & taste amidst the chaos! My tea mug is hanging it's handle in shame right now :)


    1. Slim I am honored that you stopped by and truly I cannot imagine any mug of yours would be anything but lovely!

  10. Oh I love a cup of tea, and if it's in a beautiful china cup, all the better. I read so many books where the characters are always brewing a pot of tea, and it does seem like a cup of tea soothes the spirits. I have been enjoying reading all the articles on the Titanic. I may even go see the new 3D version of the movie!

    1. The 3D version might be too much for my eyes. I get chills just thinking about the original version.

  11. While I own a tea cup or two, I am a coffee drinker. would a picture of my mug be acceptable?

  12. Drink my Yorkshire tea twice daily out of a bone china 'Hunting' it is bone china don't feel so guilty not drinking from a cup tee heee!
    Coffee in a white mug.

    Your beautiful cup and saucer is typically of the Downton era,and makes tea drinking more a pleasure than in our rushed daily lives. Ida