Monday, December 13, 2010

Candle light...

Candlelight adds warmth and ambiance...
and I love beeswax candles but I have found a worry free and safe alternative for some situations.

Tiffany crystal votive

I find that lighting candles in the dining room makes the food taste better and the simple act of eating a meal is elevated to something a bit more special. There is a possibility of romance in the soft glow.

Entertaining and candlelight seem to go hand in hand.
The buffet table comes alive when the candleabras are aglow.

I found some battery operated votives this year and I can leave them on even when I am not in the room.
They work well in my precious antique finger bowls and there is no danger of them melting down and overheating the delicate crystal. I arranged these atop of the arts and crafts cabinet in the dining room with my crystal art deco ballerina.

Daytime image

I've considered draping her with a sparkly rhinestone necklace...

 details of the finger bowls are more visable when they are lit from within

I plan to light large candles in my bathroom during the holidays.

I made a stuffed free range roast chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots.
It was delicious and the best part is that I have leftovers for a few meals.
No worry dinners for a couple of days while I am focusing on getting Christmas ready.
 I have boiled the carcass and made soup stock
my daughter has a terrible cold
and I plan to make her some chicken soup which is my prescription for healing
all that ails.

The torrential rain has stopped which is fortunate 
as there has been some flooding in our area
 some neighbours have had to pump out their basements.

There's a patch of blue sky and a ray of sun shining down
the birds are chirping and singing
you can almost feel their happiness.
hope that you have a great week!


  1. Is the ballerina a family heirloom? She is gorgeous.
    I forgot I have those fake candle thingys somewhere, must find and use.
    I hope the Bungalow is not under threat of flooding and your girl makes a speedy recovery.

  2. I agree. Candles make the "day". I enjoyed seeing your variations & am thinking about how to incorporate (steal) a few of yours here at Gatescroft!

    Your chicken meal(s) plan is a GREAT one. Thanks for describing it.

  3. Candlelight is wonderful! Be careful with the lights now, when Pepper is experiencing the first Christmas!

  4. Lovely, just lovely. And what a lucky daughter... I wish my mom were not on the other side of the country! Hope you're having a great week, hostess :). xo

  5. I know these are quite popular for weddings.

  6. Crystal and candlelight always beautiful.(-:

  7. Metscan's comment reminds me of an old photo I have of a long-ago favorite kitten in which she is sitting in front of her first lit fireplace, transfixed by the flames...don't worry, there was a fire screen in place :)

  8. I agree completey, candlelight is gorgeous, and very forgiving - yeah!!xx

  9. Anne-Marie- I found the ballerina in an antique shop and liked her graceful pose. The Bungalow is dry as we speak...there was thunder again this morning and more rain.

    Rebecca- Steal away! Gatescroft will be glowing :)

    metscan- I am going to have to watch her like a hawk!

    sparrowsandsparkles- If my children lived far away I would Skype as much as possible. I hope that you and your mom keep in touch despite the miles.
    My week is going well... really wet weather, boots and brollies are getting lots of play!

  10. LPC- I can see these at weddings...there are so many occasions that they would suit.

    La Vie Quotidienne- I seem to recall that you have a lovely assortment of crystal in your cabinet too!

    JW- Pepper has stared into the fireplace as sons' cat, a fluffy Persian had his tail catch on fire from a candle recently so i am very aware of cats and candles.

    Belinda @ Wild Acre- Maybe that's why I like it!

  11. My husband is a fireman and doesn't care for candles. I, on the other hand, love candles and have a whole slew of them that I seldom burn. But we both like the no-burn candles... they are safe and worry-free. Plus, they are much cheaper than buying new candles all the time. Have you seen the prices of some candles these days? They're outrageous!

  12. Adrienne- I can undertand why your husband is not fond of candles...he must see the damage thay do on a regular basis.
    I agree lovely aromatherapy candles are very pricey and I have purchased a few over the years...they are a luxe treat.

  13. Dear Hostess,how lovely your glass and candles are against the dark panelling so rich looking. Ida