Monday, January 24, 2011

I've been tagged.....and 5 more...

Deja Pseu has listed the 5 things that she does not leave home without and now she has tagged me.

5 things that I don't leave home without...

# 1. House keys (and car keys if I plan to drive)

#2. My cellphone (for emergencies only)

#3. Kleenex...when I go for my walks especially!

#4. Glasses...reading and sunglasses if it's sunny.

#5. Suitable clothing ( that's a given!)  foundation, mascara, and lip gloss...wallet and/or handbag.

Looks like a lot more than 5...
Now to tag other bloggers...which I find tricky
if I mention your blog 
please do not feel that you need to respond,
only do so if you would enjoy sharing!


  1. Thanks, hostess! Those are very sensible choices. I never think to take Kleenex and often wish I had with me.

  2. I love reading and doing stuff like this - so fun!

    That wallet is beautiful.

    Is that your Aveda lipstick you told me about the other day? I've got to try that.

    Thank you for tagging me!


  3. Dear Hostess, How very practical your list sounds. My glasses are permanently on my nose otherwise I am sure that they should be forgotten and I certainly never leave the house without mascara.....I have no wish to frighten little children in the street!!

  4. I hate finding myself without Kleenex. Somehow it always happens when I'm driving my car. I ought to put some in the glove compartment - thanks for the reminder.

  5. Deja Pseu- I often think I should return to lacy edged hankies...they seem so much more elegant :)

    Adrienne- I have Aveda berry lip tint and Chanel...the Chanel is Legende and the Chanel gloss is the small to read the name and i have forgotten!

    Edith Hope- Yes! must not scare the wee ones now! I am very close to purchasing prescrition sunglasses...not quite there yet but close!
    Eyesight is so essential and it seems to be failing rather rapidly as I advance in age.

    LPC- Ah yes the car, I have an entire box in will probably be there for years!

  6. Me too. Lipstick, sunglasses and tissues!