Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good News Bad News...

Who knew that Bonne Maman...
apricot is now available with 30% less sugar?

with thoughts of health this is Good News...

  a healthy weight is desirable 
hypothyroid disease
 hampers this goal
making it somewhat elusive
 my metabolism
is sluggish
even with medication

I have little interest in "working out"
when sweating is involved

my routine must be gentle 

 Yoga, walking and swimming
my joints make themselves known
 with searing pains that keep me awake at night
osteo arthritis has set into my hips 
my knees creak and click
but I do not want to complain...

here's the Bad News...

 has reared it's ugly head
 at work
our upbeat and fit secretary has breast cancer
she will be away while she undergoes post surgical radiation
there is a dark cloud hanging over our school
it's as if we are holding our collective breath
hoping for good news

in the Bungalow we have been touched by cancer
 in our immediate family 
and that of close friends
some have lost their fight 
others continue their struggle
some are in remission
 a few have passed the 5 year mark have been told they are "cured"

We must do all that we can to ward off and protect ourselves from this insidious disease...
attitude and perspective are important
moderation is essential
schedule regular check ups and annual mammograms
performing monthly breast exams 
taking charge of our health and listening to our gut feelings
being aware of things that might be different or unusual

so working towards improvement:

eating smaller portions
healthier food choices
reducing stress
and worrying less

engaging in physical activity 
that does not exacerbate a pre-exisiting condition
it shouldn't hurt
or damage
what is vulnerable

getting enough rest
being positive
engaging in fun activities
learning something new
dabbling in a hobby
adopting a pet
fostering your social life by
cultivating and nurturing friendships

balancing all activity
with some personal quiet time

 excitement ensues!

a new book
about fabulous vintage clothing 
a shop
a Frenchwoman
and romance...

I hope that you have something great to read...
and someone with whom you can share your thoughts and fears.

I sincerely hope that this post which is rather dark 
has not cast a dark cloud your way

 a very good friend of mine used to say...
This too shall pass


  1. Oh Hostess

    On the contrary, your post has been thought provoking and life affirming. My thoughts and prayers are with your secretary.

    We have Bonne Marman in Australia too. I'm currently getting through a jar myself. Except we have a red check on the lids here. I'll look out for the lower sugar variety.

    I hope you have a good weekend.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Very wise words again from you Hostess.... Do so hope that your colleague at work beats this but it will be a difficult mountain to climb - emotionally and physically. x

  3. Leslie

    I hear you...well said and well timed. Each time cancer passes our lips and our hearts it is like a deep sigh that shakes us to the core. I ache for those who suffer, it is a terrible disease. A friend fought every form of it for the past 20 years. She was a remarkable woman who beat the odds everyday. Strength, courage, humour and the love and support of the her family and friends allowed her to turn 5 years into 20. She was blessed to have all of it. She is a constant reminder to me to be thankful for everyday. Your post has not sent a dark cloud but is a reminder to look for the silver lining and appreciate it in full.

    Best wishes Leslie :)

    Jeanne xx

  4. *Thoughtful and true reflections...I jotted down the book title. *I've been fishing around for the "just right" novel to read. *After tea (and coffee) with a two friends the past two days, I realize the value of friendship and of taking time to share space, words, laughter and tears with them. You are right about nurturing those valuable friendship... *I am CLUELESS about Bonne Maman. *I am saddened with you re. your friend at work. *"Smell the roses" (as they say) and be at peace.

  5. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    it is always good to name things as they are. I hope very much that your school secretary will win the fight. Hearing that puts things into perspective, doesn't it?
    I will read the book you recommended (I just finished the third Molly Keane novel).
    To Bonne Maman (which I like): 30% less sugar: I don't know. When they managed to do it with more fruit: fine. If they replaced the sugar bei artificial sweeteners: bad. In that case I would spread "the real thing" a bit thinner, meaning taking the one with sugar. (Interesting book: Eating Well For Optimum Health, by Dr. Andrew Weil - though I prefer his "8 Weeks to Optimum Health")

  6. It's always good to take a step back and do a balance check. It was after I had my thyroid cancer (cured, so far) that we decided to quit talking about "someday" and start traveling yearly. We none of us know how much healthy time we'll be given, so rather than worry I choose to take care of myself as best I can and enjoy the rest.

  7. Thank you for posting on pain and loss, as well as "happy" topics. (IMO we avoid it, and yet it's intensely part of life.) The' healthy living' rules help- especially not smoking- and one's health is also highly influenced by genetics.

  8. Your post has not cast a dark cloud at all...such wise words and makes us all pause for a moment and think. On my recent trip back to CT I found out my very dear friend has cancer and began treatments just before Christmas. I take your advice to heart and I know I will be thinking about this throughout the day...and it's just beginning here in California.

  9. The older we get and as we go through illnesses and loss we realize how important it is to live life to the fullest within the capabilities granted to will never be perfect, but striving to be healthy in all ways is so important. Thank you also for the book review, it looks really cute.

  10. I soak up your wise words and advice and thank you for them. We all need wise women in our lives and I think you are becoming one in mine. xx

  11. Thank you for a thoughtful post L. Sad news for your secretary, I wish her well.

  12. There is a silver lining in even dark clouds. It will be 14 years since my last treatment for breast cancer on the 9th of February! I swim three days a week, shower in the nude and had both breasts removed. I hope that I give hope to other women and girls at the pool.
    When you have cancer you desperately seek normalcy! Thank you for reminding me how precious life is and to never take any moment for granted. Peg

  13. This too will pass.
    There is so much relief in those few words. I am glad, that you are able to express your emotions, the whole scale of emotions. It is your source of strength.
    Wishing your friend all the best.

  14. SSG- We also have the checkered topped variety of Bonne Maman...I have those as well. this newer less sugar variety has more fruit and they are labelled as spread.
    I am relieved that this post was received in a positive light...thank you.

    Semi Expat- One of the office staff has spoken with her and the surgery went well and the outlook is very promising.

    Jeanne- It does inspire us to live fuller and embrace all the gifts that life has to offer....your friend sounds like an amazing woman.

    Rebecca- I have tea/coffee regularly with friends and that connection is so important...hope that you enjoy the book.

    Britta- I enjoyed 8 weeks to optimum health as well...the lower sugar Bonne Maman has more fruit so it's healthier.
    Molly Keane's books are such a great read.

    Deja Pseu- You are an inspiration and the conscious choices that you are making to seize the day are a lesson to us all.

    Duchesse- I forgot to mention those two important points...avoidance is a strategy that I have employed on many occasions!

  15. Annie- I hope that your friend will reach out for support and connect with friends, sometimes patients isolate themselves out of fear, so if you do not hear from her...please initiate contact and all you need to do is listen.
    I hope that her prognosis is a positive one.

    La Vie Quitidienne- Adrienne I could not have said this any better than you.
    I wholeheartedly agree.

    Belinda @ Wild Acre- Why thank you...that is high praise of which I am unaccustomed to receiving...I hope not to disappoint!

    Fiona- She is a feisty gal and an optomist and these attributes should help her fight.

    Peg- You are an inspiration here...congratulations. Thank you for sharing something so personal, we can all benefit from your experience in the journey back to normalcy.

    metscan- It is interesting that one must experience saddness to know joy.

  16. we can all use a reminder that tomorrow is not promised.... make every day count and participate to the fullest in your health and life! thanks for the post... it just might lighten someones life if they heed the message.

  17. Stopping back in to report I was unable to locate that book (or any other by the author) in our rather extensive library system. BUT I discovered a book I hadn't read on my own shelves - "The Olive Farm" by Carol Drinkwater! It is an absolute delight. (I can't remember how/when I acquired it...

  18. mimi- Carpe are so right.

    Rebecca- I have all of Carol's books hows that for a a funny coincidence?