Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snippits and snapshots...

The Humble Bungalow porch 

view looking south

looking northwest

and going inside the Bungalow
there's the age old game of cat and mouse

Pepper's favourite toy
not surprisingly
a mouse

she's very much a hunter

the mouse has been caught
it's a game that she plays everyday

 box from the Sperry boots still kicking around

there's a hole in the box...
mouse is inside

Time for a nap...

I'm taking notes from Pepper
brewing a pot of tea
putting up my feet
 and opening up UK Country Living December.

How is your day going?


  1. ...very busy, last minute Christmas shopping with my delightful granddaughter - such fun!

  2. Thank you Hostess for the photos. How on earth do you manage to be so efficient all the time? I have done practically zero work fork Xmas. Only a few simple gifts to be wrapped today, tomorrow. All I wish for, is to spend a peaceful three days.
    Btw., Country Living is a nice magazine. Earlier I used to buy several interior decoration magazines a day. Now I only occasionally splurge on them. Elle Decoration might be one of my favorites now.

  3. Sorry for the spelling mistakes....work for Xmas. Neither did I buy magazines daily. I meant several a month ; )!!

  4. A morning Christmas party for the residents where Mum lives which involved consuming a little too much party food then a couple more gifts to hunt down and purchase then three quarters of the groceries done at the supermarket with a squillion other shoppers.
    After unpacking the perishables the next task upon arriving home was boil the jug for a cuppa and read some blogs!

  5. LaVie Quotidienne- Ah a blissful time Adrienne...your grandaughter is sure to enrich your Holidays!

    metscan- I am so used to be in action I do not think it is unusual!
    Applauding your wish for 3 peaceful days...my days are slowing down too...then gearing up again for the family Christmas dinner.

    Anne-Marie-I love the word squillion! The shops are busy here too and unfortunately some people have forgotten to bring their manners with them and are rather testy and rude....I feel for the shopgirls...and make an effort to be polite and inquire about their day.
    Hope that you are sipping tea as you peruse your favourite blogs!