Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheryl Fortier, food and friends....

Friend and talented artist Cheryl Fortier gave us this wonderful painting for Christmas...
she has recently returned from Auvilar, France where she and her husband have been staying for the past few months.
The landscape surrounding this charming and quaint village is beautiful and has obviously inspired her to paint these pretty poppies blooming on the hillside.
She used antique linen that she found at a local market in Auvilar for her "canvas"

Poppies in France

Cheryl Fortier 
has given me permission to post these images
now hanging here
in our Humble Home.


masquerading as a necklace

my hair has grown
and I have been using a flat iron
I am able to put it in a ponytail
which I love 
especially for Yoga 
and working in the garden and around the bungalow.

the guests have departed
the Christmas tree has been taken down
decorations are stowed

the washing machine is whirling
 the dryer humming
tea is at hand
the house feels empty

(Pepper's asleep!)

 New Years Eve highlights...

Humble Bungalow Lemon Drop
to start...

paired with 
Spot Prawns
Ginger mayonnaise

Table before the New Years Eve Crabfest

 Dungeness Crab
served with melted butter and lemon wedges
 Arugula salad with crumbled bacon, grated Manchego
and a vinagrette made by Cheryl

simple fare
great company
a recipe for success

 to finish...
Wine Poached Pears
 served with Coconut Milk Bliss ice cream
Suzanne B
one of our dinner guests brought this yummy dessert.

On the horizon...
healthy food
reading the many books that are on my "to read" shelf
 shopping for lacy unmentionables
bits and bobs 
and other

Hope that your new year is off to a great start!


  1. Everything looks wonderful Hostess, love the painting (a very special gift) and especially your longer hair which definately suits you.
    I hear you regarding departing visitors. My house is quite and I'm enjoying catching my breath until the next bunch of relatives arrive!

  2. Anne-Marie- Thank you for your comment about my hair...
    I have heard much talk about older women only sporting short cuts, but I feel much better with longer hair.

  3. Your welcome Hostess. I've grown my hair to shoulder length after years of short pixie styles and am relishing the diversity of up do's and splashing out on hair clips plus it does not hurt when I receive favourable comments. So yes embrace your longer locks Leslie and enjoy!

  4. Hostess, the hair looks great!

  5. LPC- I thank you...that last image I glimpsed of you in that NY setting... was grace X the 10th power! I am a wanna be...

  6. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    Happy New Year to you! I see you entered it fabulously and with style! The haircut looks beautiful - and of course the painting and your dinner table too!

  7. What a lovely gift...very impressionist in feeling. I love the way that you tied your scarf, elegant; I have never seen one tied that way before. And, your hair is great! Such a classic style and it looks wonderful on you. Fun post full of all kinds of neat things.(-:

  8. So great to see You! I think that the length is now just ok to keep your hair loose, or on a ponytail. Charming!
    Take time to relax now, you have very much earned it!!

  9. Britta- Happy New Year!

    La Vie Quotidienne- The scarf tying was something that just happened when I was getting dressed! I have seen two scarves knotted together in a similar manner.

    metscan- I am relaxing today and planning a leisurely walk with a friend and her terrier. I also like seeing You on your newly updated blog!

  10. new years eve crabfest! wow! that sounds amazing! I wonder if i could convince my husband that we need a new New Years Eve tradition!?
    Michelle from Ivory Vintage Market

  11. Love the idea of the feast on NYE! And your hair looks great too... Wonderful painting. I love it. x

  12. IVM- We have spent many NYE's out at restaurants and now find dinner at home with close friends works for us...and crab is one of our favourites.
    Hope that your husband is easy to convince!

    Semi Expat- The painting was an unexpected gift and I love it too!

  13. dearest hostess with the mostess pretty hair! i love your new style leslie. it suits you beautifully. your evening sounds wonderful. here is to a new fun year.


  14. the gardener's cottage- Janet, I am with you all the way with the FUN factor..a great goal for 2011. Glad you like the new longer hair...I am enjoying the versatility of this style.

  15. Your hair looks lovely, and I think the length is perfect. I love the short, low ponytail you can create with a bob.

    Your dinner and drinks menu looks most delicious.

  16. Happy New Year Leslie, your hair looks great! Oddly enough, we also had crab, and Perrier Jouet on New Years Eve. lol. I have a Christofle Perrier Jouet silver tray that I use to serve it. I usually get Alaskan King crab from a friend that owns 'The LosterTrap Restaurant' in Toronto; but this year I found some amazing Alaskan Red Crab.

    wishing you, and yours, all the best in 2011.


  17. duchess of H- great minds think alike...
    decorating and moving into your new home and the handbag project with Hermes is a great way to start 2011.
    Happy New Year Donna.