Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weeding and thinning inside the Humble Bungalow....

I have been rooting through the closets and storage spaces of the Humble Bungalow and looking for things that I can part with and donate to the local charity shop.
January is the month when I get inspired to weed and thin out the bits and bobs that tend to accumulate behind closed doors.
It is very theraputic to look closely and listen to what each item has to offer...is it superfluous, does it still have a purpose, do I love it, can I live without it?

I cannot part with everything...I am a careful collector and exercise due discretion.

I have owned this vintage navy leather handbag for a few years and I have never actually carried it.
When I saw it in a thrift shop it I had to buy it, I love it....the price was low and the quality and details of the bag are gorgeous.
It is a  well crafted piece and shows no signs of wear.

compact and ladylike 

the closure

clip lock at right

clip lock at left

they open up at each end 

and the bag can be opened by pushing the two round disks of the closure together

lined in suede
impeccably crafted

I do not know if I will ever carry this bag 
but for some reason I cannot part with it.

This book is another keeper
I have been sorting out my book collection
and have been leafing through my reference books.

 how to accessorize
and the basics one might consider when stocking or tweaking the add ons 
that can elevate and illuminate

creative playtime for grown ups!

staying chic and shopping smart...
helpful hints keep this book on my shelf

on my agenda this month
lingerie shopping

I wash my lingerie by hand and it lasts a long time
I prefer to update these pieces once or twice a year
adding to the collection

I look for matching bras and panties that are lacy and feminine
I shop at a small boutique where the sales staff are trained to fit
they know what works for what body type and bring the stock to you
the prices are varied depending on the brand
 France and Italy supply lingerie
that offer superior quality and sumptuous designs 

I am eager to go shop
but I am in a decluttering and reorganizing phase
making space for some new arrivals.

Do you have a plan of what you will buy?
I look for things that I need first 
before I let myself be swayed into purchasing something that is fun and speaks to me.

I do allow myself some fun and frivolous fashions but only after the foundation pieces are found.

What have you seen in the shops that has beckoned to you
did you buy 
or did you resist?


  1. That's a great bag, hostess!

    I'm up and down with the shopping. I try to be good and these days I'm really trying not to clutter my wardrobe with new clothes 'just because'. I only buy things after I've shed a few items from the my wardrobe at home. It's working at the moment.

    I didn't know Nina Garcia had a book out! Will have to investigate.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Lingerie is where I need to be a lot more French. I don't match and I don't handwash. This is something I need to change. Do you handwash most days or once a week?

    I love your vintage bag. Perhaps it can be a bedroom accessory rather than a body accessory.

    The New Year is definitely a time when we are all decluttering!

  3. As we are moving in a few months I'm being rather ruthless with decluttering and it feels liberating although there are some cherished items I will never give away.

  4. Dear Ms Leslie, I would not part with such a beautiful handbag either. I have been looking at lucite handbags from the 1950s but have not bought anything yet. Sometimes the pleasure is simply in the looking. I have wanted nice lacy bras for ages and thought that my Christmases had come at once when the shop assistant brought me some after measuring me up but it was not to be. Sensible numbers yet again. But it is hard to take bra buying seriously when you have two little girls trying the discarded bras on over their clothes in the changing room and rolling about on the floor laughing as a result...

  5. Up to a few months ago, I was buying up vintage items as though I had a shop in which to sell them! Recognizing and appreciating quality vintage items, when I saw them at rock-bottom prices, I couldn't resist. Now, I'm dealing with the "consequences"!

    I'm finding that most items require considerable contemplation as I sort through them and try to make a decision about what to do with them...

    I may NEVER make it to the lingerie stage...

  6. hi leslie,

    i have no plans to purchase any clothes until spring/summer but i do have plans to get rid of more of what i've already got. i just found out that the project 333 is extending itself. i'm so excited b/c i have really learned quite a bit about myself and my stle. i love that you put so much attention to your lingerie. i'm sure it makes mr hb v happy!


  7. I'm trying to avoid buying anything right now, though did succumb to a lightweight ponte knit asymetric jacket that I LOVE.

    Two nights ago I came home from work and spent 30 minutes pulling from our overstuffed bookshelves. At the end of it, I had six large shopping bags full that were donated to the local library!

  8. I try to be organized with my clothing but I have l-o-n-g way to go in that area. LOL That is a beautiful, elegant handbag. Oh! I liked the Nina Garcia book, it had the cutests graphics and good suggestions.

  9. That bag is so beautifully crafted - you must keep it forever.
    Oh I just received an email through my blog asking for a post on what I wear to bed. Uhm don't think I'll ever even mention lingerie online.
    Horsehair pants to my armpits!

  10. I love that handbag...a pretty navy bag is hard to find and the details and hardware on yours are so beautiful. Are you sure you don't want to try to carry it one day? I think taking out for a test drive would make a great blog post :)

  11. I dont think I have ever seen such a lingerie store...all we have here is La Senza and La Vie En Rose and even those are 45kms away.

    I am purging too - 2011 is clutter free! Tho I do have my eye on some pink wellies!

  12. Dear Hostess,what a beautiful navy bag & the hardware to die for....I notice since blogging what great finds are found in charity shops in other countries...in the UK the shops appear full of rubbish & smell funny...hope I have not upset anyone!
    I have been de-cluttering for the last 10 years,clothes,homes now down to a capsule wardrobe,next I wish to move to a smaller home (sigh)!!
    I have joined your blog as a follower..so happy.

  13. Hostess,what a beautiful navy bag the golden hardware is to die for!
    I have been de-cluttering for the last 10 yrs!!!clothes,homes,books,furniture mostly inherited,am trying to be more minimalist!!
    I have joined your blog followers..happy days. Ida

  14. I like that bag! It is so much like the Ferragamo I gave away recently. But I too find that I am happy to have less and less around.

  15. SSG- I think Nina Garcia has several books out...amazon will have them online.

    Fiona- I launder my lingerie every couple of days and use my Aveda Shampure shampoo.
    I find it much gentler than the machine and they last so much longer.

    Anne-Marie- A move must give you a great sense of what you own as you pack it up...and a new place to decorate is a fresh start!

    Linda in Chile- Oh I can just imagine the girls helping you...what a cute picture!

    Rebecca- There might be a vintage lacy silk slip or chemise in your future...keep you eyes open!

  16. the gardener's cottage- You impress me Janet! Lingerie makes me feel feminine and a wee bit French!

    Deja Pseu- I love the weight of pointe knits so I totally understand your purchase.

    La Vie Quotidienne- If you read as many wonderful blogs as I do it will rub off...that's been my experience.

    Tabitha- I believe that you are teasing us...I read your blog and you are adorable and have such an elegant style.

    Adrienne- It might get some play one day...it would be an afternoon high tea kind of bag...maybe with a hat on a summer's day.

    Suburban Princess- The shop is owned by an English gal with a passion for French lingerie and all things made with lace and silk...it is the only one not a chain.

  17. ida- Happy to have you aboard...
    I once found a genuine vintage Hermes bag which was a bargain but it smelled of mothballs and was so musty I could not imagine ever being able to use it so I left it behind...it occurred to me later that maybe Hermes would have refurbished it for a price.

    LPC- I remember that bag but it never twigged for me that it was like mine. I'll have to go back and look at the archived post.
    It is curious about having less...it feels honest and liberating.

  18. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    hahaha: My "Lucky" shopping manual' has a red bag on its cover (but the same content), and I thought: "I will give it to..." And the same urge to declutter I have in January too, and the same doubts... (but we have little "cool chambers" as we call them in our big house in Hildesheim, and when I cannot decide: there they go -- having the cake and ear it; not a quite convincing concept of decluttering...).

  19. Well, I´d say, that sell/donate the blue bag. No use saving someone else´s old stuff. I am very strict about something like this. Please forgive me, if my opinion upsets you. Now, if this were your own vintage bag and you liked it, but not toted it, I´d say, that give it to your daughter : )

  20. Britta- There must be a few Lucky covers in circulation...those cool chambers must be commodious...declutter no more!

    Metscan- I am not offended or upset....something is preventing me from parting with this bag...a feeling that is strong and I listen carefully...one day it might be revealed to me why I am hanging onto it.

  21. The bag is so pretty and of such lovely quality I can see why you keep it even though you don't carry it. You have inspired me - I have a day off today and I think I will start to weed out and cull! Looking forward to seeing your lingerie purchases. Do you have the make Prima Donna in Cananda (it is Italian) and I've found them to be such a good fit if you have more than 'mosquito bites' for boobs!!XX

  22. Semi Expat- I wear Prima Donna my brown and pink lace set is still going strong, and I love their nude soft bra, it's fabulous under knits and tees...I am planning on replacing it. I am looking for some more Chantelle from France...the shop has a sale on so I plan to keep an open mind!

    Happy weeding!

  23. That is a beautiful handbag. It is astonishing how fine the workmanship was around bags - now it is all about bling - or if it is finely crafted it's outrageously expensive. What a bag, what a find, and navy too. A treasure!

  24. L'age moyen- I do like BLING but I appreciate quality and happy to have found this handbag.