Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Humble Bungalow garden tour and weekend plans...

Mr. HB and I are leaving The Humble Bungalow in search of some fun and excitement
and dare I say it...
I'll be stopping in at Tiffany's, Hermes, Eileen Fisher and Holt Renfrew.

A four day "weekend" is a wonderful opportunity for a getaway
we have been so immersed in work and renovating
we've decided to take a break.

We'll be meeting friends for dinner at a French bistro....
and I plan to swim in the hotel pool...
(ever so gently so as not to injure my back which has been on the mend)
walking and exploring
we will be spontaneous and relaxed.
The King beds are luxurious, roomy, comfy
sleep is easy.
The views are amazing
from the snow capped mountains on the north shore
to the wide ocean expanse of Kits beach and points beyond Point Grey...
our hotel is simple, clean and convenient...
centrally located with parking and we are in the hub of the city,
the shopping mecca on Robson Street.

Lovely daughter and her friends will be staying here taking care of things
so Pepper will not be lonely.

As I peer out the window I see sunshine blue skies and a few cotton ball clouds dancing slowly high above our bungalow. I am filled with hope, optimism and the promise of better weather.
It's been quite some time since we have had a patch of blue stay around this long and I have missed the sunshine.
Feels like a perfect time to take you all along on a garden tour!

Yellow has been on my mind
I've been craving sunshine 
and thankfully it's here!

Yellow popped in last weekend for Sunday Roast Beef dinner with the family.
Lemons floated in our water goblets
daffodils cheered us on...

aren't these sweet?
I cannot remember their name but they grow like weeds for me.

daffodils naturalized in the lawn
with a large euphorbia in the background

grape hyacinths
Japanese anemones
the mighty acacia tree
(whose days are numbered)
we are having it chopped down and replaced by an apple tree
as the cost of maintaining this tree has reached a staggering sum of $500 per annum.

looking north towards the garden shed

pink hellebore putting on quite a show

rhubarb looks healthy
won't be long before I make some crumble

the garlic is obviously happy to see the sunshine

the onions I planted last fall are up
spring onions indeed!

clematis montana rubens will be a riot of blooms in a few weeks.

"Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!"
Sitting Bull

my packing list awaits
I've got to get busy now
 I 'll close and send my heartfelt wishes.

I hope that you have a Happy Easter Weekend!

Stay tuned
 glimpses and snippets of fun, food and frivolity
if I am lucky!


  1. Ooooh you will have a good time! I had a little break with a friend last week and stayed in a place that sounds an awful lot like the one you're describing - but then there are a few of those wonderful hostelries with fabulous views in that city.

  2. Oh we've both just got Sunday off, I think we're in the minority of worker bees but we're away again next week.
    Your garden is away ahead of mine, I've just got a few shoots and burgeoning leaves so far, I love that nook above and the chair, is that an Adirondack chair? We don't have them, here I love them.

  3. Enjoy your time away with hubby . . . I have no doubt. I loved seeing your yellow and your Hellebore is the largest I have seen. One, two, three . . . Off you go . . .

  4. How I envy you a trip away all that retail therapy,can't wait to see what you buy!

    Spring has arrived in your part of the world,we had -2 last night,snow on the hills. So thank you for your happy post colours.

    Happy Easter to you & Mr HB,have fun. Ida

  5. Have a wonderful Easter break in Vancouver. It is my hometown and though I've not been back in a long time, I still miss it. Be careful of your back in the pool, you don't want to aggravate your injury. I think your mystery plant is columbine, I have them here in Ontario, in shades of purple and white. Your garden is so beautiful - another reason to love the west coast.

  6. what lovely garden pictures. all those yellows!
    have a safe and wonderful trip leslie.

  7. Your garden looks lovely...yes spring is definately here. Have a wonderful time on your trip.

  8. Your garden is charming and cheering! I hope the Vancouver rain pauses for you -- glad to hear you're checking out Les Faux Bourgeois. We've been meaning to get there forever but haven't made it yet. . . Enjoy!

  9. Your garden is wonderful! Have a fabulous four day weekend. Bonnie

  10. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Your garden is looking great. Looking forward to seeing your purchases.

  11. I´m sincerely wishing you a lovely long weekend. I know how much you love trips like these. New sights, nice hotel rooms, dining out, dressing up and -shopping.
    I enjoyed our small trips to Stockholm and Copenhagen too. Hermes was just so terribly expensive, that the only thing I could afford, was a small toiletry bag ; ). Enjoy!!

  12. Have a lovely weekend! Your garden is bursting with color.

    Look forward to hearing about your weekend next week.

  13. A getaway is all the more delicious during a reno; so smart to take off when you really need a break!
    Have a delightful time!

  14. I love your hellebores and cannot wait to see your clematis. Please take a photo for all of us. Have a wonderful vacation and Happy Easter!

  15. Lovely photos of your garden Hostess. The suns rays are a tonic for the soul and we're enjoying a fantastic autumn here as you know.
    Have a brilliant time on your mini-break and I hope you get lucky with some pretty purchases!

  16. Have a nice weekend! Your garden is looking lovely!

  17. Your Easter break sounds lovely - I hope you enjoy all that the big city has to offer. And that your back will soon mend completely.