Monday, January 10, 2011


I mentioned that I was planning to go shopping for some new lingerie
for this expedition I like to wear comfy clothes that are easy to remove...

pointe black pants
Bjorn antiqued gold shoes
Talbots crisp white shirt
baroque pearls

The sun shone down from a clear blue sky and after the torrential rain that we have been experiencing I felt much lighter and brighter.
The sun has a way of imparting hope and happiness...
It's as if a sense of optimism has been restored.

I had a pleasant outing that involved a drive along a country road that offered up many wonderful and pastoral views of farmland and horses.

The shop was not too busy considering that they had their semi annual sale on.
Only one shop girl was there so I browsed the sale rack while I waited for the other customers to depart.
There was nothing on the clearance rack that would work for me,
I am not surprised as this is often the case.

My go to Prima Donna soft cup bra was not available in my size, they are on order so I will need to return when they call me.

I came home with these...

Valisiere ll
 extreme comfort
and superb support

matching panties

skin coloured
to virtually vanish under clothes

I already own this bra in black and love the fit
it is convertible
cross straps in back
remove for a strapless look
incredibly uplifting
best of all
it's so unbelieveably comfortable

(forgive me for the photo please the cups do look deflated!)

floral detail

that stay put with
 soft and scalloped edging

 no matching panty was available

Hanky Panky
are great and comfortable

from a past expedition

 black and white
still loving these two colours together


  1. Le sigh! That Valisiere set is so lovely. I am going to reward myself for my weight loss with a La Perla set. It will by my first fancy-pants set of lingerie. You have inspired me to start shopping.

  2. La Belette Rouge- La Perla...oh I am swooning!
    Happy shopping...Jamie Cat Callan and Cheryl Fortier inspired me to buy it continues...

  3. I need new underwear too. But I was figuring I'd just go to Target:(.

  4. hi leslie,

    all i can say is that mr hb is a lucky man for sure. you are v sweet AND sexy!


  5. Beautiful pearl necklace and I really like how you planned an outfit that would be simple to put on a take off during your search. You found some lovely lingerie to purchase. I have found only one bra that fits me well and it's Prima Donna. I just got rid of the other ones taking up room in my drawer and have committed to PD, but perhaps I'll have to give Valisiere a try next time I'm in need of a new bra.

    Hanky Panky is the only brand of panties I wear. They are so cute and comfortable. I feel very girlie in them. I asked Santa for some for Xmas and he thankfully delivered!

    Have fun with your new lacy goodies....oh, and I did notice Pepper's cute little paw in the white bra photo. Too cute!

  6. LPC-Let me just say that I am an ample gal and need serious support in this area so I need the engineering that these designs offer! I am not a lingerie snob....more like a special needs shopper :)

    the gardener's cottage- I feel that I am the lucky Mr. HB doesn't begrudge me my lacy habit :)

    Adrienne- I have 2 Prima Donna bras and they are superior in so many ways...don't be afraid to try the Valiserie as they fit like the PD's and are slightly less expensive.

    Hanky Panky are fabulous...Santa is a very clever fellow:)

    Pepper was going crazy when I put the lingerie on the bed to take pictures! I had to reshoot several times as she was all over them!

  7. What, no modeling? ;) Lovely smalls!

    A caution re Pepper and your lace: I had a cat who ate any lace- could even jump to a door ledge and then traverse a shower ledge get to drying lingerie.

  8. What lovely lingerie...lace, so beautiful and I am a fan of nude colored 'undies' although almost all of mine are black. I think these items are all very parisian in inspiration and very elegant.

  9. This certainly is a post for women, but I wish some men would read this too. I have lingerie by Lise Charmel, the best, most beautiful and most durable. Your Hanky Pankies are lovely!

  10. SSG-Thank you...I see you've been shopping too!

    Duchesse- Oh your cat had such good taste :) I am modest so Duchesse, the modelling is only done in private!

    La Vie Quiotidienne- I think black is a very sexy choice!

    metscan- I will research Lise Chamel...thanks for the tip.

  11. Wow! Isn't hanky panky great? I can't figure out why they are so comfortable...but they are. (Can't write about them on my own blog b/c my students sometimes read it!)

  12. frugal scholar- I agree about the comfort factor and they really wear well.
    I haven't mentioned my blog to the students at school so I think I am safe!

  13. Love the Valisiere set. Beautiful!

  14. Kristine- Thank you...and welcome. I popped over to your for less, what a great theme!

  15. Beautiful new underwear. I agree with others that the Valisiere is stunning.

  16. Clearly I need to raise my underwear standards. I couldn't begin to describe what is sitting in my top drawer! What an inspiration!

  17. oh la la! I think I must have my own undie shopping spree! They are so lovely and I'm sure they make you feel that way!

  18. Fiona- The good news is that they do not cost the earth.

    L'age moyen- I have fewer sets and handwash these gems to keep then going longer!

    mimi- I do feel prettier wearing my other clothes are very basic.
    I wish you a joyous shopping expedition!

  19. Love the lingerie Hostess- so chic and feminine! We must be on the same blogging wavelength. Absolutely beautiful xx

  20. The Daily Connoisseur- Surrounding myself with a wee bit of luxury to elevate the pedestrian...:) Who doesn't love a little bit of lace ?

  21. Sorry, Hostess thought I had commented so am rather late! But wanted to say what lovely purchases and so glad you like Prima Donna too. Hanky Pankies look wonderful - don't think they are in Australia or in Uk - might be wrong but I will try and find them online. x

  22. Semi Expat- They are available online so happy shopping!