Friday, December 17, 2010

a tisket a tasket....a bountiful basket

Look what Mr. HB received from a client!
I am very impressed and delighted with this...

If you look closely you can see Pepper at the top right 
she snuck into the picture 
that will give you and idea of the size of this gift basket 

 happy faced gingerbread man!

The vastness of this gift necessitated that we open it 
 our  Bungalow has storage issues
I have all the contents on the dining room table for now.

The basket was created by...

with a flair for detail

two delicate morsels of decadent chocolate await tasting...

Look at all these wonderful goodies...
very useful
ladyfingers for my Xmas trifle
pastas, sauces, flavoured olive oil, 
marinated eggplant,
figs, chocolates, pannetonne,
marmalade, balsamic vinegar...

Christmas has come early to the Humble Bungalow!


  1. Aren't you nice this all is. Merry Christmas

  2. Good grief that's a lot of yumminess! Your husband must be very good at whatever he does to get that from a client...usually, it's the business person spoiling the client, not the other way around!

    How fun for you, Mr. HB and of course, Pepper.


  3. Impressive! It's fun to receive items that one might not normally "splurge" for, isn't it?

  4. Yummy!!! That looks fantastic. What a generous gift!

  5. Something as useful as this is really great to receive : )

  6. Gorgeous basket of delish goodies.. and how sweet that Pepper got in on the act too!! Enjoy! x

  7. Hello Janet,

    Louise from Townsville in disguise.

    I'm in Russia, it's minus 18C this morning, does that make you feel warm and cosy now?
    You would LOVE St Petersburg (perhaps not in Winter) it's so stylish and there is so much art.

    On to the reason for today's comment.

    1. I have now finished your second book recommendation on my Kindle: "In Pursuit of Happiness"
    You should have warned me about the ending, (tee hee), I got the shock of my life.

    2. RE:"Binging home the Birkin". I'm staying at a pretty flash hotel here in St Pete's and every day I see genuine Croc Birkins (in every colour) carried by young women. This is a story in itself, I'll get to it on my (VERY SLOW) blog. Without your book recommendation I would have missed the thrill of seeing the Birkins live and in action. Ta and cheers,

  8. Wow...I would be thrilled to. I can see you are going to have one very Merry Christmas at your the photo of Pepper too!!

    Best wishes Hostess to your and your family for a wonderful Christmas!!

    Jeanne xxx

  9. intownsville- Please call me Leslie...Janet is my blog friend from the gardener's cottage...she's lovely. Happy to hear that you liked Bringing Home the Birkin...keep warm in St.Petersberg.

  10. Wonderful ~Leslie
    I hope you can enjoy this with your friends and family and have a wonderful festive season. Its cold too here in Blighty today! heathrow airport closed all day -it must be bad!

    Best Wishes from one grammy to another on our first Christmas as such!

  11. aurora raby- Congratulations on being a grammy! Hope that you are keeping warm and cozy with all that snow.
    We have tucked into a few of the goodies already and they are very tasty...we will be sharing as there are just the two of us here in the Humble Bungalow.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  12. So nice! (I have to confess---I first search your posts for more pictures of Pepper!)

    Some of our relatives send us gift baskets...I look forward to them. We take them with us on our anniversary trip and snack on them in front of the fire in the Great Room at the Lodge we go to when we celebrate our anniversary. Merry Christmas!

  13. Staircase Witch-Pepper is making another appearance very soon.
    A basket of delectable food would be so appropirate for your anniversary getaway...and the lodge sounds cozy, rustic and perhaps historic.
    Enjoy your celebration.
    Happy Holidays!