Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Friend and artist...Cheryl Fortier

Cheryl Fortier is a BC artist and a personal friend
she spends time in her Vancouver BC studio
and in Auvilar, France as a host for the VCCA

She lives aboard a classic Chris Craft in False Creek
she has a lovely husband, dear friend to mine...
a skilled I.T. guy, photographer, navigator, scotch drinker and wine connoisseur...

Seen here about to partake in fresh Dungeness Crab Cakes...
caught by Mr. HB one of the the best crab hunters and catchers I have known.

The Humble Bungalow Hostess's specialty at anchor...
crab cakes served with my BFF 's amazing ginger dip.

Cheryl is at home on the sea

prawns anyone?

Mr. HB and I have enjoyed many a cruise together with Cheryl and her hubby
theirs is the large Chris Craft 
originally powered by 3 motors
we are the smaller vessel
powered by two
sharing an anchorage 
tied together
going nowhere
and somewhere
sharing time
and ebbing
on the tides

Cruising is all about the journey
and we are steering a course
of friendship

                                          We are fortunate to have a few pieces of her work....

Cabbage Island, BC 

I commissioned her paint the Humble Bungalow
 a gift to my husband a few years back for Christmas
she has captured it brilliantly.

                                                         She has been very generous...

 watercolour of a totem 
 Queen Charlotte Islands, BC
which has a place of honour in our dining room

fresh from France
circa 2011

Poppies painted on antique French linen
framed floating in glass
with the Humble Bungalow green paint in the bathroom as a backdrop!

I fell in love...
"still life with apples"
wave pattern china
(which we both have and use on our vintage Chris Crafts)

I purchased this on a surprise visit to her studio during the Vancouver Eastside Cultural Crawl.

here she is cooking in the Humble Bungalow
French cuisine

she's so beautiful...

looking very chic
on a cold winter walk

her smile is bright and genuine
she has a passion for colour 
evidenced in her art
clothing and accessories

she embraces life with zest 
I find that trait enviable and admirable
balanced and strengthened with the practice of Yoga
she embodies grace
her spirit is light
 she's started a new blog 
please go visit and say hi 
it's her birthday...

say that I sent you!

Happy Birthday Cheryl
Hugs from the Hostess!


  1. Oh I will hot foot it over there Hostess. How wonderful to have such a good friend and what a talented friend too... x

  2. Lucky you to have this beautiful friendship Hostess. Great friends are to be cherished. Cheryl is an extremely talented artist.

  3. wow, what a lovely tribute to your beautiful friend leslie. i love her paintings, i think my favorite is of your house. your house and garden is so pretty. i will pop over now and say hello.


  4. Just back from your lovely friend Cheryl's blog..what beautiful eyes she has.

    I love the poppies on the linen,had never heard of painting on linen before!

    The green of your bath room is delightful. Ida x

  5. What a talent she is and what a lovely life she has. And how sweet of you to introduce us to your lovely friend.

  6. such a gracious introduction and tribute to your friend. Artists truly enrich our lives, don't they, as do our friends. . . any plans to visit her in France? you must have dreamed about doing so . . .

  7. I love her work! She captured the color and texture of the totem so well, and that must have been quite a technical challenge.

    What a lovely part of the world you live in too - so green and lush (I'm more used to the rocky Atlantic side).

  8. Your gifts and interests fit together so harmoniously! A lovely celebration of your dear friend.

  9. I can see by your comments that her work and talents are appreciated by a wide audience...she is also a wonderful cook and hostess....tonight someone else will be cooking and she will be the guest.

    Materfamilias-in amswer to your question... I have given it some thought!

  10. You introduced your friend in the most wonderful way :) She must be so pleased.
    You two seem to get so well together, your friendship reciprocal, just the way it should be!

  11. Chère hostess
    You have brought tears to my eyes. I am blessed and honored to have you as a friend, Mr HB also. Thank you for the best birthday gift ever.

    Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic comments, they will add energy to my brushstrokes!

    Amitiés et bises xoxo

  12. Oh - forgot to say that I am soooooooo excited that you have thought about coming to France!

  13. metscan- She was pleased as you can see by her comments!

    Cheryl- I am happy that you enjoyed this post.

  14. Love all your friends paintings, but my favorite is the one of your cottage. And you both use china on your vintage Chris Crafts...there's something so cool about that and I'm not even a boat person.

  15. annie- I actually started her collection...the china is virtually unbreakable so great for the high seas! Happy that you stopped by to chat.