Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas...and memories...

and memories...
of family celebrating together

no ordinary walking stick
this was
handmade by my father
he used it in his later years
mother gave it to me
when he died

he carved and varnished this piece of wood....
a former piece of driftwood that he found on the beach

I keep this stick by the front door in the entry hall beside the Westminster clock
it rarely gets moved...I only spied it this morning when looking for Pepper.

Dad always put an orange in the toe of our Christmas stockings
during the Great Depression oranges were like gold...

I wish 
you were here...
I see you in the light
and I can almost feel you
in this stick that you carved
If only you could be here in
 our Humble Bungalow again 
especially at Christmas
when we gather to celebrate
and honour our simple family
and partake of turkey and trimmings
pull crackers, wear hats and hold hands
secure in the knowlege that love lives here
but as this tear drops I know that it cannot be
another holiday will pass without you
and I will miss you.


  1. Yes, I know exactly how you feel...but of course he is still with you because he will always be in your heart. Wonderful, wonderful post and a loving tribute. Interesting how our minds ran together on our recent posts. I think we have both been well loved.

  2. Christmas is often a time to reflect on the past and yes sometimes we feel keenly the loved ones no longer with us.
    My dad liked to tell us a story about my grandfather sourcing oranges one Christmas during the depression and each child received this precious fruit from Santa. Obviously oranges were scarce or prohibitively expensive here as well.

  3. As someone already said, maybe I have already said it too, but I sense so strongly the feeling that you were a loved child, and that your childhood was a happy one. This theory of mine explains your kindness to each and everyone of us around you! Bless you!

  4. Dear Leslie,
    Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, and soulful, feeling creator of happiness: what a wonderful post! The elaborate form of your poem shows that the talent of your father to create things is not lost but given to you - and you are thankful.
    I can feel with you because this will be the first Christmas without my parents, lost both of them this year - but I am convinced they will be there. Form might be lost, words are lost - soul not.
    The scent of the oranges evoke reminiscences (for Husband they are the symbol of the Christmas season), and the feast is a contemplative one - so enjoy it with all your heart!

  5. (Given the freeze in Florida, oranges may again be precious next season!) The children in our church were given an orange and candy cane last Sunday along with a story about the "preciousness" of an orange in a child's life years ago...

    The bell shape of your text in the post was not lost on me. What a tribute to your father you have created here.

  6. beautiful thoughts, thoughtful words...

  7. Such a beautiful and touching post. Your father must have been a fine man to have a daughter who loved him so.

  8. I really miss my dad at Christmas time as well (and have a post coming up about him as well) -- weren't we lucky to have such good men shape our early years?

  9. Dear Hostess, What a heartwarming tribute to your late father. And, as you say, his memory is still with you and you think and talk of him often. That is, in my view, the way to always keep his spirit alive and well.

  10. Sorry for the loss of your father, and sure you remembering him just as he would have wished.

  11. Your words for your father are so beautifully written...wonderful post.

  12. We never stop missing our beloved parents.

  13. Thank you for a beautiful post. It has made me appreciate my parents since I am lucky enough to have both of them, inlaws too.

  14. Fiona- You are fortunate Fiona...hope that they live close enough that you can get together often.

  15. I realized that I have not addressed all these comments...belated apologies.
    I appreciate all your comments and kind words.