Monday, January 17, 2011

Pepper...and Blighty

I call her my little mischief maker these days
here she is lying on top of the leather loveseat as close as she is allowed to be to the counter where the cooktop is located.
I spend a lot of time at the stove and she likes to be near me...
I do not want her to walk across the halogen elements,
I shudder to think how awful that would be.

notice her paw is just testing me to see if I'll react!

she loves to get into things...
my grocery bags for example

I don't know how long she was playing in here before I found her
long enough for me to get my camera and capture a few images...
Later on
I went grocery shopping and took these bags as is my habit.

I don't always shop at Thrifty Foods although it is the closest option,
my favourite market is near work 
about a 30 minute drive from the Bungalow.
 I like the insulation these bags offer to keep the cold things cold for the drive home.

Imagine the shock when the clerk opened the bags and spied a small grey mouse hiding in the bottom of the bag...
and when she showed it to me...
I screamed...
VERY loudly
and all within earshot came running to see what we were all in a tizzy about...

I totally embarrassed myself 
and when I got over the shock and humiliation
I saw the humour in the situation

 I am home and the groceries are put away
and Pepper has her mouse back...
she will be having surgery soon
 I feel a little like an anxious mother
she still seeems so young and vulnerable

 the adoption agreement 
requires that the pet will be spayed
and of course that's what we'll do
I am a responsible pet owner

I saw a TV show recently about feral cats that live on the street
the volunteers that feed them 
and the vets who spay them before returning them back to their neighbourhoods
it's a huge problem

I know in my heart it's the right thing to do
I can't help feeling worried about Pepper
she has carved a spot in my heart
she is a constant companion

Blighty has given me a blogger award
Thank you
and after watching the Golden Globes...
 I feel that I must step up to the plate.

As requested I am to post 7 things about myself

I do not own a red carpet dress, 
I am wearing dark denim jeans, a black 3/4 sleeved tee and my standard issue pearls

I was a member of the Junior League when we had an active chapter here in town
I loved being involved in the many worthy causes that the League supported and the network of women working together taught me much.

I am a list maker and in my daybook I note our nightly dinner menus and have done since 1979

I do not have a sweet tooth although I do enjoy the occasional chocolate...

I have recently bleached my my dentist recommended.
He made an impression of my teeth and provided some solution to be used every other day for 2 weeks
it worked!

I cannot leave the house without wearing tinted foundation, mascara and lip gloss.

I do not like washing my car...
hence the floor mats are littered with leaves and there is a fine film of dirt on the body
as it has been a few months since I took it to the car wash.

I am meant to tag 15 bloggers now and here is where it gets tricky for me...
I do not want to add any obligation
if you want to post on this please do so and leave a comment 
I will pop over and read 
your 7 things...
I hope Blighty that you do not judge me too harshly :(


  1. I send my best wishes for Pepper's safety for her necessary surgery, and a speedy recovery. So funny finding her mouse in the bag at the supermarket.

    Perhaps I might post 7 things on my blog later this evening, just to help you out. Note thing number one, I have a hard time talking about myself! ;)

  2. I'm sure the biggest problem relating to Pepper's surgery will be making her take it easy for a few days! :) Love the mouse in the bag story...

  3. Hi. I don't know whether this will make you feel any better about taking Pepper to the vet. Years ago I had a little cat from a neighbouring farm. She was the sweetest little thing, slim and black, but very, very friendly. We were very fond of her. We discussed having her 'done' but decided we would let her have one litter, and keep one kitten for company for her. We kept a lovely, fluffy little boy who turned into a bully!! He would never let her eat in peace, always wanted what she had, pushed her out of the way which was quite easy once he outgrew her. He would hiss and snarl at her, and eventually she was just not there when we arrived home one night. He still was. We don't know whether she left home because she was fed up of being bullied, or whether something happened to her. The 'bully' was run over about a year later, and it took years before I could face having a cat again. When I did, I took another farm kitten, and he lived for almost 18 years!
    What I'm getting at, I suppose, is that you never know what you're going to get. We just love them anyway!

  4. My sister-in-law has been "gathering" feral cats and taking them to the vet for spaying. The numbers keep growing. You are doing the right thing.

  5. Pepper in a cooler is one cool cat!;-) I am sending good and healing thoughts to Pepper.xo

  6. I think I might have screamed too Hostess!
    Of course you are doing the best for Pepper. No-one likes to hear the heartbreaking stories of numerous abandoned cats and dogs being put down. Every dog I've owned was spayed and were absolutely fine afterwards. I'm positive you will give her the TLC she requires post-op.

  7. Have you ever gone back and look at your old menus? That would be so neat to see how your food habits have changed over the years! Great post! Happy New Year!! Angie xo

  8. Such a funny Pepper story! She is one busy, long-legged, big-eyed kitty. I love that you adopted her instead of buying a kitten from a pet store or breeder. Those types of surgeries usually have few complications - but I'll still be sending warm fuzzy thoughts northward anyway :)

  9. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    the pictures and tales about Pepper make me really long for a cat of my own... But then I tell me: we are in a big flat now - no possibility for her to go out except on a big balcony - I think that's not enough for a wild animal. And besides: where would she catch a mouse to 'surprise' me?

  10. I am sure Blighty won't judge you at all Hostess... I agree, have been recently nominated for a couple of awards and have yet to even post about them though have thanked the givers...Your Pepper is adordable - Mr SE and I love her..x

  11. There was little sleep last night as Pepper kept removing her "buster" collar and was restless, so I confined her to one room and tried to keep her company and comfy...little sleep for the I need to get some coffee and have some cat naps myself...yawn.

  12. Thank you for spaying! And consider releasing any sense of humiliation; a good mouser is an asset.

  13. Love and best wishes to Pepper for a speedy recovery. I hope she will be back to her adorable self in no time. It is a worry when our babies have to go in for surgery, but you're doing the right thing.