Saturday, January 15, 2011

and the book goes to...

It's just past 10:00 and we have drawn a name of the lucky recipient of the giveaway book.

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I was going to use a bag but decided on the pudding bowl instead


Mr. HB drew a name

please email me with your address and I'll pop this book in the Post for you.

It's been a blissful day

Mr. HB and I had an fabulous afternoon at the Spa.
We both gave each other Spa gift certificates for Christmas, which was a surprise and a coincidence.

We relaxed in the mineral pool before having hot stone massages. These were followed by a delicious dinner out in the historic dining room of Hotel where the Spa is located.
We enjoyed our meal with one glass of wine and many glasses of water, which we were advised to drink to help with the detoxification that accompanies a massage.

I started with a mushroom risotto and had the vegetarian meal which was a crepe filled with quinoa, kale, beets, beans and topped with a carrot puree.

Mr. HB started with crab bisque and for his main had Seafood Mac n' Cheese...we were too full for dessert and the effects of the massages were making us feel very weary so we declined dessert and ate the two wee truffles and macarons that were presented with the bill and left for home.

I do go fairly regularly for pedicures and facials but I do not often opt for massage.
These treats are something that I do not feel guilty about, I save in other areas so I can indulge once in awhile...and in Marissa's book she also suggests saving for what you love and economizing on things that do not matter to you.

Last year we experienced the hot stone massage while on holiday at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, B.C. at the Ancient Cedars Spa The scenic location and wonderful amenities offered here are of the highest quality.
To get us in the mood we were seated outdoors in adirondack chairs wrapped in terry robes covered with blankets, our feet soaking in shallow bowls of warm scented water. The view of the ocean was breathtaking and beautiful. Our treatments were performed side by side in an airy room high up overlooking the beach with the sound of the surf surging on the shore.
Such a luxury and one that was new to us, which has left us craving for more.

I highly recommend this destination should you ever find yourself travelling to these parts.

I am taking a large bottle of water to my bedroom and will be snug under the duvet in a matter of minutes....

Sweet dreams and hope that your weekend has moments of bliss.


  1. Dear Ms Leslie, You set such an excellent example! I do love a facial and a massage - however afterwards I generally feel quite unsafe to drive I am so relaxed. Unfortunately, I think I would have to rugby tackle Mr LiC and tie him to a chair to undertake a joint day at a spa. Even if I could point out the savings in other areas, he would go on and on about impending financial ruin etc etc. He comes from a long line of Scots bankers...

  2. I ♥ the "surprise and coincidence" of it all. Your description is so enticing that I THINK I felt a residual benefit :)

  3. Congrats Julianne.

    Oh your spa day sounds beautiful Hostess. Massages are pure joy, just wish I could indulge every week. Now that would be lovely don't you agree!

  4. Almost forgot to mention the new blog layout, I think it's terrific Hostess and I love the grey tones.

  5. Congratulations, Julianne!

    Aren't hot stone massages wonderful?? I had my first one when we were in Mexico in November. I wish I could get le monsieur to go for an occasional massage; he'd benefit from the relaxing effects.

  6. Hello Hostess Leslie

    Your new look is wonderful - extremely stylish.
    I'm with you on spa treatments, I want all of it right now.

    We are in London, and I'm thinking I'd rather go to Bath to the Roman Baths there and indulge in the full spa experience, than go and see Oxford and Cambridge.

    I can really feel my inner Gladiator right now, my feet probably look just like the Romans' feet did when THEY got to Bath, way back when. (The cold here in Europe really dries your feet out).

    I'll keep you posted if I get my way (I have spent a day and a half at the London Boat Show - so I believe I've earned a day of pampering), and I'll tell you all about it.
    Louise from Townsville

  7. I love your new blog layout...classic and elegant, just like you! Congratulations to the winner on the give-away.(-: Sounds like the day at the spa was wonderful.

  8. And now you are grey! Very dignified. I like it. Congrats to the winner and I couldn't agree more on the benefits of massage.

  9. Hi Leslie, I love your new ardoise template.

    A spa visit is a wonderful gift.

    I'm in Florida now and have a lot to catch up on.

    I'm sure the lucky winner will enjoy the book. Congratulations to her!

    I would love to do a givaway myself; I don't have many followers so the odds for winning will be good. lol

  10. your spa visit sounds wonderful! Haven't been to Wickanninish for years (decades?). Keep meaning to get up that way. . . Congrats to your winner.

  11. Dear Hostess,your spa day sounds heavenly. Mr B is just like Mr linda in Chile - he would not like it at all and would hate to be poked and prodded, he hates massage -v english and repressed I suppose. I have given you a Stylish Blogger Award, please check over at mine. Hey, hi Louise - we went to Bath for the day last year (but not to the spa, obviously)

  12. Linda in Chile- If Mr. LIC was to try it he would probably like it! Mr. HB is from the very serious Scottish gene pool...and after trying it once he has been converted!

    Rebecca- I do hope your onto something...

    Anne- Marie- Weekly massages would necessitate a second job so I'll stick with my sporadic slpurges!

    Deja Pseu- I have a sneaky feeling if your husband tried it he'd realize just what he is missing.

    fromnorthofqld- Oh a boat show...Mr. HB will be envious! Have fun with your meet up with Blighty..and do keep us posted.

  13. La Vie Quotidienne- After viewing your recent redecorating project I am in awe of your thanks a bunch for the nod on my new blog facelift!

    LPC- The look does not shout out look at feels much more comfortable.

    the duchessof H- Florida land of Sunshine...what a lovely respite from the Canadian winter...and a giveaway is something fun, I'd like to do them more often.

    materfamilias- If the road was not so winding we would go much more frequently...I suppose we could fly in on a seaplane like so many others.

    Blighty- I appreciate the blog award but I must confess I am a failure at following through on many of the requirements...I never participate in those chain letters please forgive me.
    I did enjoy reading those priceless 7 things that you wrote about :)

  14. The spa day and delicious dinner sounds like a perfect way to spend the day with the one you love!

  15. I'm not sure I could get my hubs into a spa, but it sounds like a dreamy day!

  16. Catherine@AGardenerinProgress- It is always more fun when you have someone to share it with and up until recently I would go with a girlfriend.

    Belinda @ Wild Acre- This is a new side of Mr.HB, I must confess that I like the change!

  17. I hear that BC has lots of amazing spas! What a great gift idea! Angie xo

  18. Angie@Echoes of Laughter- I never thought about that...maybe you are right.

  19. Sounds live a wonderful day. I so love going to a spa. Thank you everyone, I have never won a giveaway and I am quite excited!

  20. Julianne- I haven't won a giveaway but do so enjoy the thought of winning!
    I'm happy to send the book to you.