Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soups on.....

What could be better than supping on soup on a cold winter day?
Ina has persuaded me to embrace my Inner French Girl...
put on an apron and COOK!

I made this and it is tasty
so great that I am adding it to my repertoire
I could serve this to company
it is guest worthy...
just add bread.

Ina uses a food mill and I cheat with this contraption
works a treat
easy clean up
so I am done in half the time.

Soup is soul food
it warms and comforts all that ails
very affordable
a great tonic to the over indulgence of the holidays

easy to take to work for lunches
freeze in smaller batches for nights when you need to pull off something fast and easy
and make it look like you've been toiling all day

as Martha would say...
they're a good thing!

Look for some opportunities to bring comfort to someone this weekend...
be it a bowl of homemade soup
  running an errand for a senior that lives alone
 calling a family member that you have been neglecting
cheering up a friend 
helping out at your local soup kitchen

you will feel better for it...


  1. hi leslie,

    we live on soup. it is so easy and economical too. i will do a good deed in your honor today.


  2. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    I do love soups (cooking and eating), because they are, as you say, soul-warming. I have two specialities - a Minestrone and a pumpkin-soup (that one IS from Martha Stewart!:-) and the good thing is: if you do a double portion, you can freeze it up, for a rainy day... And here in Berlin they have a beautiful little Bistro where they serve soups with a 'knack' so I put it down in my little notebook: dried snack prunes, cut into little pieces, on a lentil soup: delicious!

  3. We love our homemade soup here, soup and porridge are the two foods I need in january more than any others.

    You have reminded me to ring that family member.

  4. Winter is the time to lend comfort. Canadian writer Stevie Cameron has cooked at a soup kitchen and makes everything from scratch. She says people on the street rarely get really good food, so she makes wonderful soups for them. I love that!

  5. Your posts count as comfort. Thank you.

  6. Love soup and I bet this one from Ina is great...all of her recipes are good. I have never made squash soup, I guess I need to try it. Have a great weekend!

  7. the gardener's cottage- Hmm...I thought it might be cookies and soy milk :) I know it's cheeky but your last post made me think this!

    Britta- I love the idea of those prune bits atop lentil soup...and maybe you'll treat us to a soup recipe soon?

    Belinda @ Wild Acre- I think it's our weather...have you ever topped your oatmeal with Canadian maple syrup? It rocks!

    Duchesse- We need all the volunteers we can get helping the needy...Stevie Cameron is an angel and we should all "take a page from her book."

    LPC- Oh dear Lisa...I wish I could do more for you right strong, you are loved.

    La Vie Quotidienne- I think you'll enjoy it and there will be some to freeze for another day...ina's really got a great sense when it comes to what works in the kitchen and how best to kind of gal!
    I think I'll ask for her new book for my birthday.
    You have fun too Adrienne...I'm still swooning over your fabric decoration project .

  8. That is my fave cookbook and one of my fave soups! I make big batches of it all winter :O)
    It's my go-to book for any kind of entertaining...I always ask WWID...what would Ina do!?

  9. Suburban Princess- Ina is great and her recipes are easy to follow...she has a chocolate torte recipe which is a grand slam winner...have you tried it?

  10. A good thing Indeed! I made a big batch of Tomato Florentine and froze half of it, your squash soup looks so comforting...mmmmmm....

  11. mimi- and some day when you are busy or weary you can pull that Tomato soup out for an easy peasy dinner :)

  12. I have this cookbook and this is one of my favorite soups. Soup is my favorite meal, add some good bread and I could eat it every day.

  13. I LOVE soup making and that stick blender makes soup making so easy. I just used mine about a half an hour ago to make mashed cauliflower. I LOVE the stick blender and I don't think it is cheating at all, I just think you are very clever.xo

  14. Julianne- We could feed the hungry...

    La Belette Rouge- I used it for cauliflower on the South Beach Diet as a mashed potato wanna be....XO right back at you :)